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Keep Santa!!! Prevent Santa Claus Abuse

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In a small town in Ohio , the Santa Consequences were common information to Santa non-believers. Parents of Santa believers were often left OUT OF THE LOOP.

A cartellingwindows explanation of Santa Claus

The name Santa Claus is a "Language sound understanding" of the word Saint Nicholas as spoken in several other languages. Santa Nikolaus.

Nicholas, a wealthy Bishop, born nearly 2000 years ago in Patari Turkey, decided to share his wealth with the poor in the community. He is known for many large and small philanthropic endeavors to people of all ages, which he often did in secret. The most familiar remembrance of Nicholas is his placing of candy , nuts and fruits into children's stockings. A task he supposedly chose to do in recognition of the gifts the Magi brought the Christ Child.

Nicholas' philosophies, "the wealthy providing for the poor and hungry", became such a popular concept that many other wealthy folk wanted to participate. The cause was a large undertaking.

Impoverished children needed homes and food more than candy. Parents needed to be given opportunities to help the children and improve their financial status. As governments became more sophisticated and the church had a larger influence in government, the Philanthropic philosophies of Nicholas eventually evolved into many of the needs and assistance programs governments, churches and charitable groups from all around the world utilize to aid and bolster families and communities. Some of the poorest families and children are receiving their Santa Claus presents every day through these programs.

If Americans were better educated on government and world history, they might have realized that the Catholic Church was and is very much involved in the policies of governments and countries. Vatican City is apart of the United States Government via the powers delineated to the United Nations by the United States Government.

The name the Catholic Church uses to participate in the United Nations is "Holy See" which represents Vatican city.

Having done Research on "Disarmament", using several books and the United Nations web site as a references, revealed the term "Disarmament" is generally affiliated with governmental Super Powers.

Super Power

1. large population,

2. Great Wealth

3. A Large Military.

Though Holy See is not listed as a Super Power on the United Nations web site, the United Nations has a document from Holy See stating Holy See's commitment to disarm. This document and Holy See's commitment to disarmament, suggests Vatican city is a Super power in World Government.

For more information on this subject view: Why is the United Nations Disarming America.

A modern day Santa Claus could be classified as a wealthy leader in government with a clergy licence, who wants to participate in philanthropic endeavors for families and children. Jesse Jackson would be a good example of a modern day political activist, clergy and philanthropist.

Some of Nicholas political involvements were intervention in favor, for prisoners who had been unjustly jailed. Giving money to poor girls for dowry's so they could be married; avoiding being sold into slavery. He was in attendance at the Council of Nicaea and was instrumental in the destruction of some of the local real estate, the Temple of Artemas.

The Catholic Church recognizes that after two thousand years, the information regarding Saint Nicholas could have been exaggerated in the retell. It is also acknowledged that there is truth in exaggeration. An example of an exaggerated story might be when Nicholas in given credit for bringing three children back to life after being murdered and placed into pickle buckets by thieves.

Another example of exaggeration could be Nicholas as a Catholic bishop. There are sources that state Nicholas, a layman, was nominated to the position of Bishop.

Suspicious minds might question if the Catholic church was attempting to gain accolades for itself and spread Christianity to the middle East, by claiming Nicholas as their own, during a time in history when the authenticity of Jesus and the church where being questioned. Giving Nicholas honor in the church for his cooperation.

Nicholas' name is found on the several attendance lists of the Council of NICAEA. ( The First Ecumenical Council; AD 325: called to preserve the Unity of the church from competing claims of the nature of Jesus Christ. )

Nicholas Accolades .........................................Jesus Accolades

Saving from death three murders.........Hung with murders and thieves. 3 Crosses

Giving gifts from the Magi ...........................Received gifts from the Magi

Intervening for the unjustly jailed..............Opening the gates of hell

Calmed the ocean waters.....................................Calmed the ocean Waters

Provided Dowries for pregnant unwed women............Conceived  to an unwed woman  

Waiting for Santa to come again.................Waiting for Jesus to come again.

Fondness for Children................................Fondness for children

*Priests reading this blog might be interested in knowing that there is a belief that Nicholas and Jesus' fondness for children, was in the form of what the modern day world would term "sexual abuse".  Cartellingwindows research  suggests some Catholic priests were attacked and shamed,  using advanced and secretive mind  control technologies,  in an effort to reduce the catholic population , wealth, and power.  The mind control  seems to be rooted in a backdoor philosophy and intent  of the United Nations nuclear Disarmament program.

Nicholas was a political activist and philanthropist. He later became the appointed Bishop of Myra and a Catholic saint. Nicholas was probably not a Catholic. Furthermore, it is good practice to hide the Christ child and the Christ child's decedents.

One could speculate, Nicholas was either Christ's relative or the reinvention, resurrection of the Authenticity of Jesus Christ's reputation via the Council of Nicaea using the life history of Nicholas as a template. Perhaps Nicholas was the Christ, carefully hidden. Perhaps Christ was a business deal, a political campaign to put Nicholas in power to further Christianity.

Are the Educators Discouraging:

1. helping the poor

2. Philanthropy

3. Government helping the poor

Are Educators Encouraging

1. Harassment

2. Religious Persecution..

3. Teaching a limited politically swayed truth by withholding important information

Many unnecessary tears could have been laid to rest if children understood that many poor families have been receiving their Santa's gifts daily through charities and government social programing.

It is NOT the Public Educators Responsibility to deny education, public services, or apply unequal educational services to children believing in Santa Claus philosophies; nor harm the children of parents who are capable of giving presents at Christmas time with a Santa Label.

The information regarding Santa is nearly two thousand years old. We honor his philanthropy. Traditions for decorating, and giving presents have evolved.

In the United States, there are several days when the nation honor those who have given bravely of themselves. One of those days is Veterans day.

On Veterans day, many places of employment close, there are parades, picnics and family get together, and prayers. Houses, gardens, governmental building and cemeteries are Decorated. I am positive many of the veterans had religious backgrounds. Some might of had religious beliefs and experiences that could have qualified them as saints.

As a nation, we mostly honor the men and women for their talents ...not for the reward or title they received from an organization

The Movies, Gone with the Wind, and The Wizard of Oz are both movies most Americans remember as classic flicks. The script was good, the actors superb and the music memorable. Most people who have seen either movie can remember a song, a phrase, the story line or a character.. The awards the actors, writers the musicians received were not as memorable to most of the audience. The audience trophy is having the ability to buy the movie as part of their collection, for their enjoyment and the enjoyment of their friends and family.

It is not the trophy tittle of "Saint" before Nicholas that is honored. It is Nicholas kindness, philanthropy, the Joy of giving , and for some, the birth of the Christ Child's, the participants celebrate.

Adversaries of the Santa Claus philosophies, histories and traditions seem to be harping on a religious trophy title more than on Nicholas's works. Denying Nicholas of the honors he deserves. If it is possible to persecute people posthumously for their religious beliefs, and the dead can hurt the living, then Nicholas and his followers, the curious, are being denied historical events, and unnecessarily tortured because of Nicholas's religious tittle.

Schools that judge a child's ability to learn and communicate based on their beliefs in Santa Claus seem to be using an ineffective tool for cognitive/emotional measurement. Santa Claus does not have a single interpretation. The assumption by educational institutions and their staff that one interpretation for Santa Claus fits all, portrays American education and the educators, as not being diverse. How do the schools know how the child interprets Santa Claus. And is a child's belief in Santa the business of the public schools? I do not remember there being a Santa Claus curriculum, or proficiency test.

The schools and agencies participating in Santa Claus abuse, ignorantly seem prepared to go up against historians, religion, fellow educators, The United States Constitution's First Amendment, and perhaps, the followers of Jesus Christ.

I met a women who had her children removed from her because of her belief in Santa Claus. She has been without her children and on public assistance for years. Santa abuse is not limited to schools. Children and family service groups may be as big a villain in Santa Claus Abuse as the schools.

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An American Palace Decorated for the Holidays

cartellingwindows Palace

The cartellingwindows Palace
Thanksgiving Thoughts

The information for the Thanksgiving statement is a small sampling of information taught to American children in the seventh and eight grade.

The message was inspired by a neighbor on Little Farm, Wokingham England.
Window One:
Celebrates the Friendship
The English Pilgrims
the local Native American Indians
Two of the original Enemies
of the American Colonies
Enjoy the Turkey
Gobble it up did you?
Are Americans
the enemy
In the late 1980's my husbands employer sent him and the family to Wokingham England for three years. Celebrating an American political holiday in a foreign country seemed foolish, but I attempted to keep the Holiday alive.

I had invited my neighbor's over for a traditional American Thanksgiving meal. The intention was to show my English neighbors how much Americans respected the friendship of the English through the Thanksgivings recognition of the friendship between the English Pilgrims and the Local American Indians. I was shocked when my neighbor had heard nothing of the event.

" Why did you invite us over for this day. Are you insulting us," my neighbor asked?

" Thanksgiving is the celebration of your American Independence, is it not? "

I was momentarily dumbstruck.. Insult the English!!! I had invited the family to honor them, and recognize their part in the America's. This was not going well.

I attempted to explain the holiday.

" A celebration of the Friendship between English Settlers and the Local Native American Indians!?" she questioned in a respectfully loud and laughing tone.

"Are the Americans daft? The English and the Indians are enemy's of the United States. Why would one of your biggest holidays be a celebration of your enemies?"

My neighbor liked the turkey but hated the sweet potatoes..

"Too much sugar" she stated. " Tastes more like a dessert than a main course. I will not finish these. "

She liked the cheese on the vegetables , but was not accustomed to having butter on her vegetables, or perhaps it was salt. I don't remember.

I was excited with her comments on my food.. It was the first time I had heard anyone comment on cooking as being purely "American", without mentioning a hamburger.

After the celebration, I thought about what Cindy had said..

The English and the Indians were against the colonization of the Americas under an independent American government as they wanted the territories for themselves.
The American Indians are still attempting to claim land under old treaties. Are the English and the Indians ENEMIES of the America's?

Do other countries view the American Thanksgiving celebration as a tribute to the enemy?

Are we Americans, the Celebrants, the last to know?

How humiliating. If Cindy were correct, I, and many others, are American fools.
Toys to another's court, dancing to the rhythm of Indian drums.

cartellingwindows reads: PILGRIM
Pil Grim

Grim- sadness, death

Pil- bill

PILGRIM Bills death

Bill = short name for Bible


The pilgrims were religious exiles from England.
They would have been against the King James Bible.

The Indians were not Christians at this time:

cartellingwindows reads the Thanksgiving celebration as the celebration of two groups that wanted to take down Christianity, specifically the bible.

Are the English our enemy
Dianna (just becauseit was the first to enter my mind)



Two Pillars
English and The Indians.

Twin Trade Towers

What were the Towers Trading ...

A post of land?

Was there a treaty made between the Indians and the English at a Trading Post and were the towers the symbol of this treaty?


Palace Garden

Photo's may be viewed at original size by
placing cursor over photo's and left clicking the mouse

Critter Pillars

Every year the family of one of Dayton's largest department stores gives a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need. Many of the volunteers give up or shorten their holidays to share with the needy. A huge personal sacrifice that is very much appreciated by the community.

I have attended the dinner for the last four years. The Beerman family serves a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, has a harvest decorated stage where a local band performs and Santa arrives toward the end of the celebration.

The pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, feed corn still attached to the stalks is discarded into large dumpsters at the end of the Thanksgiving celebration.

"The funeral of the Pumpkin's" has become one of my personal rescue causes . Every year I grab as much of the produce as I can carry and attempt to put the food to a good use rather than have it needlessly discarded.

Last year I decorated cartellingwindows roof top gallery with the leftovers from the Beerman Thanksgiving festivities , made corn husk doll kits for the nieces for Christmas, and planted the extra seed corn in my garden.

This year with the additional assistance of two of my strong men friends, we rescued more produce than in any of the previous years. This years use of the rescued produce from the Beermans Thanksgiving dinner... "Critter Pillars".

"Critter Pillars" were designed to beatify the neighborhood with a uni- holiday motif; while Creating a food source for the squirrels, birds, ducks, raccoons, and other natural wild life that live in the city.

Most of the items on the pillars I received free from the Beermans Thanksgiving dinner. The bread came from a Church on Huffman Avenue that feeds the needy twice a week. The surplus bread incredibly weather hardy.

Critter Pillar holding/storage food basket.

Cranberry, Turnip and Broccoli Garland

The Palace of cartellingwindows

The Furnace

If the Parisians can Flaunt their sewers
cartellingwindows proudly flaunts
it's Furnace

Roof Top Gallery Image

The Front View

A Patriotic Elephant in Dayton Ohio was not a good image to have during the elections. Some of Cartellingwindows attempts to report news and crimes were viewed as a political campaigning tactic for the support of Mc Cain and the demise of Obama, which was not true.

Since information image packaging seems important for Daytonians to effectively categorize and comprehend the windows message..Cartellingwindows decided to dress up the palace elephant as a reindeer.

I thought it appropriate to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas, as the American retail establishments do the same.