Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Smart R U

How smart R U. Found this tray liner at mc Donald’s restaurants in Tipp City. What I read in the collage seemed to give insight and some reasoning for the nasty things that have occurred to my family and others in the town I reside in.. Tipp City Ohio. I am posting what I have seen and read. I think every investigator should have familiarity with reading collage information.. We need your help. If you understand or see more items which can help prevent harm to these people, could use your assistance. I.e.: Tipp city has families with names that sound like cock, or have cock as a syllable of their name. All of the cock sounding names, I am familiar with , are catholic families or have catholic affiliations.  **This is not intended to belittle mc Donalds resuraunts.. i have found similiar information in a multitude of places.  This is not a blame nor accusation.  The tray liner is a segment of a large scale collage of information i have been collecting for many years .

I realize this is small.  perhaps your local Mc Donalds has  a tray liner. I got this one at the Tipp City, Ohio  Mc Donalds, off of I75, the 571 exit.


pigs, nigs,  police, busybodies, Americans



To those who dare to look, and see, and report on what is not accepted normality. To those who climb mountains, jump revenues with motor cycles, to those who dare to defy, or just want to try, see for themselves if the truth they are told is what is found. These are the types of people I need. Those who applaud the sailor who was told the world was flat and sailed to find it was not. I seek Information reviewers, who are responsibly fearless and respectfully fearful.

And.. People who know how to solve such problems without harming people or the economy.  Is this possible?

It takes a lot to show what you have when you may be wrong or spell the word wrong.  There are dead people who should not have died. Solving a problem requires  looking at all of the information.. Incorrect information is often used as reality. The world is flat was once considered accurate.

Information which may or may not be helpful:

1. Henry the 8th of England did not like the Catholic Church because the pope would not allow Henry to acquire a divorce. His wives were homosexuals and were cheating on him; suggesting henry was a woman disguised as a man and her spouses were men disguised as women. Henry the 8th became the first known leader to ban homosexuality the story goes, beheaded her/his spouses. After reading this collage, I question which head was taken. This was the era of the Lutheran reformation and the beginning of the organized anti- catholic movement.

2. Henry Higgins from the movie:" My Fair Lady “said the poor should be thinned to rid the world of excess population.

3. Both Henry's were British.

4. England has the Church of England and is the only industrialized country that outwardly admits to having problems with Catholic’s. Even to the point of War.

In Miami County Ohio, the home of Tipp City, the largest religious population are Catholics. 31%. Is it possible some of the actions are from Henry philosophies...thinning out excess population refers to thinning out excess members of a religion. .. using the head,  be it penises or intellect as a pirates treasure? Spirit= es- pirit( pirate)

this image came from:

One of the area’s I have noticed harm to Catholics and Abrahamic’s,,is a housing development in Tipp City where the streets are named typical British names. Many of the street names refer to death and funerals .

Historically: the original followers of Jesus were called Christ’s.. And became known as christ-ians . And supposedly the first christ-ians where know organizationally as Catholics.. The Protestant philosophies were in protest to the Catholic’s or the original Christ’s,. Making the protestant religion philosophies the anti - Christ’s. What is disturbing about this.. Is that the religious sector acquires converts from Catholicism ..and then protests ..Possibly against the converts or their catholic familes.

What is a catholic via Henry protesting Philosophies; the traits of a catholic , are often bad.

1, they are called the dark religion as many of the original Christ’s were dark skinned

2. Dark religion  may or may not refer to satanic.. The Vatican men wear red, Satan’s colors.

3. Child abuser

4. Murders, men who murdered if people did not follow (crusades)

5. Homosexuals

6. Abrahamic religion: all of the Abrahamic religion followers have been persecuted throughout the centuries.

A. all wear dresses or long robes>>usually dark. Islam, Judaism, Catholicism. Go on the internet. Look at the countries where the people wear dark robes.. Now look to see if that country is in political strife. You will be surprised at how many are.

B. requires educated men and women to teach their doctrine or philosophies.

***These advertised negative traits, and gifted traits, possibly prompting jealousy from outsiders, open  followers,  and dark skinned people to possible harm. Linguistic sound alike.  You may need to say out loud to understand.  HOLY C= ech ol ee see  or Jealousy.


1. Allow children to preach and decipher the literature. Formalized Education not a necessity for greatness.

B. do not wear robes

C. All clergy do not wear mandatory black

D. do not have an educational requirement standard for “all protesting" religions. There are those that have very strict educational requirements for their clergy, unfortunately the protesting religions have been grouped as together yet apart. All in philosophy anti – catholic or Christ’s.. .

F. promotes  sexual reproductive  limits among its followers. The languages of the bible translations in MASS production form.. the printing press,  were Russian, German English, Italian/Spanish ( Latino’s) the Catholics promoted sex.. go forth and multiply.. The protestors said refrain.. 666.  "Say chaste sex.". (Languages)  Latinos, Russian, German; and you’re reading in English.


***met a man who told me his wife was a convert from Catholicism to a protestant faith.. She died soon afterwards. They lived in Miami County. Could her conversion to a protesting philosophy been used to kill her in some anti - Christ war against fat( wealthy )  ignorant American’s?