Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurricaine Ike Declares War! X-ing the Best of the Generations, Dayton Ohio

The War, The weapons, the stratagies, Congress pretended did not exist. A War for all ages.
X-ing the Best at X-Fest

(If header does not appear, highlight to view)It was 09/17/2006 in Dayton Ohio. The local weather channels warned Daytonians to expect a backlash from Hurricane Ike. Bad weather coming from hurricanes are not uncommon to the city. Dayton sits far enough from the coast, that by the time the weather arrives, heavy rains are the hurricanes imminent fanfare. Damages are usually minimal.
The City was hosting X-fest that Sunday, a giant party for the folk of the X-generation. Portable stages and vendor tents had been set up at the Montgomery County Fair grounds. I had heard Young people were coming from as far away as Cincinnati. The parking costs had reached Twenty Dollars a day in the small lots surrounding the festivities. An exorbitant price for a the Dayton area.

I had driven by to check out the excitement, wanting to get Car Telling Windows some P.R. The fairgrounds were jammed with people and there were more coming. The nearby affordable parking had been taken. A portable trailer selling food, with Spanish looking people, sat in a small parking lot across the street, next to Denny's. What a perfect spot they had. I wanted to be close to the entrance as well. Iwondered how the tailor had gotten such a good location. Perhaps they had paid for the location.

A block down from the trailer a man was selling parking spaces for twenty dollars. The location had good fair ground visibility, but I did not have the twenty dollars to spend that day.

Deciding to return to the downtown library, I noticed the winds were getting stronger. Jostled, windblown pedestrians talked of the arriving hurricane.

In front of the van, on the intersection of Third and St. Clair St, the wind was beginning to swirl in the streets.

Small vortexes were forming before my eyes. The wind appeared to travel from storm sewer to storm sewer, it's form and presence made obvious by the dead leaves and debris which clung to the small vortexes sides. The debris was being pulled from the storm sewers. How odd. Very few leaves had fallen, and the streets were clean before the vortexes formed. Where had all of the trash come from?

The sewer drains seemed to have turned into a giant vacuum cleaner moving in reverse...Blowing out instead of sucking in. Looking up at the sky I noticed the clouds were darkening, but as of yet, no rain. There is always rain when the hurricane's come. And Lots of it. A small gust of wind went under the right side of the van, slightly lifting it higher than the left side. The wheels remained on the ground. Perhaps I was over reacting, but I did not like, what I was witnessing. I wanted to move the Car Telling Windows van away from the sewers immediately, believing the drive would avoid damage to my vehicle.

In downtown Dayton, the copper roof had been ripped from the courthouse and was hanging over the telephone lines by the bus stop on Main Street. The buses continued to arrive and the passengers, seemingly oblivious to the danger that loomed above them, entered the bus as if the events of the day were as normal as any.

The window above the chess club had broken; its bent metal awning, worked as a sieve, slowing dropping broken pieces of glass on the pedestrians whom ventured beneath it's crystal shower. The small vortexes continued to gust, leaving white pieces of paper and leaves all over the streets. With the streets cluttered with white specs, the city looked as if it had just hosted a ticker tape parade.

I was struck with how calm the residents seemed, reminding me of another time in my life where I had seen similar damage with similar reaction. I was in England in 1990, when the storm the weather men did not predict, blew through the inlands. I had been driving in the wind, much as I was in Dayton. Contemplating, if I should be in a house rather than out in a vehicle. I remeber being confused as to why the schools remained open. Trees fell as I drove to pick my children up from school that day in Crowthrone England. When I arrived there were several large trees lying across the roof, but there seemed to very little damage done to the building. The Children , safe, were escourted out, one by one, to the parents waiting on the front lawn. Everyone seemed so calm.

Could the Dayton Storm be similiar to the storm In Berkshire, England? Berkshire was the name of the county.

I decided to drive out of Dayton, to the surrounding areas to see if the damage was similar to what I had witnessed in England. What I found, convinced me the storm was a planned attack..not an act of God..least not a spiritual god.

Driving South on Main Street, The police had the road blocked off. An abandoned building's tar papered roof had blown off and was hanging on telephone wires, blocking the middle of the street. Bricks scattered the street beneath the tarp. The Mc Donald's across the street had closed their doors. I had found finally found an establishment CLOSED.
The fair grounds had vacated. The winds had subsided, leaving the music stage empty and wind damaged. X-fest had been foreced to end prematurely. Outside the fairgrounds most of the paper and leaves that had cluttered the streets disappeared with the wind. I presumed the debris had returned to the sewer from which it had come.

Denny's Restaurants , across from X-fest remained open ..The restaurant was busy. Customers were waiting in lines outside to be seated. The sign sitting on the lawn of Denny's Restaurant:
CAR Telling Windows Reads:
Be First To Go
In a Hurrigat
eltu (elder) IT 2 Go

(Denny's claims the sign reads; Breakfast 2 go)

Be First to Go" is usually a term used for Christian Armageddon followers..Hurry? Get..pulled together to form.. Hurrygat

" Hurryget"sounds like a hurricane, but their might be more.. gates often refer to the gates of heaven and hell. A possibility Armageddon connection.

I was beginning to suspect the wind was a planned attack, utilizing vortex guided missiles as weapons..

An initial Internet search of Vortex missiles was done revealing information on vortex missiles and Armageddon.

Between the time I ran the initial search and the day of writing, many of the sites that originally appeared on the search Vortex Missiles did not appear three days later. A new search was done for the benefit of the reader, this time searching "vortex missiles Armageddon" on AOL:

Epic: Armageddon - 2.0 - Collector's Models
Warp Missile - Vortex Missile Chaos Titan Warpons Combat Head - Command Head - Veteran Princeps Corvus Assault Head - Corvus Assault Pod 1 ...

Yahoo had some of the original sites...SEARCH: "vortex missiles" revealed military weaponry sites and Armageddon weapons and game sites.

Fact: The Military is developing new weapons that are controlled via remote controls. Button pushers are trained using modern day video games. These games are sold to the general public and tested on children. The children who perform the best on the games are recruited into the military.

My sources? An environmental engineer, who works for the government and lives in the Dayton area told me about the project.

Below is a picture of the BLACK shirt employees in Denny wear as a part of their uniform: When the shirt is on an employee, it is difficult to read. .. Car Telling Windows initially read the shirt as Get Your Grave On, thinking the restaurant was celebrating the harvest season early. Perhaps they were.. Harvesting youth.
A Yahoo search on Denny's, Get your crave on showed: http://fastfood.freedomblogging.com/2008/09/22/fast-food-at-dennys-get-ready-for-the-grand-slamwich/

"Denny's CEO Nelson Marchioli declares war with fast-food chains

“This is war. We’re being attacked,” the former Orange County resident said of an all-out assault fast-food chains are making on his company. "

Wind damaged Mc Donald's billboard after Hurricane Ike came through Dayton

This years X-Fest was titled in a Dayton Daily news Internet site as

X-Fest Xi

X-Fest Xi at Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton OH 45409
View event information, schedule and venue information for X-Fest Xi at Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton OH ... the music, X-Fest activities include: ...daytondailynews.com/e/events2/etc/userEventDisplay.jspd?... - 60k - Cached

Car Telling Windows Reads:

Xi is roman numerals. 11
Xi: HA HA HA (Cyrillic alphabet pronunciation)

The Ones in the number 11 could be looked at as L's


Double Hockey Sticks=Hell.

By typing in LL into Wickapedia, these results were found:
Note the last lines:

Atlas Missile program.. Atlas = Iteles= Italy's
X11 (disambiguation)
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X11 may refer to :
X11 or X Window System, a system which implements the X display protocol
X11 (New York City bus)
X11.app, a Mac OS X application
a Samsung Sens laptop computer model
X-11 may refer to :
Convair X-11 the first testbed for what became the Atlas missile program

In the Miami Valley area, there is one place that has had many tornadoes over the years..the place, Xenia Ohio.

There is a restaurant located in Xenia named Ha Ha's Pizza.

Ha-fest-ha (harvester)

Ha-Best-Xl (harvest excel)

H=P in Cyrillic


For those of you in the know.. The term Pie and a Piece of Pie is a word used to represent a death or a hit.

Car telling Windows back on the road… looking for wind damage in the outlining communities. The city of Oakwood was hit hard. I was stunned to see how many trees were up rooted or broken in half. Much of the damage was located near storm sewer drains. Oakwood had a lot of storm drains. The hanging baskets which adorn Oakwood’s center medium presented them selves lovely and unaffected, as if they were unaware of the giants that had toppled beside them.

City of Moraine tree Damage..note proximity of storm drains to tree damage

City of Moraine..Trees broke in half while signs remained unaffected
Across the street from the broken tree sat a RV with a satellite dish on top. Neither The RV nor the small satellite were Damaged. I thought this odd considering a tree approximately thirty feet away was broke in half.

Yes Hurricane Ike was very much like the wind incident I experienced in Wokingham England. Old trees uprooted and busted in half with little structural damage done to housing. I did not notice any vortexes coming for the storm drains, as I was too busy dodging felled trees. The English Weather men were chastised for not predicting the storm. Schools remained open. The storm, like the one in Dayton was blamed on a hurricane. There was little to no rain associated with the storm.

Political Climate of England 1990

1. There was to be an upcoming change in leadership. Margaret Thatcher was on her way out. George Bush SR was President of the United States.

2. There was a heightened awareness of advertising signs and their subliminal message. UNited Color's of Benetton was asked to remove a billboard.
3. England was going from a manufacturing economy to a service economy.
(Dubbed Reaganomics by the English press)
4. English manufacturing was being outsourced
5. The middle class had suffered a huge loss. Some reports stated one in five of the middle class had become unemployed.
6. The was a huge financial strain on the social aid programs
7. English real-estate prices after having risen fast, were starting to fall. Some analysts claimed the fall should have been expected, as the rise was too quick and too large.
8. The Quality of medical care and the equable financial compensation of the medical community were being challenged.
9. Mad Cow disease had terrorized the English people and her economy.
10. The "Salmon Rushdie" book "Satanic Verse" upset the Muslim community, causing Salmon Rushdie to go into hiding.

Car Telling Windows reads:Note the script used

Salmon Rushdie

SAL-Mon Rush-Die

Sala man Bush Die


Satanic Verses

S=G, N=p, R=pr RP (rip), V=pie

Sata- nic V-a-rses

Gator piece a pie, a Pres. egg

Gator Piece a Pie a Paris Egg

President...press and dent

Egg= harass, Military Colonel wears scrambled eggs on his hat, Aggies

EVENTS in ENGLAND 1990.. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1990_in_the_United_Kingdom

Other events of importance

Storm: Jan 25, 1990

Margarete Thatcher lost her election, 1990

George Bush 1989-1993

Bill Clinton becomes president January 20, 1993

A Rhodes scholar-attended Oxford University, England

Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's announced: Nov. 5, 1994


Nov.5 (nov dot v)

Sov got pie (serve god pie)

pofe pie
buffi pie
beef pie.

FBI or Beefeaters Pie

Monday, September 29, 2008

Eat Pie And Die

The following pages are excerpts from a small book I wrote my dad, for Fathers Day. The book is entitled “My Daddy Dumplings Memory Book”

How we as people understand truth(s) may be a direct result of the beliefs and philosophies our families and friends teach us. “Eat Pie and Die” is an example of how a universal truth has more than one interpretation. Being aware of the interpretations is a matter of life and death.

Click to View

Click on Images to View . If the Introduction above first picture does not show, highlight area to read hidden words.

The Image of the Pie, a Piece of Pie, Pizza Pie, Peace pie, the roman numeral V (looks like pie), have been used as a visual representation to mark a target to kill or destroy for many years .

Now look at examples you might recognize of the pie and the pie's results

Richard Nixon, nearly impeached.

John Lennon

The sixties generation

a yahoo search:

The above sign-read in the language of killers and governments- is asking that children be killed instead of having to go to war. The belief is that a country or people not willing to defend themselves will die. No defence reaps death.
Sports Fans Remember: Na, na, na, hey, hey, good-bye
(Transaltion Key)H=N, N=P, P=R, A=E, Y=CH, CH=SN
Pie, Pie, Pie,Pie- Pie, Pie, Pie, Pie, -Russian , Russian, -Good Bye
A photo search of the song reveled what appears to be either a sick joke or something the police should be notified of. This blog is a notification. Considering the pictures next to the Main screen, I suspect, the young woman with the long hair is the target or an image representation of the person/people requesting the hit.

The French have a saying, "You can't fight a war if no one in your country shows up to fight." This saying is advocating Peace..no defence.

The saying makes no promise that those that do not fight will not die



FR- ENC-H (saying the name of letter H)
FER Ens ech (spelling the letter H name , say sounds)


A French Kiss..The Kiss of Deaths Pie

Emblems such as the peace sign, are often designed and marketed by the countries or organizations that want to take over a territory by reducing population. Reducing population in a country where their are lots of jobs, forces the country or organization being attacked, to allow more immigration to take jobs their own citizens can't. Eventually, these immigrants become leaders in their industries with loyalties to their homeland.

I will write a thorough explanation in future postings; but there seems to be an obligation of each country to provide a certain amount of flesh to be used for oil. Boiling in oil the old fossils to create fuel..yada, yada, yada. This includes humans, and the over production of barnyard animals. I had help understanding the oil quota from the movies made about the oil industry, newspaper articles where Arab oil leaders insist that the balance of oil is equal through all countries, and the guest speakers at the Mercy for Animals organization.

I would like to pretend this is not happening, but that won't stop death. Creating defences, with an understanding of the different sides of truth is the best way to prevent life loss.

Peace Sign
The peace sign was also very popular in vietnam. Everywhere you looked, soldiers in vietnam were ... the wounded soldiers we picked up were wearing peace signs. http://www.thisistrue.com/blog-peace_sign.html

The above blogger believes that the Peace Sign was initiated to represent Nuclear Disarmament

Upcoming blog will explain disarmament and peace.

The History of the Peace sign?

Remember the book Soylent green? Where people were killed and food was made from their carcasses to be fed to other humans. Cannibalism, a lot like what were doing to the cows and the sheep. Gross! Real life better than fiction if you enjoy gore. Perhaps this will cure ya.

The Bridge of Sighs in Venice Italy

There are many ideas about the definitions of peace and the peace sign. Wikipedia has several explanations. I thought it was interesting how John Lennon and his wife Yoko are mentioned among the definitions for peace. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_sign#The_peace_symbol

I learned of the peace existence from one of the grammar rules of the language I have been uncovering. I believe this language a tool of the Queens global chess game, where people are but mere chess pieces in a huge game of life, designed to keep industry, alive.
Alice in Wonderland holds more truths than fantasies.

The grammar rules and commands are visible from all over the planet..usually in the landforms, architecture and street , city, country, townships, burrows and municipality names. The easiest rules for me to find were in the tourist attractions.. The were generally omnipresent and accessible

The Bridge of Sighs is a bridge that led from the prison to the executioners death chamber in the next building. The family of the prisoner being executed would sit and cry as they watched their family member move across the bridge.

The word "Sighs" rhymes with "Pies", which we have already translated.

* Warning: Someone excessively sighing next to you is dangerous. it means they are crying for your upcoming death.

The word Prison translates into Paris on.

A call to cut up. (Par US)

Cut the Pie,

cut up the US.

Eat Pie And Die.

The word Prisoners, sounded out phonetically with the English alphabet, sounds like Parisians;

church members (parishioners) or (people living in Paris).

If Prison is the executioner, than Paris is a killer, the keeper of the art of killing.

* In the 2007 movie " There Will be Blood," You will learn that churches fighting for oil land were also killers.

With so much evidence pointing to Paris, a translation of a famous church in Paris could be useful.

Notra Dame..

Sow three games

Sow Crosser a gate

Sowing the cross of heavens gates

In the above translation; grammar rule comes from Ayres Rock, in Australia. Anyway you look the rock measurement is 2 miles. A two on it's side is an N. An N on its side is an S. The N may pronounced as an S, or a G (script Cyrillic), or the actual name of the letter two in several languages.

I used the S in the above translation

Other translations seem to give similar meaning. Try for yourself.

Also the shape T, may be called

Hangman, a cross, or pronounced "Tu", M(Cyrillic)

D= G sound, (Cyrillic)

As I consider myself a novice at this language. I give to the reader the path I followed to read. Perhaps together we can uncover the other truths.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The War, The Weapons, The Stratagies Congress pretended did not exist. Why were Americans Decieved?

Click Onto Image to Enlarge

What are those Windows Reading Now!!

Guided Vortex Missiles
From Air Base In Canada?

*Next to the word Buffi the acronym should read IBF
not IFB
Read the article Car Telling Windows read in the Oakwood Register.
Click onto Picture
click onto archive..article is September 17, 2008
Click onto Photo to to view larger image

The United Nations prohibited weather and environment warfare in 1977.

If The United Nations is the regulatory body for Wars between it's members, should the United Nations be held financially accountable for damages caused by participating violators?






Collect damages for Piss poor controls of Wars, that French speaking Organization,The United Nations, professes to be proficient at controlling.

Note: 7 billion is the number of people on the planet..ever ponder what kind of real-estate the government is purchasing..$100 dollars a person.

To the Keepers of the ART of killing(The United Nations--France?) Are being Called to Prevent Death and ABUSE.
Interested in Understanding The French Connection between the US and the FBI?

Read future Car telling Windows Blogs to
See the FBI blatantly announce it's self in television shows and movies..

All rights reserved

Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama a Mob and Mc Cain a Michigan Chicken?

Car Telling Windows reads the Presidential Candidates Names
It was simple Phonics, sounding letters as they sound, which led to reading Obama as a mob and Mc Cain a Michigan Chicken..

Reading forward and backwards, using American English sounds first, and then changing the B to a German S is how Car Telling Windows arrived at the window art. A picture collage was created, the way children in school are told to draw a picture about a story, to see if the simple art approach led to the same exciting insights phonics had.

A Google Image search showed Barack Obama uses Red, White, blue, and Black in his graphics. Sunbursts are often behind his head. The logo in the middle of the collage, is a picture of Obama's logo used for his campaign.

The black and white picture of Obama is a picture I found on line whose caption read.."read Obama's name backwards in Chinese." I had the words translated by a friend who told me the Kanji were Japanese not Chinese, They read.."Moving Forward."

Recognizing the sun bursts from old communist propaganda posters, a search was done on Russian political art as the translation seemed to infer Barrack was a Russian .. The search showed no sunbursts. A new search was done on communist political art. The picture pasted to the left side of the collage is one of the photo's that came up on the search.

There was no predetermined expectation in the reading or drawings created by Car Telling Windows. What does all of this imply.. as with all art and reading..the understanding is for the reader to determine.

On this window the sounds of the letters were written so the reader could follow. Mc Cain pronounces both letters with a K sound. A child or adult never having seen or heard the word does not assume the sounds are K.

1. Read both C's with an English S sound....
Missen, Missy sane, MSN..
Was John Mc Cain Missing in action?

2. Separating the C sounds..with the first C being read as the English letter K and the second C being read as the English letter S..
Meksn Mixen Mexain

3. C=SK....
Missy Cain

Miss usually refers to a daughter or unmarried woman, which is why the word daughter was written above Missy Cain. A question asking if Missy might be John Mc Cains Daughter. Or perhaps daughter meant something else.
Said quickly, the words "Missy Cain" sound like "Michigan."
4. A picture/collage was drawn....
a. Chickens were used to represent the Wonderful Michigan Chickens,
b. The Colors Blue and Gold were used because theses are the colors Mc Cains political campaign.
c. The star and the wings are also a part of Mc Cains posters and adds.
d. It was noticed that the C is above a * ..similar to the moon and star used for Islam. A image Internet search on Islam displayed the American flags shown on either side of the picture collage.
e. Car Telling Windows is located in Ohio,. Just in case the American public are voting for a Michigan Chicken Team...car telling Windows placed a pair of Buck Eyes above the message to keep an eye on Michigan.
Where does the word "MOB" written above Michigan come from? We need to look at the next window to understand.

When I was fifteen years old,my father took me to Italy to meet my relatives. When introducing me, daddy would say what sounded like ..Ma -feelya. I did not understand Italian very well.
Having lived in Dayton, Ohio for years, I was accustomed to hearing a Hillbilly accent. I thought Daddy was saying Ma (mother) Feel ya.. or Ma Filia (Ma's Horse). Sometimes It sounded like daddy was saying Me....Me feel ya , Or Me fillia.
Daddy explained the words meant "My Daughter."...Spelled Mia Figlia. The G was not pronounced. It was years before I made the connection that Mi Fillia sounded like Mafia.

I had been told by my father, the American Mafia was an organization which was part of the United States military. The military had troops which fought with ships, troups that fought with planes and troups that fought with guns and tanks, and some troops which fought without guns and tanks. The branch of military used to defend the United States depended on the situation and the type of war being fought .

The American Mafia's Job was to protect and prevent America from going to full fledged war by working behind the scenes to solve conflicts with minimal loss of life. Without the Mafia, and other organizations like them, The United States would have entered into wars where the American casualites could have been high.

Daddy also said there were different Mafia's from different countries and the Mafia's didn't always get along. Sometimes they would fight for territory and power.

When I thirty years old I was asked to consider becoming a Member of "The Daughters of the American Revolution." I honestly thought the organization was the female American Mafia defending The United States behind the scenes.
Where did the word MOB come from above the Michigan?
MISSY CAIN.................... MICHIGAN
Daughter ....................Known for it's strong Mafia

Democrat and Republican poems..Life magazine November, 1935

Click on picture to read

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Totally Sicily, Goodbye Bill

If you were educated in the United States, you or your children were probably taught, the GUTENBERG BIBLE was the first book printed on printing press using removable Type. The man printing the Bible was German. To translate the word lets read the word Gutenberg as a German might.
There are two types of B's in the German alphabet.

1. ß pronounced ess
2. B pronounced Bay
As the English typewriter has a B rather than a ß on the key board..the ess sound should be considered a possibility when reading the letter B with German sounds.
Gutten Berg BiBle
Good Mountain SiSle
Gutten (sounds like Got..or god in German) Gods Mountain Sicily

Here is another way of looking at the word Holy Bible:

Holy BiBle

spelling "Holy" as "Wholly"

Wholly BiBle
Wholly (totally) SISELY

A Third Possible Translation:
Have you ever wondered why the word "Bible" pronounced the 'i" as a long long "I" instead of the English phonetically correct short 'I" sound? The word BiBle should be pronounced be pronounced Bibbel:
Bye Bill
Good BiBle
Goodbye Bill

Possibly the word Bill is considered as a nickname for the word Bible, giving the BiBle Life. The living Bible. To see if the BiBle is alive lets look for clues in: Movies, history, current events, famous people, and decide how the Bible is defined.
Movies: Kill Bill
Bible: Book associated with Christianity.
If followed promises entrance into heavens Gates
People: Bill Gates
Historical Events:
1. The BiBle and Christianity have been under increased scrutiny for it's authenticity. The Ministers are claiming "The End Is Near"
2. Microsoft and Bill Gates have been under extreme scrutiny for several years.
3. Bill Gates Claims to be an atheist.
If Bill is the nickname for the Bible, perhaps the message that Bill Gates is an atheist is relaying the Bible's leaders are atheist. Ministers are preaching "The End is Near" Are the atheist ministers creating the end?Has the word "BILL" and the take down of Microsoft, become a terrorists visual tool to represent the progress of the take down of Christianity, Religion, God and the Bible?

Friday, September 5, 2008

God Father Bush, his Son George, and the Holy Spirit

These windows were inspired when I was asked by a friend what I thought God looked like..My first thought was God was a burning Bush. Recognizing the humor in a burning Bush and George Bush Sr and Jr..I wanted to see what the language would show me about the name..

This is an excellent example of how the language leads the reader.

Window #1

1. God The Father .....................................George Bush Sr
2. God The Son ............................................George Bush Jr
3. God the Spirit .......................................Jeb Walker Bush
3 in 1

1. As the topic referred to God..I decided to use Bible Grammar. "The last shall be first" Referring to taking the last letter and placing that in front.

2. In The United States we are taught that The Gutenberg Bible was the first bible in print.. Gutenberg is a German so I read the text with a German alphabet sounds.



There are two types of B's in the German alphabet.

1. ß pronounced ess

2. B pronounced Bay

As the English typewriter has a B rather than an ß on the key board..the ess sound should be considered a possibility when reading the letter B with German sounds.

Sounding the word out phonetically


Said quickly hsus sounds like the word JESUS in Spanish

I had my God connection!!! WOW

There were two Bush Presidents

Bush Sr

Bush Jr

Perhaps Bush Sr was God the father..or the God Father

? And Gods Son

Bush Jr

I began to wonder how SR and JR read Phonetically:

Sr= Sir


Together the words read Surger..a Sewing Machine?
A Surger is a machine using four threads to create one seam. I was not comprehending how a Surger fit together in a God Father puzzle. The book, "The Three Musketeers" came to mind. In this book the title claimed there were three Musketeers, but there were actually four. The forth being Dartanian.

Was the surger a clue? Could there be four Gods in the Bush head.. a box rather than a triangle. I was stumped. Like any language, the more i learned the more I realized how little I knew.

I decided to read the the words JR and SR forward and backwards phonetically to see if the translation gave a broader enlightenment.

(serious, Cerus)

The word Serious seemed self explanatory and the word Cerus in Greek Mythology: Demeter (Ceres)

Demeter was the Greek goddess of corn (and grains generally). The granddaughter of Gaia and sister of Zeus, Demeter was responsible for maintaining the fertility of the land that allowed crops to grow and communities to survive. Her role in sustaining the life of vegetation as a whole meant that she was regarded as critical to the existence of all life on earth.

A WOMAN in charge of vegetation !!!

I knew that genetic engineering had escalated since the Bushes came into office but a woman!!! George Bush SR was man!!! Perhaps Bush SR was a

Sir Cerus..A Mr. Woman





The reasoning and thoughts behind window number 1.

God the Father...George SR

Gods Son...... .....George JR

God the Spirit....Jeb Walker Bush

Jeb is Georges Bush Jr's Big Brother..

Big brother...a wireless walky talky

A Jabberwocky

Jabberwocky" is a poem of nonsense verse written by Lewis Carroll, originally featured as a part of his novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871). It is often considered to be the greatest nonsense poem written in the English language.[1] The poem is sometimes used in primary schools to teach students about the use of portmanteau and nonsense words in poetry, as well as use of nouns and verbs.[2]

I placed 3 /1 on Car Telling Windows to refer to the traditional belief in the Christian God Trinity Philosophy. I thought the four in one might to advanced for the Car Telling Windows readers without an explanation.

What the hell.. The Four Musketeers Philosophy..
Where there is three, there are actually Four
Four Gods Surged together?

George SR, George Jr, Jeb Walker, and Barbara Bush

The language was pulling together lots of information..History, literature, and movies, famous people, seemed important to remember when comprehending the language. If my comprehension or translation of the words were accurate or partially accurate, I was beginning to feel baffooned and uneducated. The American Presidency seemed a Jabberwocky; A nonsensical poem. Had the United States Government, and it's security leaders betrayed the American Public..or were it's leaders also puppets.. to whom?

Sung to the tune of Queens
"We Are The Champions"

We R The


of the

Wor- Lord

Over -n-Over, Offer-n-Offer, A- gain
(V pronounced as the letter F in German)

I had been told by an Army Colonel, that it was not common knowledge, but War was big business for the United States Government. For the RIGHT PRICE, The American Military was for hire. He also stated , that the American people were kept in difficult situations to make them tough. The countries who hired the American military for protection, wanted to be assured the people they were hiring would be physically and emotionally able to fight.
ARE television shows advertisements that show the tenacity of the American people?
American Gladiators For Sale

I will end with a question for the reader to ponder..
In the Television show Dallas...
Is George Jr. a dead spirit?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Learning the language

As you read, the language, known by many names, was used by the aristocratic class to communicate with their children without fear. As the catholic church was the keeper, collector and originator of much of the worlds languages hundreds of years ago, it was the clergy who would often create, read, and interpret the messages.

The language is more than alphabets. It is a language that uses acronyms, and similes. Grammar rules are found the varied languages, the bible, and centers of tourism. Basic, russian, german, italian, english are essential.. Spanish is a possibility, but I am unfamiliar with most spanish.. so this aspect of the language I have not learned..

The most amazing aspect about the language is that the language both teaches and leads...Much of what you are reading I learned from reading the language.

Like those reading, there is much to learn. I will attempt to teach what I have learned. Perhaps the language will lead others as well. Hopefully with additional understandings they will be willing to share.

The language is pronounced using basic phonics, from several alphabets : The Germanic, Cyrillic, Spanish, Italian, English, alphabet.

How do you know what to read and when ?

1. First read the word in English, reading it phonetically. It is important not to be lead by what we have been taught in the past.

Example. the word THIRD may be sounded out T-Hi-Rd..or ta, hi road, da Harrod, Thai road, Thai red...
Then read the word backwards in English.. Dr. I itched
then read the words in Cyrillic..forwards and backwards..

mnepg..Maynard.. touch n a red

Dr en yam..dr.en um

Some words are read in English but translated in several languages. The language will direct . Example:

Example: Kindergarten... Literally translated into German is "Child's Garden"

Budweiser = Read in German...

Large B's pronounced ess

W's pronounced as the English letter Va.

Sud wiesers =
Sud ( german)= south
Weisers (german = whites
Southern whiters,
Or combining English and German..as the language is spoken in English and German
Sud= southern
wiesors= vicars. The w=v and the s being pronounced as an K..

a possible English translation.

Southern white vicars..

Written numbers are sometimes read as letters and sometimes words.

Examples: 5 and 2 are both pronounced as an S

7 is pronounced as an an L

Letters are sometimes pronounced as cymbals.

Example : The letterT may be read in any of the following ways.

Tah, crossing, cross, hangman, da..

Letters that have two sounds are to considered as both sounds.

Example: J & G , my both be prouncounced with the Ja, or G sounds. Sometimes the letter J is prouncounced yo.

Oh this is getting much to difficult.. go to the web page and learn as we go.. the way I did.

Car telling windows is a web page where news and information are placed onto the windows of a 1994 Dodge Conversion Van. Brought directly to the community, Car Telling Windows encourages readers to de-cloak from behind the computer monitor, and engage in face to face dialogue on a myriad of topics. Many subjects are spawned from translating the English language into the ancient language of the aristocracy and Catholic Church

Some have called the language Car telling Windows founder Marie Chihil's discloses, the Di Vinci code. Others say the language is the code of secret societies. Chihil claims the language is the SECRET language of Royals and High society, (Secrets of Society) and is utilized today through out advertising and the media.

Often miss-labeled as subliminal communication, literacy in this teachable ancient language eliminates “subliminal” from text, movies pictures, music and other forms of visible and audible communications; revealing cures to diseases, terrorist messaging, military actions, insider stock trading and much more.
Unlike the life threatening claims from disclosure the other languages have warned of, Mrs. Chihil, reduced to living in her van, has discovered there are many people willing to protect her right to disclose, and communicate. Hopefully, Car Telling Windows in conjuction with the internet, help stop the supposed crimes and actions that originally placed her into this teaching and disclosure situation of international proportions.