Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween from Marie and cartellingwindows

Halloween message from Marie and

Canadian Boo-Fun Exposed

BOO- FUN: Fear of Crime

PURPOSE: To Improve Canadian Life

MAJOR Components OF STUDY: American Women

Reasoning: Feminist's had identified women's fears "out of proportion to actual risk of victimization" This is a quote form the article


BOO-FUN Writer:Stan Lipinski

Employer: Canadian Government.Department OF Justice

JOB TITLE: Deputy Director General, Intergovernmental and External Relations

cartellingwindows translates:
External Relations = outside of the country, sexual acts
Justice.. getting revenge,

The CANADIAN SAC,(Strategic Air Command)

An external love affair with countries outside of Canada

The Screwing your neighbor office.

The CANADIAN SAC,(Strategic Air Command)

How I found Stan Lipinski's work.

 I was eating dinner at one of those places that serves food to the poor. A man sat across from me and introduced himself as Stan Lipinsky..

We discussed something of politics relating to war and land acquisitions.. I do not remember all of the details..

Stan then asked me who's side I was on..

I was so taken back by the question.
"My studies have been to place some reasoning to the unusual events which have plagued my family. I have no desire to take sides." I told Stan

Stan excused himself.

After breakfast, I immediatly  went to the local public library and looked up the name STAN LIPINSKI on the library's Public Computers Internet.

Stan was adamant I spell his name correctly.

"Not lewinski" he corrected me.." L-i-p-i-n-s-k-i. "

I never found a picture of Stan Lipinski. I chose the Stan whose background seemed to match  the topic of our breakfast conversation.

I remember there was another, distinguished white haired man, sitting across from the Stan Lipinsky I was talking to. They seemed to be together yet apart.

For no other logical reason than women's intuition.. I wonder if the distinguished white haired man, was the real Stan lipinsky and the man I was talking to, Lipinski's translator?

With all due respect for Stan ..This halloween message would have been impossible had he not of introduced himself to me At breakfast.

Marie Chihil
cartellingwindows sole owner and founder