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Gush De mare ...Gates of Nazi Concentration camp found on University of Dayton Campus.

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An article on the intentional farming of humans for oil,using member countries of the United Nations.  The Blog shows  the possibility that  the United Nations may have been responsible for the Haiti quake, and a  Nazi  concentration camp attack on  catholic  Universities,   etched within the architecture, advertising , and names  of  Dayton, Ohio and surrounding area's.

How  this article  began...

Approx. One week after the earthquake in Haiti- A local Dayton, Ohio Business ran this promotion. The pictures  were taken with my personal camera..


The reader may or may not be aware that Dayton Ohio is the city    known for breaking the German code which led  to the end World War II. The code used peoples names, slogans, and labels to direct German war efforts.

That code is all around the Dayton, Ohio area. It has been placed within the cities architecture, advertising, text books, and schools. The code has to be read in collage format.  The final product often resembles a giant game board of people and landscape..being created moved and manipulated by the hand  of money and power.   

Some  jobs are determined more by a person's name as it's read in code and placed into the collage, than the talent of the employed.

Outsiders to the Dayton area, call the language Daytonians read, subliminal, or from the mind of a crazy person. For those having grown up in Dayton Ohio , the language is neither subliminal nor crazed..

The language is part  of Dayton Ohio ’s intellectual, business, scientific, artistic, and underground  heritage.

I recently spoke with a women  who explained how audio/visual tapes on sign language and Spanish were  played in the background while  to her  grand daughter during general  play sessions.
Even though the child seemed  oblivious to the  tapes, in a remarkably short time, the child  was  able to speak some Spanish and use her hands and arms to sign.

Both like and unlike the child who had the audio visual tape played during her playtime, the German coded language Daytonians grew up with is embedded in their daily lives, twenty four hours a day, 365 days a years.  Unlike the child learning Spanish, the only off switches for the coded communications is death or to move out of the area.

Those Daytonians who learned more than one language were better suited for reading and learning the Dayton language than those who  spoke purely American English. 

Some pastors in the Dayton area taught the Dayton language to be a demonic language and warned Daytonians not to listen or read. Telling their congregations, too much knowledge was demonic

One readers labeled  the  language of Dayton  a “technology” rather than a language.

If the man with the "Beautiful Mind " had lived in Dayton Ohio , he’d have been just one of "Da Dayton Gang".

daDa-yton gang (Dada Whiten Gang )

Other translations my be..without middle  "yton"

Da-Gang = dagang  = dicken-g(s) = Dicking
 Dickens dicking

dicking= Dicks ( penis) or man
Da gang==bang
Dick's gang bang

Man gang=  mange (n)( Italian word for to eat)

mangeng=Munching Munchen== little people snacks  Munich

Perhaps there is a Dickens in the  words and art of the codes.

 I was surprised to see how insensitive the United Dairy Farmers in Dayton Ohio was to the plight of the Haitians..

                            Reading the signage phonetically

Customer Appreciation:


 A "mare" is a female horse.  In the United States when a mare is gushed, the horse is boiled ..squeezing the juice from the horse.

In Haiti..the female mothers died and their children ( the juice of the Mare) were gathered  for adaption outside of their country . 

Where else has the reader  heard of women being killed and their babies taken?  The movie "Helter Skelter" where Sharon Tate was murdered and had her baby removed from her may be one of the answers.

The word "Mare" with a long e is pronounced Mary.

              Photo of St Mary's Twin Tower Church

Do you remember these photos of Saint Mary's church in Dayton Ohio, Xenia Avenue from cartellingwindows: Part Two, St Elizabeth's Ho's Pit of Hell and the Red Hot Doctored Love Heads War?

The alters mid section is designed as  a pregnant woman.  The vagina of the woman, where the child is born, is positioned on the alter, where the holy sacrament, is served to the congregation in a ritual known as Holy Communion.    An example of GUSHING THE MARE. 

The next photograph is a side view of the Alter at St Mary's.  Here the pregnant Mary is easily viewed.   The reader with an eye for the art may notice the faces of Chinese FU Manchu  cats in the  statues under the Domes of the Alter. 

Cats ( men)  eat fish ( women). 

Try squinting your eyes to see Fu Manchu cats

FU=  FK You
Manchu=Mangia --pronounced manja (Italian word for to eat)

Fu Manchu= FK you eat

As I was taking the pictures a man walked to the alter carrying a Large candle .  I am not sure why his feet were lit up. 
Electric Boobs and Light Up Shoes
 Benny and the Jets

Being able to hear the music from  imagery is a necessary skill to  learning to interpret the codes. This ability should not be confused with imagination. 

Bennie And The Jets

Hey kids, shake it loose together
The spotlight's hitting something
That's been known to change the weather
We'll kill the fatted calf tonight
So stick around
You're gonna hear electric music
Solid walls of sound

Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet
But they're so spaced out, Bennie and the Jets
Oh but they're weird and they're wonderful
Oh Bennie she's really keen
She's got electric boots a mohair suit
( sang electric boobs and light up shoes to those who lived when the song was popular)
You know I read it in a magazine
Bennie and the Jets

Hey kids, plug into the faithless
Maybe they're blinded
But Bennie makes them ageless
We shall survive, let us take ourselves along
Where we fight our parents out in the streets
To find who's right and who's wrong



APPRECIATION". Phonetically
 A press i ation ( haition)
A puree C Haition
A pair a Sations

A Paris Nation + " United Dairy farmers"= the French speaking       " United Nations".

The United Dairy Farmer's gasoline station is located in  the vicinity where the German code had been broken many years ago.  The code,  never claimed to have ceased. Apparently, the German code, continues to pass  messages, and remains active in Dayton, Ohio; with some powerful players in the construction room.  
                  United Nations Web Page on Haiti Disaster

                      I realize the main language of business at the United Nations is French..but in the United States , the word "Humanitarian" or "humane" often refers to the humane treatment of animals.

The entity responsible for the  humane  treatment of animals is the  Humane Society:
Some of the responsibilities of the Humane Society:

1. Takes in stray or unwanted animals
2. Places animals in adoptive homes
3. Animals not adopted within a week are killed (Gassed) The carcasses are sent  to processing plants and   medical teaching  and research facilities.
4. Recommends and performs sterilization on  animals to reduce  over populations.

The humane Society responsibility is surprisingly similar to the  "Gush de Mare -- cus to mer" concept:

Humanitarian and humane are different words.  The code relies on common terms , products and so forth to rely messaging.    It was necessary to see if there was a common theme  in the UN, United Dairy farmers messaging.

A translation on the word UN CHARTER was done.  "Un Charter" was chosen because the name is familiar to  most common people .

UN= United Nations

Charter=  Charred Door
                 Shutter  ( To Close; A window on a camera used to
                                 capture an image)     
                 Shudder  to shiver or convulse from fright.
It seems there is a common theme within the words and art.

The code relies on collage to assure a theme is easily understood.  I decided to look for  clues in the advertising and products sold at United Dairy Farmers.

the gasoline
Mobil=  M/O Bill

( if you recall Bill is the short name for the  BIBLE)

                              : Totally Sicily, Goodbye Bill
                                M/O Bill= Method of operation Bible 
  The letter B has several sounds:  Though these sounds represent varies alphabets; we are pronouncing them using the American English sounds- V, S, K Sh, P
                                              Bill = Vil ( veal)
                                           Kil  (Kill)
                                           Sil   (sill)( window sill)
                                           Shil  (shell)( sa Hill)
United Dairy farmers uses the Homemade ice cream brand:  The logo resembles a spotted cow:
This may help us decide which words would be appropriate for the word Bill
                                     Veal, kill, sil , sa hill.
1. Veal is the meat of  baby cows, taken from their  mothers.  The calves are usually kept in crates with limited movement until they are killed.   "Gush de Mare" ( St Marys Twin Towers Alter,  Sharon Tate,  and The Humane Society similes)                                     
 2. The word sill may refer to  window sill..or kill
     There are many windows at the United Dairy Farmer store.
        1. Baby cows taken from their mother are killed....Veal Children of cows, killed for bill (bible) by windows
     2.   Sill may refer to air technology/Microsoft Windows sill*( seal)  
     or the Illuminati "British Man of War" phantom airship as mentioned in the poem : The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere..

cartellingwindows insights: 
Paul refers to Rome. 
Revere= Ripper
As in Jack the Ripper( Reaper)
Rome the Ripper
"Gush De Mare"

Then he said "Good-night!" and with muffled oarto
Silently rowed to the Charlestown shore,
Just as the moon rose over the bay,
Where swinging wide at her moorings lay
The Somerset, British man-of-war;
A phantom ship, with each mast and spar
Across the moon like a prison bar,
And a huge black hulk, that was magnified
By its own reflection in the tide.
3. Sa hill is often a cemetery or place of death as in Calvary.
    Calvary may be a good word  choice
                     M/O Bill= Method of operation Bible 
                         The three crosses at Calvary +++
I am not sure if I shared the Microsoft company name interpretation/ translation as a reference for +++. 

Before we go any further. This blog is reading the art of the codes.  The writer of this blog  did not create the codes nor the rules of the codes.   
Yesterday , a group of women said to me
"Krispy Kremes are good doughnuts "..then ran away laughing.

As we go further into the images and their meanings, we may find these companies, including United Dairy Farmers, may  be victims of criminal actions or even hero whistle blowers.  

The catholic church may be a victim as well .  Many of the early catholic churches in the  Dayton area were built with the help of the Lutherans.  According to the Illuminati Conspiracy Archive Blog,   "Few Americans today realize that the public school movement began 150 years ago as part of an attack on the catholic church. In the mid-nineteenth century, Protestant  "Know-Nothings"
railed against the millions of newly-arrived Catholic immigrants — “criminals” who had a lot of kids and were starting their own schools, complete with armies of foreign nuns and papist priests. The “civil religion” taught in government schools was designed to neutralize the papist heresies taught in the parochial schools. For the Know-Nothings, Catholic families were not only the competition: they were the enemy. Catholics were inferiors that had to be raised to the level of civic virtue expected of everyone else. .

Cartellingwindows insights:  Biblical translations.. Know  = carnal knowledge, sexually familiar ,
                                                                      Nothing= how Jesus describes himself
                                                         Know Nothing = Fking Jesus

 The word "i" was used because it is important not to fluff the word if  the reader has any intent of understanding the offenses and defenses of the languages art.( Stew-Art)   I did intentionally change the spelling of the word ,  as I am using a computer where profanity is disallowed; and I try to respect the  people who have allowed me the use of their facilities.  

Protestant vs Catholic is an English concept.   THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, (PROTESTANT) is The British  governments religion.  Creating tensions between the two factors  may   be a way for England to regain control  of the America's.  Or sell weaponry to the fearful.  War and weapons are a business. Creating the code is a business which employees people throughout many industries. 

                               The word doughnuts read's 

                Dagow en uts..or Dachau-ing Ud's

 This photo of Dachau Concentration camp was found on the internet.

Notice the similarities between The University of Dayton gates and The Dachau Gates. Both structures have:

1. Two doors on either side of a middle archway.
2. The middle archway is used for cars and traffic
3. There is a smoke stack like tower in the middle of each arch.
4.  The white concrete guard rails of Dachau are  pressed back along the foundation of the University of Dayton Gates.
5. Both right doors have artistic reliefs..raised images

The Dachau Door relief image is fuzzy due to the quality of the old photo.  It appears to be a person in a dunce cap on their knees,  with a man holding
a hammer above their head.

UN Charter=
University charred door
University shutter
United Nations picture

 Movie Picture "Shutter Island":  mentions:
Dachau,Medical Experimentation, and Nutzo-Nazi's  
who have a  unique way of placing  blame and accountability on innocent victims.

The University of Dayton's gateway arch has  the words "Mary of Nazareth" embossed in the right doorway.
NAZARETH=  Nazi Rath

Understanding the Letter M and its applications is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

M=my daughters,                                    My sons
         mie figlia (Italian g is silent))          (Masons)

***Mie figlia also pronounced "me feel ya"  If someone says "I feel you in me" ,they may be saying
" Mafia in Me" or your daughter in me.  Perhaps they are gay.

From what I have been able to decipher from my readings and  translations of  the codes into American English, The Mafia is the female aspect of organized crime. 

Most media blitzes refer to the Mafia as the main organized crime group to defeat. The Mafia is the female aspect of organized crime, suggesting there is an anti-female aspect to crime.   There is little said about the Mason's ( my sons)as criminal elements.

Reasons the Mafia was feminized ; 

1.The downfall of the Roman empire was homosexuality  
2. Women behaving as men and men behaving as women
.3   Rome became feminine..possibly the bride of the crime world
        ( a metaphor to the Bride of the church..Organized crime and government believe "whatever is in the bible is legal..This includes slavery, conception without sex, sacrificing the good and poor, having sex with a slave and taking her baby. to name a few.)
4. Homosexuals and Catholics, regardless of gender were  feminized.
5.The Mason ( Ma's sons) women members are not free from the anti-feminine agenda under the supposedly protective umbrella of Ma's son's ( Masons).  The Masons labeled their women members THE "EASTERN STARS"..

Biblicaly, The middle East,  is the place where a great threat to Gods word will come. 

Stars, are the labels placed on the talented to be ousted.( Nazi Jewish Jewis Stars) Talent became undesirable when  the talented were brighter and more ambitious than the ruling leadership.  This set of lingual/historical  directors, added talented the middle class women of the "Eastern Stars" to the list of undesirables.

***Homosexuality and the fall of Rome: 
 Politically and historically,  homosexuality referred to homosexual politics, meaning the separation and grouping of information and people into like interest groups. 
 It was believed that by separating people into like interest groups with loyalties to that group, the populations actions could be manipulated by controlling the individual groups.  Controlled groups could be prodded into buying products, working, not working, supporting political causes and leadership based on the groups unique personalities.

 The plan proved very effective for government world control and order.   

The popularity or unpopularity of homosexuality was used as a gauge to show the advancement of the separation of information into like interest groups and the level of control the government had.  Governements taught their military leaders..
For every degree of separation there is a degree of safety .

Unfortunately the separation of information was an easy target for the enemy to infiltrate.
Groups used the human need to be loyal to a group and injected the childhood   
fear tactics of “anxiety of separation” to retain their  members and communicate sensitive information. 

 This  allowed  invading world leaders the luxury of having  the special interest  groups  create  strategic war  defenses and  offenses, which were specifically and uniquely designed to accommodate the groups internal structures. 

Opposing Military and invading leaders then applied the offenses to the defenses the special interest groups had created to protect themselves. This meant the  groups were  battling themselves using strategies they customized.

A breech of information or disclosure of the invader within a group was protected by the groups loyalty to keep the integrity of the group high. Shame!!!  Since the groups were separated by likes, and location, an exposed invader could hop from group to group until he received  enough group loyalties on his side to control and overthrow, without the worry of exposure from other groups.

Intellectual property, given freely, made war and strategic planning for  invading  enemies as easy as joining groups and clubs to determine group weaknesses . 

Screwing the homo-genius  interest group..

Hence Homosexual POLITICS  was  the fall of the Roman Empire.  The homosexual Political strategy for control and domination is  as effective today as it was two thousand years ago. It is a common tactic for Aspiring modern day politicians.

For every degree of separation there is a degree of safety   " For the Enemy"

The M symbol is everywhere.  My daughters and my sons..two humps with the middle line representing the haze of the devil. 
 Hazing the unions of men and women is a command  from  the book of Esther..when translated into Stew Art. He Brew.   

Esther=  es t her ( is the cross of her)
in German; es tur  ( is the door) 

St Marys Twin Tower church  has an  excellent artistic description of M.


Understanding the significance of the the letter M is very important!!! The imagery is everywhere.

click on image to read!!!!!


Another example:

As you can see..the male phallic symbol in this architecture is uncircumcised.   This church was built in 1883. 

Now lets look at the inside gym-gathering area.

On either end of the gathering area is the uncircumcised penis image in the window and rafter peaks.  On center stage is the circumcised penis with the star of center stage being Jesus.  A Jew who would have been circumcised as a part of his religious beliefs and upbringing  We again see the gates of Dachau in the architecture.. it is to be noted that Dachau seems to have imitated the church imagery.  
If the Nazi's used  imagery from the church, there has to be some solvency they retrieved their interpretation and philosophies from the church.

The frightening aspect of St Paul's imagery is most American men in the year 2010 are circumcised..Suggesting  these Methodist churches were  built by non-American loyalists, nor do the All Methodist's have the United States best interests in mind.  

This logic may be used for the Lutherans, and the Catholics . The warring entities may be  are Organized Crimers.. alien  M's vs American M's..  M and M's,  battling for territory and power; hiding behind religion and American loyalties to religion for their cover.  The group concept.

Or when these churches were built, there was a separation between circumcised Jewish men  and the hooded penis of  non Jews. ^^.

GINGHAMSBURG UNITED METHODIST CHURCH:  A church located in Tipp City, Ohio; Fifteen minutes north of Dayton:

Ging\, n. Same as Gang, n., 2. [Obs.]  There is a knot, a ging, a pack, a conspiracy against me. --Shak.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.

GING  HAMS BURG=  Ging=conspiracy against me --me= M
                                       Gingh= Ginger=conspiracy against woman 
                                       Gingham=Ginger (female) conspiracy of M
                                                                     ma's daughters (mafia)
                                       HAM= AMERICAN Pigs
                                       BURG = MOUNTAIN

GINGHAMSBURG= Conspiracy against AMERICAN M (mafia) MOUNTAIN
Ginger American pig mountain

 Does the reader recall reading how people were chosen for employment  based on their  names and how those names related to the German codes in Dayton, Ohio and surrounding area's?

Minister of Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church:  M. Slaughter

Slaughter the Ginger American pig mountain
Conspiracy against AMERICAN M (mafia) MOUNTAIN

Tipp City High School Mascot:  The Tipp City Red Devils

 The Devil becomes the haze  of the M, while the arched Tippecanoe is the rainbow representing God's  people granting  God  permission to kill the  Masses.

Tipp City was where I lived before I lived in my van known to most as the cartellingwindows van.  The town had under ten thousand people when I moved in.  The area was known for its KKK affiliation:  During the ten years I lived there I noticed:

All had Italian heritage, and most victims were women and children:  
1. Sa....tino= soccer couch wife dies of cancer.
2. (HS athletic booster) = 8 year old daughter dies of cancer
4. Italian woman= abused and eventually moves from town
                               don't remember her name
5. Chihil 1. Marie= chased out of town by a set of incidents that were life threatening.
                2.  daughter One = non cancerous lump on neck
                3. Son returned with his penis altered
                4. daughter two= three ACL operations
6. Bal...are- Eldest son got in trouble with the law.  Parents believed the son was framed.. the family eventually moved from the town.
 7. Ew..g= sister and twin daughter died in auto accident
                 Ew..g owned horses ( gush de mare..twin towers)
                           wife worked at kettering schools ( killer ring)

One other common link with the above people was  that all but one of the above families had their children in Tipp city organized soccer. 

Sock it to ME  ( Laugh-In phrase) lol

***The Tipp city  town newspaper once warned:  The children should not play soccer on the feilds..the honey bees will die

These are the people I am aware of.  It will take a good investigator, perhaps Ma's Daughters,  to determine how many other Italian's were  harmed in Tipp City. 

The Importance and relevance of "What Came First"

The truth is revealed after the actions, as in death,where God reveals all.

This is the side door of St Paul's.. the Methodist Church with the uncircumcised Phallic symbols.

101= laugh out loud
Laughing at the awful..a Nazi horror tactic

The Dayton City Hall building also has the address 101.  City Hall's front doors rest on street with two names:  Martin Luther King Way and Third Street.  Kitty corner from City Hall  is a FED X KINKO'S.  

 In this area of the United States, the word "Kinko's" is a derogatory term used  to refer  dark skinned  people. The Name insinuates blacks are  as nasty as their Kinky hair. 

Kinko is a sexually perverted person..nasty, kinky

Three years ago I went into Fed X Kinkos in Dayton Ohio,  and explained  I believed their company was being used as a racial slur  or perhaps a visual ignition switch against black people.  Today the office supply store is calling themselves FED X OFFICE.  Do you think they are going after City Hall Offices?  Interesting chess move.

A look at the entire intersection:

The intersection is a double mania...two hooded phallic symbols
A double cross at the Double Tree
Double blue lights : seen in the cross walks and in the  EX in FED EX

 Blue light  implications: blue light specials were  a Kmart in store advertising tactic to sell  highlighted items quickly and  inexpensively..
K Mart = Kum Art or "K"  "M" Art

Part Two of GUSH DE MARE: Coming soon

Dayton's Killer Architecture, a World Affair

This section contains pictures not included in blog to keep article short.  The information is  interesting and pertinent to the topic. 

Pictures and translations for St Marys church not yet seen or read; revealing  the Illuminati affilation with St Mary's Twin Tower church..
Bennie and the Jets=

A funny sunny bunny whopper super under the gates of satin Illuminati

Bennie=  sunnie bunnie , vunnie funny, suppe or supper, vopper( wopper)
And the= und da or under
jets= gates, sates, satanists

Sunny  bunny whopper super under the gates of satan

Gates of satan refers to the Illuminati=

 Illuminati= Italian men of the dieti, animal men twin towers of   Eli

the entrance of St Marys church has two colors of stained glass on their doors.. white and red.

Views of church taken through red glass:
                    The images resemble 
                   the demon lair and the devil angel

  The alter picture below resembles  a growling grizzly bear.  
Mary wears the crown and is the head of the bear.  The two side statues are the paws of the bear, and the belie of the bear is the belie of Mary.

This shows the double M..and will be explained in next blog.. Dayton's killer architecture