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Keep Santa!!! Prevent Santa Claus Abuse

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In a small town in Ohio , the Santa Consequences were common information to Santa non-believers. Parents of Santa believers were often left OUT OF THE LOOP.

A cartellingwindows explanation of Santa Claus

The name Santa Claus is a "Language sound understanding" of the word Saint Nicholas as spoken in several other languages. Santa Nikolaus.

Nicholas, a wealthy Bishop, born nearly 2000 years ago in Patari Turkey, decided to share his wealth with the poor in the community. He is known for many large and small philanthropic endeavors to people of all ages, which he often did in secret. The most familiar remembrance of Nicholas is his placing of candy , nuts and fruits into children's stockings. A task he supposedly chose to do in recognition of the gifts the Magi brought the Christ Child.

Nicholas' philosophies, "the wealthy providing for the poor and hungry", became such a popular concept that many other wealthy folk wanted to participate. The cause was a large undertaking.

Impoverished children needed homes and food more than candy. Parents needed to be given opportunities to help the children and improve their financial status. As governments became more sophisticated and the church had a larger influence in government, the Philanthropic philosophies of Nicholas eventually evolved into many of the needs and assistance programs governments, churches and charitable groups from all around the world utilize to aid and bolster families and communities. Some of the poorest families and children are receiving their Santa Claus presents every day through these programs.

If Americans were better educated on government and world history, they might have realized that the Catholic Church was and is very much involved in the policies of governments and countries. Vatican City is apart of the United States Government via the powers delineated to the United Nations by the United States Government.

The name the Catholic Church uses to participate in the United Nations is "Holy See" which represents Vatican city.

Having done Research on "Disarmament", using several books and the United Nations web site as a references, revealed the term "Disarmament" is generally affiliated with governmental Super Powers.

Super Power

1. large population,

2. Great Wealth

3. A Large Military.

Though Holy See is not listed as a Super Power on the United Nations web site, the United Nations has a document from Holy See stating Holy See's commitment to disarm. This document and Holy See's commitment to disarmament, suggests Vatican city is a Super power in World Government.

For more information on this subject view: Why is the United Nations Disarming America.

A modern day Santa Claus could be classified as a wealthy leader in government with a clergy licence, who wants to participate in philanthropic endeavors for families and children. Jesse Jackson would be a good example of a modern day political activist, clergy and philanthropist.

Some of Nicholas political involvements were intervention in favor, for prisoners who had been unjustly jailed. Giving money to poor girls for dowry's so they could be married; avoiding being sold into slavery. He was in attendance at the Council of Nicaea and was instrumental in the destruction of some of the local real estate, the Temple of Artemas.

The Catholic Church recognizes that after two thousand years, the information regarding Saint Nicholas could have been exaggerated in the retell. It is also acknowledged that there is truth in exaggeration. An example of an exaggerated story might be when Nicholas in given credit for bringing three children back to life after being murdered and placed into pickle buckets by thieves.

Another example of exaggeration could be Nicholas as a Catholic bishop. There are sources that state Nicholas, a layman, was nominated to the position of Bishop.

Suspicious minds might question if the Catholic church was attempting to gain accolades for itself and spread Christianity to the middle East, by claiming Nicholas as their own, during a time in history when the authenticity of Jesus and the church where being questioned. Giving Nicholas honor in the church for his cooperation.

Nicholas' name is found on the several attendance lists of the Council of NICAEA. ( The First Ecumenical Council; AD 325: called to preserve the Unity of the church from competing claims of the nature of Jesus Christ. )

Nicholas Accolades .........................................Jesus Accolades

Saving from death three murders.........Hung with murders and thieves. 3 Crosses

Giving gifts from the Magi ...........................Received gifts from the Magi

Intervening for the unjustly jailed..............Opening the gates of hell

Calmed the ocean waters.....................................Calmed the ocean Waters

Provided Dowries for pregnant unwed women............Conceived  to an unwed woman  

Waiting for Santa to come again.................Waiting for Jesus to come again.

Fondness for Children................................Fondness for children

*Priests reading this blog might be interested in knowing that there is a belief that Nicholas and Jesus' fondness for children, was in the form of what the modern day world would term "sexual abuse".  Cartellingwindows research  suggests some Catholic priests were attacked and shamed,  using advanced and secretive mind  control technologies,  in an effort to reduce the catholic population , wealth, and power.  The mind control  seems to be rooted in a backdoor philosophy and intent  of the United Nations nuclear Disarmament program.

Nicholas was a political activist and philanthropist. He later became the appointed Bishop of Myra and a Catholic saint. Nicholas was probably not a Catholic. Furthermore, it is good practice to hide the Christ child and the Christ child's decedents.

One could speculate, Nicholas was either Christ's relative or the reinvention, resurrection of the Authenticity of Jesus Christ's reputation via the Council of Nicaea using the life history of Nicholas as a template. Perhaps Nicholas was the Christ, carefully hidden. Perhaps Christ was a business deal, a political campaign to put Nicholas in power to further Christianity.

Are the Educators Discouraging:

1. helping the poor

2. Philanthropy

3. Government helping the poor

Are Educators Encouraging

1. Harassment

2. Religious Persecution..

3. Teaching a limited politically swayed truth by withholding important information

Many unnecessary tears could have been laid to rest if children understood that many poor families have been receiving their Santa's gifts daily through charities and government social programing.

It is NOT the Public Educators Responsibility to deny education, public services, or apply unequal educational services to children believing in Santa Claus philosophies; nor harm the children of parents who are capable of giving presents at Christmas time with a Santa Label.

The information regarding Santa is nearly two thousand years old. We honor his philanthropy. Traditions for decorating, and giving presents have evolved.

In the United States, there are several days when the nation honor those who have given bravely of themselves. One of those days is Veterans day.

On Veterans day, many places of employment close, there are parades, picnics and family get together, and prayers. Houses, gardens, governmental building and cemeteries are Decorated. I am positive many of the veterans had religious backgrounds. Some might of had religious beliefs and experiences that could have qualified them as saints.

As a nation, we mostly honor the men and women for their talents ...not for the reward or title they received from an organization

The Movies, Gone with the Wind, and The Wizard of Oz are both movies most Americans remember as classic flicks. The script was good, the actors superb and the music memorable. Most people who have seen either movie can remember a song, a phrase, the story line or a character.. The awards the actors, writers the musicians received were not as memorable to most of the audience. The audience trophy is having the ability to buy the movie as part of their collection, for their enjoyment and the enjoyment of their friends and family.

It is not the trophy tittle of "Saint" before Nicholas that is honored. It is Nicholas kindness, philanthropy, the Joy of giving , and for some, the birth of the Christ Child's, the participants celebrate.

Adversaries of the Santa Claus philosophies, histories and traditions seem to be harping on a religious trophy title more than on Nicholas's works. Denying Nicholas of the honors he deserves. If it is possible to persecute people posthumously for their religious beliefs, and the dead can hurt the living, then Nicholas and his followers, the curious, are being denied historical events, and unnecessarily tortured because of Nicholas's religious tittle.

Schools that judge a child's ability to learn and communicate based on their beliefs in Santa Claus seem to be using an ineffective tool for cognitive/emotional measurement. Santa Claus does not have a single interpretation. The assumption by educational institutions and their staff that one interpretation for Santa Claus fits all, portrays American education and the educators, as not being diverse. How do the schools know how the child interprets Santa Claus. And is a child's belief in Santa the business of the public schools? I do not remember there being a Santa Claus curriculum, or proficiency test.

The schools and agencies participating in Santa Claus abuse, ignorantly seem prepared to go up against historians, religion, fellow educators, The United States Constitution's First Amendment, and perhaps, the followers of Jesus Christ.

I met a women who had her children removed from her because of her belief in Santa Claus. She has been without her children and on public assistance for years. Santa abuse is not limited to schools. Children and family service groups may be as big a villain in Santa Claus Abuse as the schools.

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An American Palace Decorated for the Holidays

cartellingwindows Palace

The cartellingwindows Palace
Thanksgiving Thoughts

The information for the Thanksgiving statement is a small sampling of information taught to American children in the seventh and eight grade.

The message was inspired by a neighbor on Little Farm, Wokingham England.
Window One:
Celebrates the Friendship
The English Pilgrims
the local Native American Indians
Two of the original Enemies
of the American Colonies
Enjoy the Turkey
Gobble it up did you?
Are Americans
the enemy
In the late 1980's my husbands employer sent him and the family to Wokingham England for three years. Celebrating an American political holiday in a foreign country seemed foolish, but I attempted to keep the Holiday alive.

I had invited my neighbor's over for a traditional American Thanksgiving meal. The intention was to show my English neighbors how much Americans respected the friendship of the English through the Thanksgivings recognition of the friendship between the English Pilgrims and the Local American Indians. I was shocked when my neighbor had heard nothing of the event.

" Why did you invite us over for this day. Are you insulting us," my neighbor asked?

" Thanksgiving is the celebration of your American Independence, is it not? "

I was momentarily dumbstruck.. Insult the English!!! I had invited the family to honor them, and recognize their part in the America's. This was not going well.

I attempted to explain the holiday.

" A celebration of the Friendship between English Settlers and the Local Native American Indians!?" she questioned in a respectfully loud and laughing tone.

"Are the Americans daft? The English and the Indians are enemy's of the United States. Why would one of your biggest holidays be a celebration of your enemies?"

My neighbor liked the turkey but hated the sweet potatoes..

"Too much sugar" she stated. " Tastes more like a dessert than a main course. I will not finish these. "

She liked the cheese on the vegetables , but was not accustomed to having butter on her vegetables, or perhaps it was salt. I don't remember.

I was excited with her comments on my food.. It was the first time I had heard anyone comment on cooking as being purely "American", without mentioning a hamburger.

After the celebration, I thought about what Cindy had said..

The English and the Indians were against the colonization of the Americas under an independent American government as they wanted the territories for themselves.
The American Indians are still attempting to claim land under old treaties. Are the English and the Indians ENEMIES of the America's?

Do other countries view the American Thanksgiving celebration as a tribute to the enemy?

Are we Americans, the Celebrants, the last to know?

How humiliating. If Cindy were correct, I, and many others, are American fools.
Toys to another's court, dancing to the rhythm of Indian drums.

cartellingwindows reads: PILGRIM
Pil Grim

Grim- sadness, death

Pil- bill

PILGRIM Bills death

Bill = short name for Bible


The pilgrims were religious exiles from England.
They would have been against the King James Bible.

The Indians were not Christians at this time:

cartellingwindows reads the Thanksgiving celebration as the celebration of two groups that wanted to take down Christianity, specifically the bible.

Are the English our enemy
Dianna (just becauseit was the first to enter my mind)



Two Pillars
English and The Indians.

Twin Trade Towers

What were the Towers Trading ...

A post of land?

Was there a treaty made between the Indians and the English at a Trading Post and were the towers the symbol of this treaty?


Palace Garden

Photo's may be viewed at original size by
placing cursor over photo's and left clicking the mouse

Critter Pillars

Every year the family of one of Dayton's largest department stores gives a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need. Many of the volunteers give up or shorten their holidays to share with the needy. A huge personal sacrifice that is very much appreciated by the community.

I have attended the dinner for the last four years. The Beerman family serves a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, has a harvest decorated stage where a local band performs and Santa arrives toward the end of the celebration.

The pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, feed corn still attached to the stalks is discarded into large dumpsters at the end of the Thanksgiving celebration.

"The funeral of the Pumpkin's" has become one of my personal rescue causes . Every year I grab as much of the produce as I can carry and attempt to put the food to a good use rather than have it needlessly discarded.

Last year I decorated cartellingwindows roof top gallery with the leftovers from the Beerman Thanksgiving festivities , made corn husk doll kits for the nieces for Christmas, and planted the extra seed corn in my garden.

This year with the additional assistance of two of my strong men friends, we rescued more produce than in any of the previous years. This years use of the rescued produce from the Beermans Thanksgiving dinner... "Critter Pillars".

"Critter Pillars" were designed to beatify the neighborhood with a uni- holiday motif; while Creating a food source for the squirrels, birds, ducks, raccoons, and other natural wild life that live in the city.

Most of the items on the pillars I received free from the Beermans Thanksgiving dinner. The bread came from a Church on Huffman Avenue that feeds the needy twice a week. The surplus bread incredibly weather hardy.

Critter Pillar holding/storage food basket.

Cranberry, Turnip and Broccoli Garland

The Palace of cartellingwindows

The Furnace

If the Parisians can Flaunt their sewers
cartellingwindows proudly flaunts
it's Furnace

Roof Top Gallery Image

The Front View

A Patriotic Elephant in Dayton Ohio was not a good image to have during the elections. Some of Cartellingwindows attempts to report news and crimes were viewed as a political campaigning tactic for the support of Mc Cain and the demise of Obama, which was not true.

Since information image packaging seems important for Daytonians to effectively categorize and comprehend the windows message..Cartellingwindows decided to dress up the palace elephant as a reindeer.

I thought it appropriate to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas, as the American retail establishments do the same.

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Palestinians = The American People

What are Mr. and Ms. American Politician actually saying?

Could not find an American palce on line..this one is from Europe somewwhere

I was in Berlin Germany when a man approached me and asked:

"Are you a Palestinian?"

"No" I answered

"You are an American, are you not?" he questioned


With a big smile and a quick exit the man said.

"Did you not know that Palestinians are People that live in Palaces?
All Americans live in Palaces, therefore all Americans are Palestinians."

How odd. The Palestinian news articles in American Papers discussed real-estate, and the taking of Palestinian land by Israel. Was this man saying American land was being taken. The year was 1990.

I returned to the United states In 1991. Through the next couple of years I noticed that Palestine was in the news frequently and so was American real-estate.

Greenspan had lowered the prime interest rate to depression lows. Clinton became President and the refinancing market boomed. American interest rates have continued to fall since 1993.

The news articles about Palestine in the newspaper seemed to have a huge correlation, with how the American real-estate market was progressing. I believed I had found a way to read information regarding an underground economic process/strategy , a buy out of American properties.

But Who was running the show? The man on the street in Berlin?

The Israelis? What was American real-estate? Property? Our land, our bodies?

Where the Palestinians being used as a visual of what was actually happening to Americans?

Information was also being published during this era about the buying and selling of human body parts. More and more Americans were coerced into placing information on their drivers licences saying they would be willing to become organ donors. Professing to be a willing organ donor , had joined the ranks and files of "having a therapist"; a tool used to purposely raise ones social status.
Some medical professionals refused to check the donor spot on the driver licenses. "They'll kill one person so another lives" was the hushed but audible message they spoke.
Palestinians were supposedly being tortured. A kidney could be sold for thirty thousand dollars. Partial birth Abortions became legal in the United States.

Where the Palestinians and the information about Palestine actually propaganda used to pass messaging to an underground market? or...
Were the Palestinians being outright abused, so the underground would know how to attack the Americans and generate revenues for the underground markets?

I had and have many questions:

If Americans were Palestinians..did the term Middle East refer to the Middle Eastern part of the United States or the Middle eastern part of the America's?
I was from Ohio, the Middle East of the United States. Could this be why I had been approached by the man in Berlin, Germany?

Articles on Palestine mentioned that Palestinians were raised to hate Americans. Did the statement imply that Americans are raised to hate themselves? Americans are raised to hate each other.

Was The United Nations Involved:

Map Of Palestine with United Nations plans
1947( kind of old)

A couple of years ago, I ran across a man by the name of Fisk. He was an elderly gentlemen I had breakfast with nearly everyday for several months at the local Meijer store. During one of those breakfasts, Mr. Fisk talked of being a photo journalist where he had witnessed terrible inhumanities.

Meijer"s stopped serving breakfast and I moved to Dayton. During my exodus to the land of cartellingwindows, Mr. Fisk, occasionally showed up to see how I was doing.

For the purpose of attempting to understand what the term "American real-estate" referred too, I ran an Internet search combining some of my thoughts and suspicions: "Palestine, human body part sales , real-estate, 1993-2001"..the Clinton administration years. I came upon these articles on Palestine, torture, and ..well look for yourself.

Robert Fisk is the writer of some of the articles. Was this the same Mr. Fisk? Was Fiskie trying to warn Americans? Did he know? Or ...?

Go to the link below and Scroll down through the article to read about Palestine.

Why are American Presidential Candidates and Vice Presidential candidates referring to "Palestine" as a way to persuade and dissuade voters?

What implications does the word "Palestine" have to American politicians and American voters?

I am American. I am a registered voter. I was born in the United States and my family has lived in this country longer than I have been able to trace. The above information, are the questions the word "Palestine" evokes to an Ohio Woman, who has traveled abroad.

To the man in Berlin Germany:


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Is Michelle Obama a Man? What Message is Michelle Sending to American Woman?

Michelle Obama
Facial hair on chin and over lip

Today a child, a babe in Toyland askes:
IS Michelle Obama a Man?

A world watches to see how the Americans will respond to the wisdom of the child; the toy, the biological machine; or, in this case, Americans themselves. The one is the representation of the entire American body.

To abuse the child, to ignore the child, to deny the child, to nurture the child, to recognize the child, to encourage the child, to value the child..... American response decides how The United States of America and it's peoples live and die. I thought everyone knew.

Party Time
Cover eyes with hand to see resemblance to other photo's. Is that spot on Michelle's neck concave or convex. Is her name Adam Apple.


Backed By Colin P.O.W. ell

Where did the children come from?

For many years I have lived well below the American economic standards of average. In the community of people I associate with, there has been great concern regarding government paid health care Insurance; pros and cons. Many woman I have talked to believe the removal of facial hair should be included in privately subsidized and government paid health care benefits. It seems women do not want to be seen in public with facial hair. Image is important.

As a woman, and as a registered voter, I do not understand how the wife of a presidential candidate, would appear in a public forum, with facial hair; unless, she is disliked by woman, her colleagues, her family, or she is a man, looking for a new bed to sleep in.

Michelle Obama wears cheap plastic beads. Goodwill Industries sells better quality beads than Michelle Obama wears.

What message is Michelle Obama attempting to send?

American women should be happy with low quality merchandise, facial hair, and the possibility our husbands will have a female look alike on the side?

Perhaps Michelle's message is that American woman should not expect their husbands, even if they are President of the United States of America, to earn enough money to support quality merchandise for their families personal use?

Gay men dress badly because the wives get all of the money?
Could this be a civil rights entrapment which has attempted to buffoon the American Public into passing and enforcing civil rights laws..

. Sex cannot be grounds for hiring or firing.

. Americans should not be permitted to discriminate against marital status or gender of couples, when hiring or firing an employee


Crime Report: Twice my son was taken from my home and returned with a new circumcision.

1. We were living in Berlin Germany before the Berlin Wall came down. The year was approx 1987. A camera crew came onto the American military base and filmed my son at a parent child Play group. Not long after my son appeared on the German television, he went missing from my home. He was gone approximately4-5 hours.

The German police were notified immediately. The police took me to a neighbors home where my friend could translate the German into English. After several hours, the police returned and said they found my son sleeping on the living room couch. They had left him there. There was no way my son could have slept for that long.

The Berlin Police told me I could not find my son because my home was too dirty. The house was Not dirty, the floors were clear and there was no clutter on the couch. Today I wonder if the police were referring to another meaning for the words "dirty house".

When I bathed my son that night, he had cuts on his penis as if he had a new circumcision on his penis. The Dr in German told me to pull back the foreskin for a couple of weeks and keep the area moist. There was no mention of the peculiarity of the circumcision.
My sons language had changed. He no longer could say sounds in the back of his throat, and his beautiful curls did not grow back when I cut his if the child's hair had been permed.
An additional fact: While in Berlin, the French and the English and the American military were having a cultural festival. I took my children to the festival. An Asian man approached my children and patted them on the head. Then he asked to take the childrens photograph. I think this was after the new curcumsision, but I am not sure.
2. 1991. Our family had returned to the United States, to live in the small town of Tipp City. My father said he wanted to drive from Virginia and take my children on a vacation to Canada.
When father arrived, I thought there was something wrong with him. He had just raised two girls in the Virginia, Washington DC area. His home was located a couple of blocks from a McDonald's.

When Daddy, a retired Army officer, took my family to the neighborhood McDonald's in Tipp City, he did not know how to use a drive through, where to order, or to remain in the vehicle when picking up the order. Had daddy not used a McDonalds drive-thru, I remembered being with him when he used the bank drive-thru in Virginia. There is not much difference.
Daddy was also unfamiliar with a turning lane. Instead of moving into the turning lane, he stopped in the middle of the street to turn left. This was a man that had supposedly driven in many countries, due to his military career.

When I questioned daddy, he said he did not have these things where he came from. Where He Came From?!!!!! He looked like my dad. The man spoke like my dad..
When dad and the children returned from the trip to Canada, he explained how he had stopped in Massachusetts for the children to swim in the ocean.. "it was good for their body's to heal" he said.

When I questioned him about the need for healing, he did not answer.
Daddy did inform me the Canadian authorities had separated him from the children for a couple of hours.

hat Night, My son came to me complaining about his willie, (penis). I looked, he had a new circumcision...or what looked like a curcumsision that was healing.

When I questioned my father he claimed to know nothing.
I took my son to the pediatrician the next day. The Doctor informed me the child was recovering from a new circumcision.

I told the Dr., the child had been taken out of the country and explained that this circumcision made his third. How can a child have three circumcisions. Is this my Son", I asked ?
The Dr would only say.. it is a new circumcision. Keep the area moist and the skin pulled back. My son was embarrassed and wanted to do it himself. that was the last time I saw my son naked. He was four or five years old. I do not remember.

The only connection to Canada I had, was my Canadian neighbors , living in the rental home next to ours. The woman was recovering from a brain tumor. She would return to Canada for her appointments.


IF I could not find help with something so obvious, how will parents locate stolen children, that have had sex changes? My son is in college, today.
When I did complain, I was not ushered to the police or the authorities. I was accused of being psycologically impaired, taking drugs, and was asked to see a medical professional. Some suggested I cut my child. It was medical professionals that told me my child had new curcumsision.
WARNING: DNA TESTING CAN BE FUDGED. Numbers are changeable.
Second Sexual Crime Notification:
I had been having some run-ins with the local school authorities. I received a phone call from my Father telling me not to talk about the school educational programs. Parents told me not to take my child out of the public school. If I insisted on removing her, I was told that the only private school I could send my daughter too was A school called Chaminade Julian in Dayton Ohio.
"There has been too much money spent" a parent told me. " Money?"
This is a penis story.. really..
My husband began showing me more interest. Sex became a twice a week venue rather than the usual once a month standard. During this time, I noticed his penis was different...not a size issue, rather a formation issue. He looked like my husband, but he was different.
When I asked him.. why he was anatomically different...he ignored me
Several days later, at a neighborhood party, a neighbor asked:
1. "Marie would you have sex with a man other than your husband for a million dollars?"
I forget how I answered. I think I had no answer.
Additional information:
1. I received an email that stated women were getting a new kind of breast cancer that was detected by sore nipples.
a. After the email, the man that was suppose to be my husband, became very interested in my nipples..unusual for him to be so interested in one area.
b. The pain was excruciating, but I refused to give in.
c. I remembered another woman in our neighborhood that was told not to remove her child from the schools, and her experience with a supposed nipple cancer the year before.
d. I asked her if the sore nipples were cancer? "No", she said,.. They will never let you leave Marie. I stayed because my life and family are too valuable" she told me.
E. My daughter went to Alter High School. I did not have cancer, and the pain eventually went away. I live in my van, my husband refuses t give me a divorce, my children think i am a nut..and I was not informed of my children activities.
F. My friend's daughter remained at Tipp city high school and did well.
I am a woman that believes the men in her life have been sexually and physically altered. There are No DNA requirements for marriages.. and as I stated before.. the DNA numbers require people to report them. Numbers, samples etc.. can be changed.
To this day I suspect the man that has raised my family for the past several years was not the man I married. Perhaps the man I married and the impostor took turns with my family. I do not know. I do think it is interesting that my husband calls my mother to talk about the children and not me.
One more point of interest.. It was more than a look that told me my husband was different.. I had to place him in my mouth before I noticed. Imagine picking from a line up for this crime.. Pull your pants down and let me....yuk...I makes me gag to think of the thought of identifying. And laugh.. I have grown tough over the last 16 years.
The criminals exploit the morally zealous, and overly emotional laden American culture as a cover for such horrendous crimes. What dignified woman talks of penis's? Americans are trained to be embarrassed of such words.
My Husband, My father, My son..
Chihl Family Residence Location when supposed crimes occured.
Berlin Germany,
Tipp City Ohio, after returning for WOKINGHAM ENGLAND, (BERKSHIRE COUNTY) where my husbands firm, Copland Corp. sent my husband on business, allowing our family to follow.
I believe Copeland has a new division called climate control.
Cartellingwindows reads: Copy Land
Topics of research the reader might be interested in.

Changeling, –noun
a child surreptitiously or unintentionally substituted for another.
(in folklore) an ugly, stupid, or strange child left by fairies in place of a pretty, charming child.
Philately. a postage stamp that, by accident or intention, has been chemically changed in color.
a renegade or turncoat.
an imbecile.
Origin: 1545–55;
change + -ling 1
Addtional topics:
A sex change for Ling, A US sex change. Ling the panda sex life, sex change for the earthing.. here cross I pig sex change. Hurt Hi pig, hurt High Nig,
Eugenics, Whitewater REAL-ESTATE, Little Austria-Austrailia, Austria's Rue,
Austrialia kanga's Rue. Hitler medical experiements human population control.
Population control human energy, Color energy-solar energy. Cambell austrailia planetware

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Final U.S. 2008 Presidential Debate

An Opinion by: Marie R. Chihil

The following is a letter written to the McCain Palin when I was sent a request to host a Super Saturday. I received the request the day after the final Presidential debate of 2008.


On October 15, 2008, the American people were expected to listen to the United States Presidential Candidates views on how they planned to lead this country for the next four years. The following comments, right or wrong, are from an eligible American voter, who cares about the success of The United States of America and it's people.

I was very disappointed in McCain's Performance on the last debate. Neither candidate presented themselves as viable candidates for the United States Presidency.

1. Mc Cain chastised Obama for hanging out with terrorists, then supported NAFTA, referring to the agreement as if it were a group of people we should all get to know rather than a contract of trade. Perhaps Mc Cain Is trading people.

If NAFTA is a group of folks south of the boarder..aren't the Spanish speaking folk from the South America's , the ones that wanted to have illegal immigrants march on the United States White House In Washington D.C. to demand citizenship.. Those people are the ones that sound like terrorists, asking for a war. Is McCain A terrorist?

2. Why is Mc Cains head so big and his body so small? He looks like a woman in a mask. The mask is ugly and poorly done,.You could see where it attached to the side of his head. The mask was so cumbersome, the person wearing the mask could hardly open his eyes. I guess Mc Cain is Missing (Msn)

3. Is McCain a real-estate dude/dudette, trying to make money on a created housing and banking slump which originated during the Clinton administration?

During the Clinton administration, AL Greenspan dropped the interest rates to levels the United States had not seen since the depression. Housing prices and new construction soared. In Ohio, We had more housing refinances at one time than history could remember.

Lenders were calling home owners on the phone begging homeowners to refinance.The poor people, often needing money for expenses and luxury's that in the United States have become necessities, were charged higher interest rates than the wealthy to get their equity out of their homes. Predatory lending had begun.

When housing prices began to fall, and loans could not be met, interest rates rose. The economic conclusion was that housing prices had soared too high, too quick. Ohioans were told, the problem was an obvious result of greedy Realtors and builders. The California and Texas Housing crisis was often sited as an example for why Ohioans were suffering. Some of us wondered if Ohioans were paying for California and Texas's real-estate mismanagement.

Today the housing prices have lowered, and the banks supposedly need a bailout. Giving the money to the government, to give to the banks is having the government own the loans. Government taking the wealth and spreading it around. Something Mc Cain kept saying he did not want.

Mc Cain stated that government buying housing loans worked during the Great Depression. Housing prices rose after the buyout he claimed. As I recall, we were fighting the Russians and communism during the depression., And yes, I am suggesting the buy out plan is an attempt to steer the United States toward a communistic government while making a lot of money for a select group of people at the constituents expense.

I am also suggesting the housing/ banking crisis was a calculated action which started during the Clinton administration, as a tool to make Bush and the Republicans look bad, for the purpose of getting the Democrats and the Clinton's could get back into the White House . Once in the White house the criminals would be able to cover any information that incriminated them. I'm told Senators and Presidents are legally placed above the law. The buyout seems like someone trying to save someones nads., or tits.

After watching last nights debate, I BELIEVE MCCAIN AND OBAMA ARE PRIVY AND PART OF THE REAL-ESTATE DECEPTION. I can guarantee there are many other Americans thinking similar thoughts.

4. Medical Care--

If controlling oil prices requires reducing the demand on foreign oil for American consumption..then don't you think medical care should follow similar avenue's for curtailing costs and improving quality? Neither candidate seems to have the awareness that many Americans, medical and non-medical folk, across the United States, have regarding the origin of a lot of medical supplies and materials in the US.

Many of the American insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, advertising agencies, hospitals,and more, are owned by out of the country firms and people. I can not count how many times I've read of hospitals and those working in the medical communities, complain about being forced to buy their supplies from foreign owned companies at over inflated prices.

Inflated prices are then passed down to the American people causing everything from insurance premiums to the cost of medical care to rise. This expense has also been a major contributing factor to the amount of compensation expected for malpractice cases.

I believe it was the late 1940's -1950's X-ray machines were used in shoe stores to assure shoes were a proper fit. When the machines were banned as dangerous and were placed in hospitals, the x-ray machines price sky rocketed.

FYI. Am not an advocate for government paid medical care. I lived in Great Britten. The country was killing their people by denying them access to medical care and saying the government would not pay for it. I also watched the medical community target children for death, by giving them inadequate antibiotics, and then introduced syphilis into the food supply, via Mad Cow disease. Syphilis, when caught early, is stopped with antibiotics.

Interesting, that a national health care program, has been nursed by governments, (national health care is a government institution) outside of the United States.

Is the Republican Party aware that diseased American blood is sold to German Companies for the companies to experiment with. A great way for a foreign country to create a biological weapons to attack Americans. When I asked the woman from the Dayton Blood center, if the United States bought blood from other countries for similar purposes, I was told the law forbid the US from purchasing blood from outside the US.

Members of the medical community, and the politicians that are attempting to regulate the medical costs in the United States, seem to approve of , "Killing and bankrupting Americans by raising medical costs so Americans will have no other choice than to vote for a National Health Insurance."

In the United States, the people are being asked to: Exchanging a visible form of murder, via extortion tactics , for a murder not so visible."

Do you know why many people in other countries will not tell you they are unhappy with their medical care?..They are afraid they will be killed!!!!! Many people on National Health Care Programs have no other choice for medical care than the care their government offers.

5. Energy.

Nuclear plants are incredibly dangerous. Given a choice, most folks will not live next to a nuclear power plant. McCain's example of Navy nuclear submarines being safe, was a horrible example. There have been accusations that the Navy has been cracking the earths crust, releasing magma, which is warming the ocean waters and cooling the earths core, to place nuclear toxic waste into the earths cavity.

6. Why did McCain's voice sound like George Bush? He was too small to be George? A voice changer? Kaybe toys use to sell voice changers for 14.95.

7. Why did the CNN sound people give McCain a whistley was annoying and obviously intentional.. A way to cheat on a debate, that I think should be challenged by the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Fair debate my ass!!! The rest of the world was watching! Was the rest of the world watching how to cheat on a debate? Sure looked like a cheating affair to me.

8. With the real-estate scam being pulled off, I was glad to hear Mc Cain did not think their was a need to raise taxes. (As much as I am letting Mc Cain have it..he received higher scores than Obama.)

The government is going to make a ton of money on the real-estate buyout. By owning the bulk of the loans ,the government will be able to control housing prices, sales, banks, etc..therefore having leverage to control inflation and the economy. I'm wondering if you think I am applauding...

When the debate was finished....thoughts were:

1. Mc Cain was Hillary in a mask, with a voice changer, while her double sat in the audience hidden by a group of large men. The masked person did have similar features as BOB BARKER.

Barkshire-Hathaway was one of the sponsors of the final debate.

2. Can the people of the United States receive a financial compensation from the government, the political parties, and the foreign governments, for stealing our money and putting on a fake election.

3. Could the election be an attempt to overthrow The United States Government by foreign governments and entities, and is the United Nations the regulating agency responsible.

4. I am not voting on the 2008 Presidential election, because I believe the United States 2008 Presidential election is fraudulent.

A fraudulent election is no election, therefore, I will not be disregarding my Constitutional obligation to vote. I am adhering to my obligation by reporting this information.

Marie R. Chihil
An Ohioan

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why the United Nations is Disarming the United States

Disarmament--Permission to take American Resources: How a good cause went bad.

Please read this blog before you allow your children to read. The translations reveal words that might be offensive. The translations do not represent a belief or an opinion of cartellingwindows. Cartellingwindows translates and reports on words, documents, books, art, movies and music written and published by outside entities. Art work designed by cartellingwindows, Marie Chihil, is a visual translation of the above mentioned communication sources, and is presented to aid those readers who understand and read pictorially. Art designs are explained, in English through a written text. The rules and tools for the translation cartellingwindows uses to read, follows a specific lingual pattern and is explained to readers. Readers are encouraged to add their views and expound on other possible translations in the comment section of this blog.

On a visit to the Dayton Ohio Peace Museum, Cartellingwindows, Marie Chihil Found the following book.

Page 4: "In essence, Disarmament is about the organization of Power in the international community. Since disarmament proposes to deprive nations of anything to fight with, taken literally, it appears frequently as the most effective method to guarantee peace."

Page 6: "This time disarmament was perceived as a major vehicle for the Third World, in it's attempt to get rid of the "law of great powers" through disarmament of the superpowers and through reallocation of resources and power from them to the third world. The Third World challenged the right of the great powers(recognized by the United Nations Charter) to maintain their privileged position as custodians of international security"

Political Dictionary: superpower :
In its generic use, the term refers to those few states with power (defined by combining a series of variables together—e.g. economic wealth, population size, and above all, military strength, especially in the possession of sophisticated nuclear armaments) far transcending that of the rest of the states in the international arena. More specifically, the term refers to the two states, the United States and the Soviet Union, in the time of the Cold War. After the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the two leading powers, first in Europe, then, in the rest of the world, as the two powers competed against each other for influence in the global politics of the Cold War. It is widely conceded that in the aftermath of the Cold War there remains only one superpower, the United States; commentators have also coined the terms ‘unipolar power’ and ‘hyper power’ to describe the United States' post-Cold War power position.
— Yuen Foong Khong

Cartellingwindows reads: Yuen Foong Khong

(author of the super-power definition)

N=S,R,P ,and ,2

ng=nig, pig=Americans

Yuen Foong Khong

Yu-en Foong Kho-ng

U N FOONG Goohing

UN Fcking butt ..

UN Fcking Nig pig.

PIG=American, police, nig, sig, rig

UN Fcking American butt

Un=8, U=y, 2, n,a, not

"Fong Gool" (which I do not know how to spell) Are words I heard the Italian boys say when my cousins took me to Conney island beach in Brooklyn Ny. My cousins said "Fong Gool meant "fck you".

The word Goolie in Italian is a butt. Foong Khoing could be Un Fcking a pigs butt.

Cartellingwindows has bold faced the categories used to define a Super power in the political dictionary. The attacks on the United states our friends, parents and grandparents of the 1960's warned of, seem to have validity. Further more the attacks seem to rotate around the taking down of a UN superpower. Perhaps the United Nation and Third World nations are attempting to govern and control the United States. Bring The Us to her Knees.

1. Economic wealth...according to the news the United States is losing wealth, by giving our jobs , resources and our people to other countries.

2. Population size.... American population growth from live births (does not include immigration)has been declining for years. Advertisements were placed on televisions and children were taught in schools that women having children without a husband, would condem themselves and their children, to a life of poverty and difficult times. Abortion rates rose.

Americans were educated to believe it was better to kill an unborn child, than risk the shame of poverty and sin. A philosophy which had been reinforced by religious organizations, government social agencies, and the belief that it takes a mans wealth, or two incomes to support a family. A price tag had been placed on the heads of children, and American families, dead and alive.

Special interest groups, not realizing the backdoor insult to a woman's ability to understand how her reproductive powers were instrumental in assuring the economic stability and national security of their country and the world, insisted that women continue to abort their children and advertised, not of the rising wages for women, rather the low wages and salaries women were receiving. This became permission to deny women wages.

In the following statement: Native American refers to all Americans born to American parents.
To assure the continuation of a native American generation, two parents require two live births, which live to reproduce, for the parents to replace themselves. One child for each parent. Assuming all people will partner and have two children, assumes a zero population growth. Unfortunately , Many people have no children.

Growing American businesses need a growing population to keep their business productive and profitable. When the population does not provide the adequate amount of employees, due to low American birth rates, education, or handicaps, company's have several choices.

1. Robotize

2. Lower prices to increase sales or raise prices and sell less. Short term fixes. Eventually, due to low population growth, there were not enough Americans to buy the products, as too many Americans will be busy working, leaving little time or need to shop. This does not include those who are too impoverished to purchase.

a. Internet shopping has attempted to keep working Americans shopping by giving them access to stores from their home computers.

b. Small shops sales decreased as fewer Americans were able to reach stores during open hours.. America, in an attempt to keep the economy afloat, had replaced one way to shop for another. The need for goods had not risen.

3. Raise immigration limits to get workers for American companies..

a. Good solution until some immigrants were used as weapons of war , utilizing the low American population rates as a way to take over the United States.
4. Outsource jobs.

a. A way to keep immigration low

b. Cost of goods lowerd

c. Risks from terrorism and hazardous products as they return to the United States.

d. Sent American Investment dollars out of the country.
e. Lowered American saleries, requiring more two income families, and additional government aid to supplement the struggling.
Much of the economic perils of low population could have been potenially avoided, had American Woman, the medical community,the churches, the politicians, the special interest groups, encouraged woman in the United States to reproduce more responsibly. Responsible did not mean less birhts.

The low birthrate crisis became so bad, that in 2006 USA Today focused on the fertility rate hitting 2.1 in 2006, as a milestone "the first time since shortly after the baby boom ended that the nation has reached the rate of births needed for a generation to replace itself, an average 2.1 per woman."

Some critics argue that a 2.1 birth rate is still to low to be considered replacement.

3. The last element defining a super power: Military Strength..

a. The American Military presence and personel has continued to declined for many years. Military is not to be confused with All governemt jobs.

b. The lowerd need for American troups in the world, espeically after the Berlin Wall fell, is a factor that should be considered regarding a reasoning for the reduction of military personel.

Cartellingwindows had a difficult time locating the offical SUPER POWERS of the United Nations. On A United NAtions Search of Super-powers, articles about, The Security Council, Cuba, Holy See, the United States and China, was mentioned...all in different articles. Holy See is the name Vatican City uses to define it's self ..Holy See is a voting member of the United Nations and, as of 1999, disarming.

The United Nations Securtiy Council Permanent memebers:
The French Republic
The Peoples Republic of China
The Russian Rederation

United Kingdom of Great Britten and Northern Iraland
The United States Of America

Cartellingwindows Reads:


When N appears in front..double the n. N=M=SS=22=RR=PP

This is in addition to original N sounds

2u cle ar -to you killer

sucle ar-suckler


su-clear-soix killer



I did not do any of the double sounds.. reader may attempt translation. Double shapes may have multiple sounds, Ex: S=n, 2, g, k,

Perhaps we Americans have not been educated to think on levels to include the United States as something other than a god in the international community. Perhaps Americans have been educated to read and accept only the "Status quo". Perhaps we Americans , are more controled and less powerful than we would like to beleive.. perhaps not.

It does appear, that many Americans, voted for politicians, who backed Disarmament, without understanding the deffinition of Disarmement beyond the word "Nuclear". If this is correct, the status of the economy, the loss of American jobs to foriegn countries, and much more, was something Americans approved of.

Obviously the information in this blog has been consolidated, and is far from complete on the subject of Disarmament or poplutation. Those interested, are encouraged to read other resources. Either those mentioned in this blog or those of your own choosing.