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Queen of the Bulshavicks, Part Four of Phantom Of the Inaguaration

The writing of this blog was difficult. As I wrote I noticed the typing was not registering as quickly as it should have. As if there was a delay. When I would store the blog and reopen it, the spacing had been changed.

Two months of work and I was not getting anywhere. The information I collected, if correct, would change history.

I decided to post the blog the way it was.. There are no revisions and the work is not complete.. the computer would not allow it.. The problems I was having writing the information became information.

Hopefully the readers have read and understand my past work .
The incompleteness, spelling errors, lack of referencing, spacing, and logic incompleteness are a result of the slow stubborn computer that seemed to want me to not write.
The Confusion Began with these Images

A Yahoo search on Queen of the Bolsheviks suggested searching

1. Marie of Romania
2. The Romanov's "Nicholas and Alexandra
3. Olga Queen of Greece
4. Marie Equi

Initially the collage of names read like the "Queen Of the Greasy Roman Italians", until the name of the "Queen Mother" of England and her childhood pictures appeared.

What I began reading seemed unbelievable, even to me. The photos and images told of the heroic life of a woman, perhaps an entire family, mutilated by acid, hiding their malformations in fancy dress, while leading countries and people with grace and dignity. Ashamed to have found what appeared to be the underwear of a Queen, and questioning if the dead wanted their story told.

Image Thumb nailed

The first search: Alexandra Fedorovo Romanov
From Wikipedia:
A beautiful woman..Alexandra is best remembered as the last Tsarina of Russia, as one of the most famous royal carriers of hemophilia disease, as well as for her support of autocratic control over the country. The former Tsar and Tsarina and all of their family, including the gravely ill Alexei, along with several family servants, were executed by firing squad and bayonets in the basement of the Ipatiev House, where they had been imprisoned, early in the morning of July 17, 1918, by a detachment of Bolsheviks led by Yakov Yurovsky. In the basement room of the Ipatiev House, Nicholas asked for and received three chairs from the guards. Minutes later a squad of soldiers, each man armed with a revolver, entered the room. Their leader Yurovsky casually pronounced, "Your relations have tried to save you. They have failed and we must now shoot you." Nicholas rose from his chair and only had time to utter "What...?" before he was shot in the head. Alexandra watched the murder of her husband and two servants before military commissar Peter Ermakov killed her with a gun shot to the left side of her head before she could finish making the sign of the cross. Ermakov, in a drunken haze, stabbed her dead body and that of her husband's, shattering both their rib cages. Alexandra lay next to her husband Nicholas in a pool of blood.

Identification of the Romanov Remains

Yekaterinburgs "Church on the Blood," built on the spot where the Ipatiev House once stood.
After the execution of the Romanov family in the Ipatiev House, Alexandra's body, along with Nicholas, their children and some faithful retainers who died with them, was stripped and the clothing burnt according to the Yurovsky Note. Initially the bodies were thrown down a disused mine-shaft at Ganina Yama, 12 miles (19 km) north of Yekaterinburg. A short time later they were retrieved, their faces were smashed and the bodies dismembered and disfigured with sulphuric acid were hurriedly buried under railway sleepers with the exception of two of the children whose bodies were not discovered until 2007. In 2007, the bodies missing were those of a daughter--Maria or Anastasia--and Alexei.
Look Closely at the Pictures:
Alexandra's right ear looks as if it were melted, and her left eye seems to be missing, an empty socket. Below her hand is missing parts of it's fingers, melted/burned away. If you read the above excerpt from

The article stated..the family had been doused with sulfuric acid, and Alexandra was shot to the left side of her head. This could account for the ear and finger deformation and the missing eye.

Alexandra watched the murder of her husband and two servants before military commissar Peter Ermakov killed her with a gun shot to the left side of her head before she could finish making the sign of the cross. The accounts of the Romanov deaths are detailed and seemingly from the view point of Alexandra. Was this a Murder story or an Woman's abuse story...The mutilated Alexandra is shown as alive.

Other photos of the Romanov's while they were living:
Wed sites where I retrieved the next four images

In both of these photos, one retouched and the other not..Alexandra is alive and half of her face (readers right side) is mutilated with burns.

The picture below came from a web site entitled :The Romanovs: The True Story

Flirting with Sailors
The photo entitled "flirting with sailors" does not tell the names of the women. Possibly, the child on the left is Tatiana, the child to the right with her eye scooped out, Olga ; and the child on the ground Marie. Young Women looking at men were once tortured. Scooping an eye out was not common, but was done for the girls with the wondering eyes. The child with the scooped out eye, is not smiling. A closer look at the photo reveals her holding back tears.

Romanov Family photo No Date- mother missingThe three oldest girls, Olga, Tatiana, and Maria, .

A enlarged view shows all three girls with mutilated faces
Olga's right side of her face is burned. Her right eye looks dark. Tatiana's right eye is closed and her left eye and lip are swollen. . Marie's face seems melted on the right side. If the names in the sailor photo's were correct, all three girls in the sailor photo had their faces mutilated.
And photos were taken to mark the occasion.

In the same photo the Tsar, either had a birth mark on the side of his face or he had been concealing or he had been hurt as well. The two younger children, not pictured, seemed upset with no noticeable damage on their faces. All the people in the phot had shadows over half of their face.


1. Nicholas II , could have hurt himself and blamed the children.

2. Nicholas had been beaten by someone warning him not to harm his children.

3. Tsarina Alexandra, the Tsars wife could have done the cruel acts. She is not pictured.

4. The photo could have been taken as a warning of what Nicholas II would do to the children if anyone tried to stop him from punishing his children again.

The only other person mentioned as a key player in the Romanov's lives was Rasputin.
Some historians claim Rasputin was Tsarina Alexandra's lover and the father of Alexander.

Was the massacre of the Romanov's a fabrication to allow Alexandra to escape with her children from an abusive jealous husband? Rasputin has been assassinated in 1916; his penis was cut off and displayed in a jar. translates:

Errass- Putin
Erass- Rumin (Roman)

Erass the Fart

Er aus fahrt-Her way out
Heiress out
Hair out
Ras put in- Ras aus fahrt
heir put in , heir take out
Eras Beauty N

The information on the Romanov's painted a sad story of victims of abuse. What cartellingwindows research suggested was that the Romanov's lived. The acid marked the Romanov's. A grueling brand of shame for the stars of fame. Or perhaps, the acid was from a jealous husband and cruel father, advertising his families sins.

Queen of the Bulshavicks was inspired by the music video "Air and Simple Pleasures, by John Williams: The Video showed half mutilated faces of women. The other men with half mutilated faces were with Asian and black skin tones. If Alexandra had an extra marital affair, perhaps the affair was with a man of color.

Reading the photos in terms of the Romanov story: The Nutcracker and the Mouse King was a story originally written in 1816 by E.T.A. Hoffman . In the Story a young girl Marie defeats the Mouse King , A King that kills woman and children. The mouse seems to suggest the king was not brave but a frightened man.

According to the phote interpretations in cartellingwindows blog the "Men With Half a Face", there is a English Royal family connection to the United States, and Russia.

The British royal family are the Guardians of their countries Religion.. Specifically, the King James Bible. blog Tottally Sicily, Good By Bill

Explains the translation:

King James Bible

Killing Dames Games Sicily

In this translation the English seem to be attacking the Romans, Catholics, Sicilians.

TheTsar Nicholas II was a cruel man that seemed a child and wife beater. His Daughter's name was
Marie. Tsar Nicholas II is currently recognized as Saint Nicholas the Passion Bearer by the Russian Orthodox Church. Behind the title of Saint the wicked mans story hides from the less than informed observer.

Cartellingwindows translates:

ETA Hoffman= Eta Russian word for "This"

Hoffman=hoofed man= devil man

ETA Hoofman= This Devil Man

Saint Nicholas the Passion Bearer = St. Nicholas the Russian Bear

Passion Bearer= Russian Bear

The fiddler is the kiss of death. Those that fiddle in affairs they don't belong. Here the fiddler is shown kissing the Asian chellost ( jealousy)

A Frankenstein of a man is looming behind a woman. Tsar Nicholas the Passion Bearer Loomed behind his wife and daughter Marie in the photos.

The woman in front of the Frankenstein resembles Marie Chihil

Her Husband Gary (Pet name given to Gary from Marie "Gar Bear")

Modern day, regular people being used to portray political actions during a reign of terror in the Russian Empire. Human war toys.

Since the Nutcracker and the Mouse King was written before the reign of Nicholas II and Alexandra, and the Mouse King kills women and children in the story, perhaps theTsar and Tsaina were victims of a mind control.

Rabbits are used to signify death. Frankenstein Gar Bear turns into a Rabbit and places a cross over Marie's heart. Marie Chihil currently has a man living with her in the cartellingwindows van who has a simialar look to the man  playing the clarinet. Marie's friend is musical, speaks Russian, and is dark. He is not a partenr in cartellingwindows nor a paying lodger.   Perhaps the look alike is a  coincedence and perhaps not.  Considering the imagry seen in "Air and simple pleasures" videos, the man in the cartellingwindows van perhaps  represent  a free loading black Russian image. "simple pleasures"  being the free lodger connection.

***Interesting note
: Gar Bear Chihil (Lenin's) received a Music scholarship from a private High school in Cleveland, for his talents in playing the clarinet.

The photos suggest at least two woman and possibly the Tsar were mutilated. The photos caption of the sailor point to jealousy, sin, and retribution. Titania had an affair with a peasant man of Russia, her face is mutilated.

Sins of a church or a husband? A difficult determination.. The church, Rasputin, may have considered themselves the husband of the family, and the family, the bride's Body. Mutilating the bodies of the family was a way to portray sins. The church teaches children are punished for the sins of the parents.

Marie's face melts away and Gar Bear's Might be considered remembrances of a jealous and vengeful Tsar Nicholas II, throwing sulfuric acid or hot water on his wife and children s faces

The last photo of the video, has all of the women in the photo with disfigured faces. Anthony Mc Gill has the top of his head opened up, and moss growing on the sides of his head. A throw away toy that does not roll any more. The execution of the lovers, the disfiguring of women(two women), and one man going unscathed..The unscathed man may be interpreted as Tsar Nicholas II. Interpretation suggests lovers of the Tsar's women were executed.

cartellingwindows took The photo of the girls and the sailor and placed the photo under the Microsft contrast function on publisher, to get a black and white image as was done on "The m"en with half a face.Notise the young girl sitting seems to have an elephant and his trunk, holding a can opener resembling an elephants trunk, prying open the childs head.

Now look at Anthony McGills head
His head seems to be opened, and there is a silver sycle, possible reaper's staff coming from his head. The shadow of a black cat is at his feet.

Alaska on it's side, A Russian Hammer and Sycle In the cartellingwindows blog "The Men With Half a Face" we see a Woman writing. See Arrow pointing toward the womanWhen the photo is placed under the contrast photo function, a hammer appears and hits the womans head, which is now a bloodied duck (Sitting Duck) . The book becomes a Lion with bloody lips, as if the lion is eating the words the Woman writes.. Intellectual property theft.

As the reader remembers, Marie Romanov and Anthony Mc Gill, were both shown with their heads being tapped into.

Marie Chihil's grand parents family name was Drake ( Ducks), and Marie sits at the library and writes. Marie Chihil has had several of her ideas taken and turned into reality, without compensation. One of the ideas being the the phrase "Oh Oh Spaghetti O's".

The collage aspect of the research suggests, that women, children and black men are sitting ducks for intellectual, property theft and physical abuse.

The information additionally suggests a technologies is available which reads minds, and has the ability to use the information taken to manipulates human and nonhuman actions. Is the collage is being read correctly, mind control has been available, used and hidden from the common peoples awareness, for many years.

The Tsar and Tsarina are Known for being the first autocratic monarchy. They ruled from 1894 to 1917.

Autocratic meaning .

autocratic - offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power; "an autocratic person"; "autocratic behavior"; "a bossy way of ordering others around"; "a rather aggressive and dominating character"; "managed the employees in an aloof magisterial way"; "a swaggering peremptory manner"

  Normally I would not think a machine could be that powerful over a hundred years ago, but the photos suggest the technology we are just becoming aware of in the year 2009 was available during the the Romanov reign. The autocratic tyrant was a machine..a computer.

Machine Verses Man.
Autocratic Demonstration of the Demon- cratic translates:

Cratic =(gratis) free

Demon free

Depending on the grammar ..

Demon free could read.. free of demon ( English)

Setting demons free ( German)

The first computer: 1835

1. History of computing hardware - 1835–1900s: first programmable machines: Encyclopedia II - History of computing hardware - 1835–1900s: first programmable machines
The defining feature of a "universal computer" is programmable, which allows the computer to emulate any other calculating machine by changing a stored sequence of instructions. In 1835 Charles Babbage described his analytical engine. It was the plan of a general-purpose programmable computer, employing punch cards for input and a steam engine for power. One crucial invention was to use gears for the function served by the beads of an abacus. In a real sense, ...
The London Science Museum's Difference Engine #2, built from Babbage's design.

***A Programmable Machine seems to be the acceptable definition for computer. The pictures at the top of this blog suggest the first programmable machine was built in the 1700's. The difference between Babbage's computer and the looms is significant.. suggesting there were many programmable machines of unknown capabilities before this 1835 model.

2. Wired communication and tapping has been around for many years. It was developed practically simultaneously with the telegraph in 1844. The abuse and tapping into messaging The United States enacted legislation in the 1860s throughout many state courts which prohibited anybody from listening in on telegraph communication.

3. Wireless messaging and technology has been around since Guglielmo Marconi sent his first wireless communication over open sea on 13 May, 1897. Macaroni's work was funded by the British Government.
Built 1887

4. The study of Neurology dates back to prehistoric times, but the academic discipline did not begin until the 16th century.

5.Neurology: The medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the Nervous System, the brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves.

Nerve: A bundle of fibers that uses chemical and electrical signals to transmit sencory and motor information from one body part to another.

The Reign of the Romanov's and Guglielmo Macaroni's wireless technology, are very close. The Autocratic Romanov's reign started in 1894 . Macaroni's wireless Transmissions- 1897, the year the Eifle Tower was built.

Romanov, the rule of the Russian and Greasy Italians ..

***Marie Chihil's maiden name..Guglielmo, as a child she was diagnosed with epilepsy..and:

A personal childhood memory of political significance to this blog:

As a child, my dear mother would make me hot dogs. I disliked hotdogs, as I thought they had a bitter after taste.

Mother would cut the hot dogs into small pieces and place them on a plate with a bit of ketchup neatly squeezed on the side . I would sit for hours looking at the plate, refusing to eat those bitter sausages. This was not the first day I had refused to eat the hot dogs. I was sure mother would eventually quite fixing them.

I was grumpier than usual, as the ritual of watching the hot dogs sit on the plate opened for it's umpteenth time in our government apartment in Augsburg, Germany. I had a cold, with a stuffy nose.

Mother was a purest, having been raised in a family with simple remedies. Pills and Doctors were not normally on the agenda for health care. It was late, nearly bed time, when she returned to the table to check on my progress. The hot dogs cold and shriveled lay on the plate. Mother was not pleased.

She had a Revere Ware quart cooking pot in her hand and a dish towel laid over her arm. The Revere Ware pot contained hot water with Vick's Vapor rub melted. Mother replaced the uneaten hot dogs , with the hot water .

The towel gently laid over the top of the pot; I was expected to lift the towel over my head while breathing in the medicinal steam to loosen the congestion. Maybe mother thought I was not eating because of my cold.

The water was hot, it had just come off of the stove. Mother insisted I breath the eucalyptus steam. I refused. I do not remember my exact age, four maybe five. Sitting on the dining room chair, I was just tall enough to place my head beyond the scalding hot sides of the pot. The steam was burning my nose

Looking at the water, I heard my mother say something angrily. I don't remember exactly what she said. " How do you like that" ..maybe. she took her fingers,and flipped up the Revere ware handle. The hot water poured down my chest.

Initially the heat was intense. The pain momentarily took my breath.

"Why'd you do that!" I gasped.

Panicked, mother denied she flipped the water on me intentionally. My parents were strict disciplinarians. Belting' s were normal. I heard lots of children in the 1960's were strapped with switches and belts. For mother to get angry enough to put pour water down my chest was unusual. As if she were not herself. Denying the incident was unacceptable. I watched her hand lift the handle

Within seconds mother removed my shirt. Blistering skin clung to the fabric while some skin rolled down my chest; the process resembling hair being rolled in curlers before a party or grand event. The heat from the water was gone, my chest had numbed.

It was daddy's bowling night. Daddy arrived home quit upset. He quickly wrapped me in a blanket and placed me in the back seat of the car. Someone held me in their arms. Probably mother, as she could not drive.

I was young, and normally went to bed before dark. This was the first time I had rode in a car at night. From The back seat, I could see the top of the front window but not the road. The windows to the sides were dark and above my head as well. Streams of light, starting as small dots, approached the front window; the lights would intensifying as they got closer. Flashing by the side windows, the lights would disappear as quickly as the came. The lights made a noise.

Our car would swerved if the lights became too bright. I had forgotten about my chest.

"What is making the lights, daddy" I asked

"Cars, other cars driving on the road make the lights, Marie" he laughed. The rest of the night was spent at the military hospital. The doctors put suave on my chest, wrapped me up in bandages and sent me home.

Today I have no scars., but I not regained complete sensitivity to the skin on my chest. I told everyone mother had poured the water on me purposely. She never did anything so horrible again..

I am Not emotionally scarred from this event. Even as a child, I knew there was more to my mothers outburst than either of us could explain.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The government housing in Augsburg Germany backed up to German civilian housing. The Germans would throw their rotten apples over the fence and some of us would bring the apples to our parents. My mother would clean out the bad spots and make wonderful apple pies and dumplings .The germans made fun of the Americans saying Americans ate trash.

A German man would come on a bicycle that had a big wheel on the front. He would park his bicycle in front of the apartments and make the big wheel turn.

As the wheel turned the man placed axes and knives, he had pulled from the basket on the back of his bicycle, onto the moving wheel. I thought the man magical and placed there purely to put on a show for our enjoyment.

He had a way of controlling which wheels would move when he pedaled. Sparks came from the wheel as he placed the metal objects to the wheel. He came for several visits, and only the children watched. I remember laughing with the other girls and listening to the boys discuss how the man made the sparks fly.

It was on one of the visits one of the older American boys watching, taught us the song,

A tisket a tasket

A green and yellow basket
I wrote a letter to my love
and on the way I lost it,

To this day, when I hear the song, A Tisket A Tasket, I see the man with the grinding wheel, peddeling his show, as the children watched .

It was the day a neighbor brought their knives to him, I realized he was there to sharpen tools, knives and axes, not to entertain the children .

In the four years I lived In Augsburg 1960-1964. I was aged 2-6 .

I remember:

1. The neighbor boy from upstairs having a weird fall down a hole where the apartment electrics were kept. He was severely electrocuted and lived. No one could understand how he fell down that hole.

2. A young girl my age, had her apartment catch on fire. The fire started in her bedroom, due to plastic over her radiator. After the fire, she took me to see her room. The fire was so bad the house apartment would have to have extensive remodeling. My friend cried when she showed me her fish tank.. all the fish had died. They Boiled in the water. The man with the wheel was there that day. I remember seeing him before I saw the fire.

3. My melting chest..and one more oddity:

My fathers work colleague had come over too visit after work. The year was 1964, I was six years old. They were both young officers, captains I believe. I was dancing on the coffee table as I listened to the two men discuss events in the Korean War.

Some how, I knew names, dates, and places of the Korean War. I tried to jump into the conversation.
Even after my father requested I stop interrupting, I continued to talk..A bad habit my roommate claims I retain to this day. Bulldozing is what he calls my communication plowing.

It was not till my father offered the date the Korean war ended and explained mathematically that showed it impossible for me to have been alive during the Korean war, let alone have personal memories to share. Dumbfounded I remitted to silence.

Though I had not learned to add and subtract ; I was able to understand the math my father had explained. I was so sure I had been in the Korean war, I redid daddy's math calculations in my head. Surly daddy was wrong.

Daddy's math was correct, and so was his statement that I should not have had any knowledge of the Korean war.

As I stared at the two men, many of the details of the Korean War left my mind. As if a book shut or a door closed.

All that remained was the memory of my present age in relation to the Korean war, the word "campaign", and that there was one campaign which was a great win. The bragging rights were "great advances with few causalities". It was this campaign I had been attempting to tell Daddy and his friends about.

I was so horrified that I had lost that memory, I vowed to myself to do my best not to forget. Every year, till I was Ten, the age where the finger and birthday pairings stopped, I would make an mental account of all that had happened to me in previous years.

The plan, though not perfect was successful. It is the reason I remember much of my early childhood. The first memory being,

With a child like recognition of the life patterns, I have often pondered how many other children were hurt in Augsburg, Germany during those years; and why the calamities had been so extreme. I have have also wondered if my youth and limited knowledge had deceived the cognitive interpretation of the events.

In the writing and research of Queen of the Bulshavikcs, I disclosed the above information, not to shame anyone, but to reveal what I believe to be a very strong possibility that the American military children of Augsburg Germany and their families were being mentally experimented on,and tortured, in a similar manner as the Last Romanov's of Russia appeared to be.

Auto demon grate. A brain drain experimentation, by the prickly Russian bear. A cross from the illusion Islands. The man with the wheel, did he have an ax to grind?

My parents had bought me a Steif bear. His stomach growled. Daddy named called him farty. Steif is a very famous toy company that made the first bear with movable arms out of mohair. The bear became known as the teddy bear.. named after Theodore Roosevelt.

An illusioinary Prick, A stifie penis..Perhaps the other children had Steifs animals. Was that our link to Russian torture?

Cartellingwindows translates: Theodore Roosevelt

The head door of Russian Belt
The Dead Door of the Russian Belt

Mohair= to the heir

Dore= door, and as you remember, refers to the book of Esther. A book who's translations read that all Jews be killed and gassed by a web.

( has not shared the entire Esther translations with the reader. I will someday. My first quest is too understand, why I was placed in an arranged marriage. How was the marriage implemented ( contracts, technology) , and why the divorce has been so difficult to obtain. Those that placed me in the marriage are controlling the divorce and separation.. Using segregates- people , situations , excuses as pawns or covers for their inhumanities

Augsburg, Germany- Town center

The Crest In the Middle of the building resembles or is the Imperial Romanov Crest

There are several designs of the Romanov Crest. The main idea, of the Double Headed Eagle is the same. The Man on the horse is King George translates: George

George= Jr

Phonetically saying the sounds of the letters Jr forwards and backwards..brings forth the sounds George

Father's short name from his familiar short name was JR, or Junior

Second search: Queen Marie of Romania Biography: Queen Marie was born Marie Alexandra Victoria on October 29, 1875 in Kent, England. She was the daughter of Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and the former Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia. Marie was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and married Ferdinand of Romania in 1893. Marie, who became Queen of the Romanians in 1914, was popular among the Romanian public and served as a nurse during World War I. Queen Marie had six children of which Princess Ileana was fifth, being born in 1909. Queen Marie died in 1938. Other dates for Queen Maries' birthday were January 6, 1901.

Marie of Romainia left eye, ( right eye of the photo) is squinty as was Alexandra Romanov's , and her children. Eyebrows are very similiar. Dates of births between the woman are two years apart. Dates could have been changed to hide identities.

Queen Marie born, October 29, 1875

Alexandra Romanov June 6, 1872

Third search: Marie Dianna Equi

Born April 7, 1872

Marie Dianna Eque.. note the fingers on her hand resemble the hand of Alexandra..some repairs.

Note the one eye being smaller than the other.Flipping the photo's image places the squinty eye on the same side as the Alexandra and Queen Marie Of Romania.Later photo of Marie Eque

Hand is hidden and eyes look good. The eyebrow that goes on forever. Most women don't like their eyebrows that big. Perhaps the eyebrow was drawn to cover a scar.
I was interested in how much Marie Eque Resembled Eleanore Roosevelt. The nose of the first Marie Eque Photo was thinner and in this above Photo.

cartellingwindows translates: Roosevelt = Russian Belt.
Eleanore= A leaner
A alien Russian female

Eleanore Roosevelt= An Alien Russian from the Russian belt
( with the abuse information we have seen in the ailing Russian female under the Russian belt)

Here's where the information became sketchy . Eleanore Roosevelt did seem to have a problem with her hand as did Alexandra Romanov. In several photos Eleanore hid her hand or had it covered. At least two commemorative statues of Eleanore Roosevelt have Eleanore's right hand concealed

It was later in life Mrs. Roosevelt showed her hand. The hand could have been repaired; or there may have been more than one Eleanore Roosevelt.

As I searched for photons and information of the Romanov's, names like Rothschild, Standard Oil, Rockefeller, and AIC began to emerge. Sticky stuff. I wanted to quit..

I considered that the Romanov Mother and sisters shared the job responsibilities, as there was so much land and responsibility territory to cover.

Eleanore was born in 1884, the year the Alexandra and Nicholas met.
Alexandra, born in 1972, was twelve years old at the meeting.

Royalty, dignitaries often change their names. Perhaps the name Eleanore was Alexandra's American Name.

More Possible scenario's
When Marie Eque died in 1938, daughter Marie Romanov stepped up to take the mother Alexandra place.

Eleanore had puffy lips..

The third girl in this photo had thicker lips like Eleanore and Queen Marie of Romania, her name: Marie Romanov. Eleanore's nose, the down turned mouth, the droopy eyes and the lips are similar to Marie Romanov

Photo resembles Marie Romanov, born 1899, ten years after Eleanore was born in 1889 .

Elenore's supposed wedding photo looked nothing like her. The picture resembled the image of Olga or Tatiana Romanov. Two Romanov sisters that were difficult to tell apart.

Eleanore's Wedding Day 1905
This would have made her 16 years old.

Olga and Titania

Eleanore Roosevelt, resembled Marie Equi
The eyebrows were droopy and shaped similarly.
The Photes seem to be taken from the side view, to minimize the big eye, small eye awareness

Eleanore statue with hand covered.

From the Oregon Historical Quarterly..where Marie Equi lived; Face , though faded resembles Eleanore Roosevelt:

Eleanore as a child. I thought the costume Eleanore was wearing here to be oddly masculine and Russian. pulls the story together:

Elenore Roosevelt was considered to have emerged, according to a book by Blanche Weisen Cooks Eleanor Roosevelt The Defining Years 1933-1938 , between the years 1933-1938.

Queen Marie of Romania died in 1938.

Marie Equi died in 1952, the year Elenore Roosevelt left as the United States Delegate to the United Nations General Assembly and President and Chair of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights

Marie E Qui
April 7, 1872(1872-04-07)New Bedford, Massachusetts
July 13, 1952 (aged 80)Portland, Oregon
Medical doctor, anarchist

Lets consider that Alexandra Romanov took her daughters Marie name and moved to Romania as Queen Marie. Queen Marie then traveled to the United States under the name Marie Equi, (Marie A Queen) and became involved in the women's rights movement of the United States.

As Marie Equi 's responsibilities became too large in the United States, Queen Marie of Romania's name and responsibilities were retired in 1938 to allow Elenore Roosevelt to emerge in 1938.

Marie Equi remained in existence and, was probably, Eleanore's safe name. When Eleanore became so well known that she could no longer hide behind the name Marie Equi without someone being able to link her to the Romanov's, the Marie Equi name was retired 1952, after Eleanore's responsibilities with the United Nations expired.

Russians were Communists. It would not have looked good for a Russian to have the power Eleanore was receiving, and could threaten her life's work and possibly any children she was hiding.

Alexandra Romanov was born in 1872 . Eleanore Roosevelt died in 1962. If they were the same person, Eleanore would have been 90 years old when she died. Ahhh.... assuming the person died and not just a name.

The other possibility is that in 1938, Alexandra needed assistance with the sovereign job of running the world. Marie Romanov, Alexandra';s daughter stepped in. Marie Romanov's coming out party was accepting the creation of Eleanore Roosevelt as a part time identity. Mother and daughter shared the job. A mother and child reunion, was only a motion away.

Anestassia Romanov and the the second photo resembled Marie Equi,

Anastasia RomanovABOARD THE YACHT 'STANDART' Born June 18, 1901

Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon was born in London, UK in 1900 and died in 2002 as Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

Older photo of Anastasia Romanov
The droopy eyebrows are consistent in the photos

Queen Elizabeth -Queen Mother

Marie Eque

10th March 1910: Doris Harcourt, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900 - 2002) and T Cayalet at Lady Hyde's Charity Bazaar.

Photo: W. G. Phillips/Getty Images

Mar 10, 1910

The Queen Mother as a child. Elizabeth is in the middle.
The girl in the back resembles the oldest Romanov Girl, Olga. The grouping.. four girls and one boy, same as the Romanov's

The photo information of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was not as complete as I would have liked. If the reader remembers, this blog was motivated by the translation.. Queen of the Bullshitter's, in blog, "The Men with Half a Face" . I am convinced the Queen Mother of England was a Romanov.

As with the children and the family abuse stories from Augsburg Germany, I believe there are real life situations that will verify the translations and the suspected interpretations.