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"M"-- Dayton's Killer Architecture, A World Affair

This is the blog I was writing when I was shot on May 22, 2011.  As promised,  I am publishing The blog.  it  is not complete nor edited. It is lengthy..

Other events of interest on may 22, 2011

May 22, 2011. Space Shuttle Endeavour's final voyage.
It was the last night of Dayton Ohios' World Affair event.

The blog:

"M" Dayton, Ohio's Killer Architecture, a World Affair
 Gush de Mare Part two..

 This blog is an continuation of the   www.cartellingwindows.com  blog 

Gush De mare ...Gates of Nazi Concentration camp found on University of Dayton Campus.   http://cartellingwindows.blogspot.com/2010/07/gush-de-mare-gates-of-nazi.html 

In the blog " Dayton's Killer Architecture",  the meaning of the letter M is explained as it applies to the city of Dayton Ohio's architecture. The M's political and religious significance is also discussed.  Readers may find it helpful to read the first "Gush de Mare" article, before reading, part two...M Dayton's Killer Architecture, a World Affair.


Once the significance of the M imagery and the phallic haze associated with the M is understood, it is easy to recognize the M imagery in architecture, landforms, art and advertising all over the world . Understanding this may give reasoning to certain crimes/acts of god (god father).

  Above image Explained in Gush De Mare Part One: Click onto images to enlarge

Dayton Ohio M Imagery:

Standing on North Main Street, near White Allen's Auto dealers, the picture was taken looking south. A double M  is visible.

                                                   Back of St Marys, Twin Tower Church..look for the M
                                                          In the towers and smoke stacks..

The next picture is the exterior art of  Dayton Business "Graphics Terminal".  The  artist asks the reader to take a picture while he barricades himself behind a second floor window. Should he need it , the owner has left a space open in the window for his gun.

Those reading previous blogs may be familiar with the suspicion that the situational actions of Daytonians are being used as communication commands which create change  all over the planet.

Enslaved as  Human Automatic ignition switches; an enemy seemed to mock  Mr Kettering and the people of Dayton. The old war lords   of the  He Brew ( mans stew, or stew art) code, took Mr Kettering's invention , the automatic ignition switch, and lowered the existence of Daytonians to mere Machines. I shudder to think, if taking a picture, as the graphics "Graphics Terminal" suggested, would ignite a terminal action  somewhere on the planet.  Previous blogs show a correlation between the art on "Graphics Terminal and the collapse of  the World Trade Centers in New York.
Graphics Terminal ( Terminal Graphics)

As requested by the artist..I turned around and took a picture.

 I was intrigued by the view of a double M again. The Double M is noticed by the double phallic symbol between towered buildings. A drive around Dayton shows the Double M is visible from many locations in Dayton Ohio.

M=  My daughters( mafiia)
               and my sons  ( Masons- Protestents).

These organizations often  set up business to show alliances.. Aliances that work together but are separate; as in game of chess and the peices are people and buildings.

The M symbol is not strictly American.  There are Mafia and Mason organizations  all over the planet. They  may be representative  of the Catholic ( mafia), Protestent ( Mason Evangelical) and Jewish faiths.  Some of these organizations cooperate with each other and some don't. There are many businesses and several  organizations  represented within the M,  The business of Union suggests a union for war.  Allies that fight against each other in a game of  war. 

The Dayton building collage suggests an alliance between two M's..theirs and ours..  Like electrical plugs buildings are male and female.  The  buildings with the phallic symbol, pointed roof-lines, , are placed in between the two flat roofed buildings which  make up the letter M  humps.  Phallic buildings are the penis,  the haze, or the antagonist of the Sons and daughters..(Mafia and Masons.)  Hase is German for Rabbit.. or biblically may refer to Hasidic Jew, or  Hase's dick.  Rabbits Dick. 

The Phallic hase dick..rabbits penis,  ominously shows it's presence  in the mirrored windows of Dayton's Kettering Tower.  Kettering Tower, is the tallest building in Dayton, Ohio; and comes with its  own city ordnance, which states "no building in Dayton, Ohio , may be taller than Kettering Towers .

In the codes the letter T is sometimes crossed to conceal the letters L.
Decoding "Kettering
Kettering= Killer Ring.
New killer ring, refers to the new world army's. The new world is the United States
New Killer =nuclear
Keller= celler in GERMAN
the word "Kettering"  may represent the new world underground killer  armies .
The is  building code which states no building in Dayton may be built taller than Kettering tower make reference to:.

Nuclear weapons  always explode above the commoners head..perhaps the  height of Kettering tower represents the  exploding of new killer underground intellect above the average.  Or it may be a warning of don't fk with the US or well Nuke ya...

The mirrored windows of the buildings:

  The word "Mirror"  linguistically relates to the word Mir, the name once used for the Russian American space station.  The new name of the space station  is Freedom.  Free-Doom  Artistically and politically, mirrored windows often refer to an " I see you but you can't see me" concept.  Many federal buildings  in the United States have mirrored windows.
                                  DAYTON OHIO FEDERAL BUILDING

With these understandings, we may question if  one of the The double M business/war/science venture  represents a Russian and American alliance on the Space project Mir. (Mirror.) Freedom. The Space station  program is ending in 2011.   FYI:  Those who have read previous blogs  may recall when military alliances end, the governments throw a celebration  or a show to say goodbye.  These good-by's are often tearful and deadly..  2011 is one of the dates picked to represent the End of the world among religious folk.  For this blog, the word   "World  Wor-ld" is equivalent to WAR LORD.  The end of the world is the end of a War Lord.  If pattern's can be trusted.. there should be a jolly good, man created, seemingly natural , disaster. 

You may want to enlarge this image to read and see the architecture

 This picture is a collage of several images put together, so the reader can better view the corner where Kettering tower, the Mead/Key and the 5/3 buildings rest.   The general address is on  the corner of Second Street and Main.   The words were placed on the pictures as much for the author   to understand what was going on in the imagery, as for the reader.
1. We see the Mirror  image of the Fifth Third Bank in the Kettering Tower  building.  A possible Mir connection, and federal ID.   53 is a number used to show the power of the British crown.  53 being the number of territories Britten claims as a part of its  empire.  (World book encyclopedia)

As I looked at the advertising  I noticed the Word "Rabbit" in the Chase bank logo.  ( See(C) Hase)
Chase= See  Rabbit or Rabi"s Cross ( Rabbi T)

 The two bank buildings, Chase and Key bank, from this angle, look like a set of  rabbit ears, with the Fifth Third building (the first building with a pointed top) being the rabbits dick head.

Rabbit Ears have two definitions:  bunny rabbit ears, and antenna's  for television. 

 It is a common knowledge among American Women that  men have Two heads
The Head on top of their shoulders and the Head between their legs.

The Kettering building and the Mead building may  be viewed as ears with the
 5/3 building being the rabbits head/mind.

Kettering tower and Key bank, as the legs, with the rabbit dick being the 5/3 building., in an erect position.

In  St Mary's side Alter images ( beggining of this blog),  we saw the Devil as the hase ( rabbit)
If  correct, the word Hase dick  suggests the orthodox Hasidic Jews, are the devil's rabbit Haze or the antagonist of the Catholic mafia and the Protestant Mason.   An image and  name utilized for allies of antagonism--anti Christ... war games.

The significance and strength of the rabbit is shown
In the Movie " Monty Python" an English film:  the theme is to search for the Holy Grail..

Python=Pie- thon,
 Pie = death..eat pie and die
thon= athon..festival

Python= pie fest or death festival

MOnty= M/0  method of operation
              nty= naughty
Monty python=M/0 naughty death festival.

Beatrice Potter: English writter and artist coined the phrase and character:   Peter rabbit .. Naughty rabbit

The deadliest creatures the PYthon Knights come across while searching for the  Holy Grail were RABBITS  ( HAZE) A german word.

Germans are major players in the banking industry.  Banking is mentioned because Chase is a Bank which reads C Haze.  The haze has rabbit ears, which may refer to radio antenna's.  The letter C , is  sometimes a reference to  Holy C ( vatican city).    The  Germans are not fearful of spying on others and do so outwardly in their own country.  They are so comfortable with the business of spying, Tourists can buy souveneers of  Berlins German Spy Tower and wooden puzzel Toys of the spy tower for their children to play with.

 The Open business of Spying Germans:
Found from doing a Google search on Berlin Spy Tower

Located near Alexander Platz-- Alexander in terms of the M , refers to
Alexander the II of Russia and  United States of America  President Abe Lincoln

Both men;
Lived during the same time period
Were friends with each other
Wrote Emancipation Proclamations
Worked to free their dark Slaves
Worked to reduce racism between white and dark people

MIR -Freedom  space station,  International space station = a Russian and American Alliance
               Alexander II and Abraham Lincoln

If history is proof ,  the two men's  efforts to free the slaves,   created racism.  And the space station is a spy station.

Freedom= free doom. 
 Anyone following slave laws may be aware  slave contracts enslave the original slave and every offspring there after.  Releasing a family from enslavement requires the contract be bought or the family name dying off.  Free doom for slaves is death or genocide. 

 Governments are often sensitive to allowing families to carry on the family name , by releasing from active war duty, those siblings who hold the key to continuing the family name.  The last son...

The continuing of  the family name, is more than a sentimental action by  government. It  is a way to ensure the continuation of  slavery within that family.  

Hence a  German-like Spy tower imagine appears in Dayton, as a set of  rabbit ears, separated by a Hase dick..and is possibly satellite controlled.

Dayton has  Fifth Third bank, whose phallic prick is seen in the Kettering Towers mirrored windows.
This translation has been discussed in previous blogs: 

Dayton's  archetechure imagery and signage suggests  that  racist Aryan Germans, Americans, Russians and English  are killing undesirables using Television Antenna's. ( rabbit Ears)  on the Main street stage of  a globe theater designed to shake and spear.

If  accurate , there should be other architectural clues embedded into Dayton, Ohio architecture ,of space ship wars to collaborate a  Mir connection.

 I Noticed some grates on the sidewalk in front of kettering tower. They were two single grates with three sets of paired grates in the middle. I II II II I the absolute value of three towers. Was this referring to the three banks, the businesses they represented, the three religions or all of the above?


Red Square is the name of the Russian Square in Moscow Russia.  Was Russia claiming accountability?

Red Square (Russian: Красная площадь, Krásnaya plóshchad’) is a city square in Moscow. The square separates the Kremlin, the former royal citadel and currently the official residence of the President of Russia, from a historic merchant quarter.

                                                Separates the businesses from the government.
This is complicated.
Before I make any assessments, I want the reader to notice how the side walk in front of Kettering Tower when turned sideways, tunneles its way toward the Mead building,  now Key  bank.  Enlargen to see with clarity.  Like archetecture.. Film, Art and Music are often designed to pass war info.  Do not be afraid or bambuzzeled into beliving It's just a movie.. unless you understand the word movie as a code word for Mafia..  the v is pronounced as an english F

.  You may want to print the image to view as you read..
 The sidewalk on its side  reminded me of Luke Sky Walker when he was trying to take out the enemy in the first  "Star Wars" movie.  I went u-tube site and photographed the images that looked like they could apply to the street images .http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=hshybhpA2ZA&vq=small#t=420

Toward the end of the footage Luke Sky Walker takes a shot that penetrates the enemies fortress.  A picture of that shot is seen next to the key bank building. The target is in the shape of a skeleton key minus the feet.

Important Information:
1.The key bank people have large screen TV's in their facility on the first floor giving the Perception they are technology wizards.
2. The cloth  fabric was removed from the awning leaving the skeleton of Iron exposed.  Until recently, when the one large awning was replaced with two separate RED awnings that went to the street.. Rabbit Ear Awnings
 The awnings face the Shuster Performing Arts Center.  A building of all windows. 

Back to Star Wars Movie:
In the German code..Star Wars = the Jewish Star Wars via the Ray Guns ( Reagan) of Satellites
Basically killing Jews from space.. or murdering Jews  (as in the Jews or hase dics are doing the killing.)   Maybe a bit of both is going on..

In the above captured image notice how much Data ( another name for Information) resembles Iron man .   The light shinning on Data's costume resembles  a skeleton. ( key).  Ye who controls the information controls the world.  The Group is standing around a table which resembles a circus maximus; The Roman collisum where gladeators fought to the death and christians were killed by lions.

Another interpretation the word DATA, and the reason I am comfortable adding Star Wars information to a Dayton Ohio Blog:

IT should be further noted that the Dayton, Ohio Valley is shaped like a gladiators stadium.

The reader should be seeing the  Python  killing fest of architecture is taking formation.  

According to the " Iron Man" movie reviews,  Bill Gates is "Iron Man."  Bill Gates is the founder of an information driven company selling Software.  There have been others that beleive the movie is suppose to represent a biography of Lockheed Martin.   The art and archetecture suggest Bill Gates is selling software weapons of information..Judging fron the Iron Man image, minus the flesh, it would seem the company is selling Human flesh.. and may own the Key bank (Mead)  building In Dayton ohio..

Lockheed Martin = Lock the head Mar + on.

Marion's are the order of catholic priests who run the university of Dayton. May also refer to the Mary's.

Bill is the short name for the word bible  BY Bill.  In the decoding there is a strong avoidance of the word By.  By Bill, by bI=BILL
 Bill Gates=  Bible Gates or Bible Sates, The demons of the Illuminati

Illuminati= (reading forward and backward)  ''Italy men of the deity,  animal II Eli"

II Eli =Twin towers of Eli

Twin Tower researchers may find this Google  search interesting:

Utilizing Humans as weapons is something the Middle Easterners claim to utilize.  Who would have guessed the middle easterners were buying Americans.

 I have proof..From the book "Countdown to Armageddon"

View from Montgomery County Administration Building
 Dayton, Ohio

               Montgomery County Administration Building

Even the flag poles are in the M shape. The middle flag pole flying the black POW ( prisoner of war) flag beneath the USA flag.

Standing on the front left corner of the Montgomery County Government building and looking behind we see:

Lights Illuminating the pathway, crossing several roads, highways and the Miami River, the path seems unbroken, to the front doors of the Masonic Temple.

The next image is not a Dayton Image. There is a significant similarity in the skyscapes of Dayton, Ohio and Manhattan New York.

The New York World Trade Center
  1. Notice the Double M by looking for the double phalic symbols between the Towers
Kitty corner from Graphics terminal is Memorial Hall. A building designed to honor the area's Veterines of wars. In front of the building this Statue proudly stands:


An similar relief to the Dachau door relief may be viewed at Dayton, Ohio, inside the Ray and June Croc Community Center's Administration building. The building was once owned by Katherine Kennedy Brown. The Emblem on the front door is supposedly the Kennedy Family Crest. The words under the shield are written in Latin .."Avise la fin" (Consider the end). The photo's show the straight path walked to get to the adminestration building.

Inside the mansion is a fire place mantle Mr and Mrs. Brown  received as a wedding presents from their parents. Without going into a lot of detail..the Romanov's.

Read "Queen of the Bulshavicks, Part Four of Phantom of the Inauguration. The Tears in the Reign of Nobility"  for more information http://cartellingwindows.blogspot.com/2009_03_01_archive.html

The mantel shows a naked woman being pulled forward by a child. A naked men
kneeling at an anvil. Everyone else in the relief are clothed with loin cloths. There are two men in the background with mallets ready to strike the man kneeling. At the far right end of the wooden relief is a forge oven with a fire.

                                     Dachou head bashing..as in the images of the mantel.

One can reasonably assume that the people in the mantel are going to be killed and burned.

More Proof:

The image of bashing heads as bells is an image that is seen in clocks and coo coo clocks..

these images artistically say that the birdies or people in the bell tower are killed.
I will show you haw smart you've become,,

Remember the movie " The Sound of  Music"

There is a song in the  movie entittled " so Long Farewell" The Van trapps sang the song to the Austrians before they escaped to the muntains,and at a party where there were lots of nazi's.

With the knowledge I have given you the song takes on a new meaning..
it is easily read with very little code : 

The coded  word is coo coo = cook you
                                             The Sun= Jesus Chrust
                                                            Champaign= Mushy room, blood cocktail

The words:


There's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall
And the bells in the steeple too
And up in the nursery an absurd little bird
Is popping out to say "cuckoo" (COOK YOU)

[Marta, Gretl, Brigitta:]

Cuckoo, cuckoo

[Children: Marta, Gretl, Brigitta: ]

Regretfully they tell us Cuckoo, cuckoo

But firmly they compel us Cuckoo, cuckoo

To say goodbye . . .

[Marta, Gretl, Brigitta:]



. . . to you


So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night


I hate to go and leave this pretty sight


So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu


Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu


So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen


I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne


So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye


I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye -- Goodbye!


I'm glad to go, I cannot tell a lie


I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly


The sun has gone to bed and so must I


So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye



As we leave the Ray and June Croc  Community centers Administration building, notice the view..do you recognize the shape of the exit?

The open area of the center is a courtyard. The center section where the cross is located is red brick. The center courtyard sidwalks lead to door ways.."Out of the skillet into the fire"
Wait!!!! This is not the action of one man and the center may not be aware of the implications of the design chosen. The fire image is etched into Dayton, Ohio's road system. The image is evident in the area around University of Dayton, and the Oregon ( Argon) district

               View  from University of Dayton's  Entrance Gates:

Stew-ART= the art of the Brew
Mans Brew= He Brew

Brown Street= historical implications considering Nazi information;

Brown Street= Eve Braun, Hitlers Partner

Erma Bombeck= er ma bomb e ck

Air Ma's bomb a sickie

Considering Dayton, Ohio's Historical information:..

We have two woman= two Ma's

Eve Braun and Erma Bombeck


Dayton 's Wright Patterson Air force Base is known for their
                          their B2 Bomber program. and being the third largest air base in the United States,
Third Wright or the Third Reich

The Third Wright child was Katherine

Katherine Kennedy Brown(Braun)
Katherine= Gator in
Kennedy= Killer ring ( Keller ring- Kettering)

Katherine= kitty

                                                                          Kitty Hawk

Katherine Hawk(er)
The street display and decoding suggests Hitlar was a woman

Cartellingwindows previous window display:

Two ovens (B2 bomber) are embedded into the transportation maps of Dayton in area of University.

The star marks the location of the TWO Gasoline Stations.

In the Cyrillic alphabet the script or cursive G is similar in shape to an American" S".
Cyrillic is the language of death-- as in serial killing

Using the curse of Cyrillic the word "goal"is pronounced "soal"  or Soul. The Soul Posts of University of Dayton, cross and rest on a one way street. The driver may enter, but may not return the way they entered.

POST v. 1) to place a notice on the entrance or a prominent place on real property, such as a notice to quit (leave), pay rent, or a notice of intent to conduct a sheriff's sale, which requires mailing of a copy to the occupant to complete service of the notice. 2) to place a legal notice on a designated public place at the courthouse. 3) a commercial term for recording a payment. 4) to mail.

Copyright © 1981-2005 by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill. All Right reserved.

Using humans as a fuel source is not a new concept . The concept is thousands of years old, and may have started as a healthy way to prevent diseases from spreading during times of plague in areas where the land was too rocky for burying the dead and too expensive for mausoleums.

Nearly every part of the human body was used. The oils became lamp oil. The bones were food for the flowers, wigs were made from the hair.

Have you ever wondered why Jews are called Jews and why they are known for their chicken soup?

This is a rather gross linguistic translation..so prepare yourselves:

Linguistically..I'm reading not opinion-ating..

Jews = Juice

Jesus ( king of the Jews..Juice,,Juicy Juice)

Jesus was the light of the world ( lamp oil)

When you make chicken soup excess fat is skimmed off the top.

I recently attended a meeting put on by the oil industry and the and the local Health department at Dayton's Main Library. The lectures spoke of  Bio Fuels..a fancy name for animal fats used as gasoline.

The government regulates the oil industry, insisting the oil companies place a minimum of five percent animal fat ( bio-fuels ) into gasoline. The fats are picked up from locations, with no labeling as to what type of animal fat is in the vat. The absence of  labeling the source and percentage of animal  fats is an open door for human fat to be used as bio-fuels.

The problem with bio fuels is they turn to gelatin when the weather gets cold as does  chicken soup when it cools. The oil companies are trying to find ways to prevent Bio- fuel's from gelling up.

Have you heard? Jews make the best chicken soup!

Sadly, the Enemy believes any family with a father who is circumcised is a Jew..lamp oil..fuel 

  The sign  is the entrance sign to  Auschwitz Nazi Concentration camp ..

In English the sign reads...Work makes you free.

The intent was Jews were slaves, and freed slaves were  dead slaves. 

Statistically, the United States of America ranks  number eight  as one of the hardest working countries  on the planet.  Are  Americans being forced to "Work Themselves to Death"?

Here is the full list of the top 10 hard-working nations (before the global economic crisis); the figures show the employment rate among youth, the peak employment rate, older workers employment rate and average annual hours worked (AAHW):

10. Australia
Ages 15-25 - 64.2%
Ages 25-54 - 80%
Ages 55-64 - 56.7%
AAHW: 1,722

9. United Kingdom
Ages 15-25 - 55.9%
Ages 25-54 - 81.3%
Ages 55-64 - 57.4%
AAHW: 1,670

8. United States
Ages 15-25 - 53.1%
Ages 25-54 - 79.9%
Ages 55-64 - 61.8%
AAHW: 1,794

7. Norway
Ages 15-25 - 56%
Ages 25-54 - 85%
Ages 55-64 - 69%
AAHW: 1,417

6. Sweden
Ages 15-25 - 46.3%
Ages 25-54 - 86.1%
Ages 55-64 - 70.1%
AAHW: 1,562

5. Canada
Ages 15-25 - 59.5%
Ages 25-54 - 82.2%
Ages 55-64 - 57.1%
AAHW: 1,736

4. Denmark
Ages 15-25 - 67.4%
Ages 25-54 - 86.1%
Ages 55-64 - 58.7%
AAHW: 1,577

3. Switzerland
Ages 15-25 - 62.6%
Ages 25-54 - 86.1%
Ages 55-64 - 67.2%
AAHW: 1,657

2 . New Zealand
Ages 15-25 - 58.7%
Ages 25-54 - 82.2%
Ages 55-64 - 72%
AAHW: 1,771

1. Iceland
Ages 15-25 - 74.3%
Ages 25-54 - 89.4%
Ages 55-64 - 84.9%
AAHW: 1,807