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St Elisabeth's "Ho's Pit of Hell" and the Red Hot "Doctored Love Heads" War

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A Political Love Story

This blog will attempt to apply some of the information from the Phantom of the Inauguration and Queen of the Bolsheviks and Tears in the Reign of Terror series , by recognizing the application of of the information in the local Dayton Ohio Community.

In October of 1988 Dr. James Burt, infamously known as the "Love Dr." and Dr Max Blue, brought Dayton, Ohio national attention when they were halted from performing female circumcisions on unknowing patients..The surgeries had started in 1966.

The New York times wrote: December 11, 1988

"The surgery often included removing the hood of a patients clitoris, repositioning the vagina, moving the urethra, and altering the walls between the rectum and vagina. It was intended, the doctor wrote, to redesign the vagina to increase sexual responsiveness."

"Dr. Burt, once a well-regarded physician considered merely eccentric, began the special surgery in 1966. Explaining his philosophy in his 1975 book, ''Surgery of Love,'' Dr. Burt wrote: ''Women are structurally inadequate for intercourse. This is a pathological condition amenable to surgery.'' In franker terms, he also said that his surgery would turn women into ''horny little mice'' and asserted that ''the difference between rape and rapture is salesmanship"

St. Elizabeth's , a major employer in the Dayton Area, closed its door in 2000 due to financial issues, the locals claim were incurred from lawsuits to the hospital arising from Dr. Burt's and Dr. Blues love making surgeries. It is interesting to note that Dr. Blue is seldom mentioned in the news articles searched, and little is known about him.

Approximately one year before St. Elizabeth's closed, " The Dayton Heart Hospital" , a 47-bed hospital focused on providing cardiovascular care to the Dayton community, opened in 1999 next to St. Elizabeths Hospital.

The Dayton Heart Hospital : A phallic attack to the Queen of the Sac ( testicles)

Information necessary to recall to see the Elizabeths Ho's Pit of hell:

England, or the Crown, seems to have ownership and/or military presence in both Russia and the Alaska . The bear and king of Siberia ( cyberspace) are attacking the hammer and sikle and a Lenin head in Alaska and the Allusion Islands.

The victims are the Russians and the Americans.. each believing the other is causing the attack on their countries, when in actuality, the attack is emanating from the Royal British Common Wealth...who have bought the American Presidential election by placing Prince Philip/ Charles and Camilla in as Vise President, ( Vicar president) with Joe Biden and his wife as the front image.

The British Royal family are the Supreme rulers of the King James Bible and the Protestant religion in Common Wealth countries and territories. In the United States, where Religion is permitted to occure without governemt involment, English military actions against the United States, using the Bible and religion, often go undetected.

The British Queen and King, hold religious powers STRONGER than the catholic Pope; and often use common wealth military strength and power to promote thier religion and take over countries.

This is why the word Vicar is used for ( vice) presidents . A vicar is a Protestant minister. And the Vice president has the ability to control Military powers

Some truth and Absurdity !!! Yes it does seem absurd.. and the impossibilities get even more alluring..and believable..

The Turtle Queen was the queer political Queen posing as the Allusion islands. A prick or a piece of shit protruding from the Alaska testicles SAC. Hence giving us the tittle of "Queen of the Bullshitters or Bolsheviks"

Children, and black peoples heads Are being opened like can openers and examined. Women , were being mutilated. A war pattern of attack that is an automatic action templeting the lives of the Romanov family of Russia.. The last Tsar's.

The Romanov Children
Entitled playing with sailors
The child on the far left has her eye removed

Romanov children with
faces that appear swollen and

A black and white photo study of the
sailor photo above, shows Romanov Child Marie
Having her head opened with an elephants trunk
resembling a can opener

The clarinet player from the Obama Inauguration video "Air and Simple Pleasures" having his head opened with a
sickle.; an Alaskain Image of the Grim Reaper.

The Queen was a Pirate Queen. Sucking the brains of peoples shit -Ideas) with an illusionary prick, leaving them scarred, mutilated and sometimes for dead.

Turtle Queen

With true British humor, war is reduced to a child's story. A Queen of Heart's calling "Off with their Heads" risks losing her brains and getting pricked by a Syber-ia bear King

" Air and Simple Pleasures"..The Obama Inauguration video shows
smoke, possibly representing life, intellect, or ideas, coming out of Clarinet players brain and going into white man standing behind . Getting reared --an ass clansing

A QUEER ALLUSION of a hot headed Dick Chaney in the Bush Presidency and Barrack in the current presidency, placing their mouths over the Turtle Queens poopy head .
Dick Chaney, obviously not his real name..

His fingers placed in the Queens ass shows A queen pass wind or blowing smoke. Blowing smoke is another way of say someone is bull-shitting or not telling the truth. Another reference to Queen of the Bull-shitting Bolsheviks.

cartellingwindows Reads:

Shit= Shi'ite ..

Joe Biden = the name Biden in German is "both ways" possibly representing the Kings of England ( Charlie and Philip) being half of the hot head, and Dick Chaney/Barrack Obama on the other. The thought seems to be the King of England, and his Son are Queens..Drag that is..Dragging Dick Chaney's head over the Kings Head.

An Illuminati illumination of
A hot bone headed Dick
being placed over a skull looking King
Skull and Bones

Political Homosexuality is the downfall of nations...
Political homosexuality (In Image)= a blow job or ass licking..Attacking the country.
In system and theory= Combining like people to like organizations of thought.

A Separating of people into groups with similar ideas,
Separates a nations ideas and people behind the walls of special interest groups, lowering a countries ability to defend itself against foreign attack.

Music is used to pass messaging. The music of the Romanov's Tchaikovsky "Nut -Cracker"

Suit" combined with modern day "Air and Simple Pleasures", show attack intentions on women.

The Villain mouse mouse King of Tchaikovsky: his purpose was to kill women and children..

Here the woman;s eyes are black and she has a saber going for her head. In the context of this blog.. the mouse may be interpreted as a cyber-mouse.

Cartellingwindows : reads

English sound

Chick Off sky,
Checkov sky

Walter Koenig (Chekov)

Star Trec

Koenig= German word for "king"

The mechanical cyber mouse in the sky on a Star Trec ..wanting to turn off chick stars (talent) in the name of the King.

cartellingwindows Reads:

King James Bible= Killing Games Sicely

Attacks on countries are and have been automatically generated for over a hundred years. Computerized and transmitted through radio waves, and bouncing and relaying information off of cell towers, statues, and towers around the world.

Computer--not the first--1865

Cell towers.

The Romanov's did not all die. Some went on to become leaders in government and politics around the world.

1. The Queen Mother, Elizabeth, was actually Anastasia Romanov. The women and children of the Romanov's were mutilated ( branded) not killed.

As the Romanov's were canonized,saints, by the Russian Orthadox catholic church..this would have made Anastasia, the late Queen Elizabeth, a living Saint, or Saint Elizabeth.

Saint Elizabeth's Hospital was Dedicated -15, August, 1878, before Saint Elizabeth was born in 1900. The hospital, though not initially named for Elizabeth, is an easy visual target link for enemy war maneuvers and actions.. As will be shown.

In the Romanov War Model: Political change and economic shifts occur when the women and children are mutilated: and there is separation from the family.

1. When Lenin ordered the execution of the Romanov's, the Russian Monarchy was abolished and communism was initiated. ( political and economic change occured). The death rates against the Russian people, by their own government, were higher than ever.

2. Historical Example of Possible Romanov War Games:

The political happenings when the children of Augsburg Germany were being mutilated in the 60's , in a town that had the Romanov crest on their Rathouse:

See cartellingwindows "The Tears in the Reign of Nobility" for further explanation..The Augsburg children mentioned were: scalded with boiling water, electrocuted, had their rooms catch on fire, left/lost in woods.

1. Dachau was opened after twenty years of closure by the United States Government. My father was one of the young Gi's opening the gates,

2. The structure of the Berlin Wall was put in place, and the American Armed forces were banned from being behind the wall without government authorization.

Constructed in 1961, the Berlin Wall bisecting the former German capital was a concrete manifestation of the ideological division between the capitalist West and the Communist East.

3. President Kennedy was assisinated. 1964

4. Pope John XXIII Died (1881-1963)

St. Elizabeth Ho's pit of hell and her red hot lover.

I was searching for images and situations that fit into the pattern for political and economical change that I had been noted with the Romanov's War model.

With the Romanov Story as the war plan for attack actions; and the Alaska/ Russian geographical Queen of Hearts chess game being the map; I will show how the Dayton Heart Hospital /St Elizabeth Hospital ,may and/or were A Romaonov War pattern which Attacked Americans, on their own shores. An Attack which placed Americans as Weapons and victims in a war they knew little about.

The Romanov template for War and Change.

1. Women or childrens abuse

2. Sexual abuse, burnings, electricutions, scaldings

3. Hot heads, may be either a temperment or a penis

4. Locations of buildings or sights that are visually similar to the geographicl locations of
Russian and Alaskian or resemble phalic symbols

5. Royality

6. Religion

7. Military actions

8. World Events within One year of documented Hospital events that Changed economics and Politics in a world affair.

(in this case a "one year time frame"was used becasue the Heart Hospital was placed on the site next to St. Elizabeth One year before St. Elizabeths closure)

As the Romanov war plan and actions are set into motion through images in a collage was important that several of the above items be recognized to consider the situation an act of war using the Romanov war model.

ST. Elizabeth Hospital and the Dayton Heart hospital Romanov War collage:

1. St Elizabeth ( Name with Religious, English and Romanov Royal associations)

2. The love Dr. Burt.. Romance, love , war talk is sex talk

3. Female circumcision ( circumcising the head of the clitoris, a female body part often associated with the male penis.) A phalic symbol..The Penis image used to represent attacks of war.

4. Doctor Burt's female patients complaints of over-sensitivity in the circumcised area. ( HOT HEAD) Skull and Bones

5. Female circumcision deemed female mutilation ( Romanov pattern of female mutilation)

6. The Dayton Heart Hospital - A heart is a visual of the male testicles upside down. ( Phalic symbol)

7. The outside appearance of the heart hospital.. seems to have a phallic symbol in the middle of the building with 1/2 a sac on either side..and the tube leading to the building.. a possible vagina/ anus. The half Sac on either side geographically resembled the Syberia Russia -Nome Alasksa

8. Wright Patterson Air force Base in Dayton was once the head quarters for the SAC program.
Strategic Air Command. The program was moved in the seventies. Insiders say the program was actually kept in Dayton and the planes were moved to Texas as a diversion. (Military Connection)

***During the supposed closure of SAC, my boyfriend's brother, Patrick died while participating in his high school gym class in a local Dayton catholic high school. Everyone said it was an unusual death. His father was a high ranking officer working for Startegic Air Command ( SAC)

Cause of death.. A rare- unnoticed Heart problem. Not very funny, and reads more like a murder than an accident.

From all of the above information.. I would say that the erection of the Dayton Heart Hospital and the closure of St. Elizabeth fits into the Romanov template of war as designated by the above criteria.

The men Of the Russian SAC erected an attack which mutilated the women of the United States Sac. til the Queen of hearts (England)could take no more..

"Off with their heads she cried" and the American pricks went flat .

cartellingwindows reads:


B=S, W, F, V, Sh,







IF ACCURATE : The words and history suggest that Dayton Ohio women were being mutilated to make the

Sailing ball(sac)'s, Wall's fall. Taking the air out of the prick. Under the vail of the shawls...An Iranian connection possibly. A Berlin wall Fall?

Part Two:

St. Elizabeths Ho's Pit of Hell, and the Red Hot Doctored Lover Heads" War; will show The political and economic events in the world that may or did result from the Dayton Ohio"s Womens' Doctored Love heads.