Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Marvel What they Have Done

Collage and brief study inspiered by the recent news that the CEO , Rich Ross , Of USA Disney Studio's , had resigned.

1. Like the scripts Disney writes.. Ross's Resignation was Planned and performed to keep the New Bees

( Americans-USA), out of credibility, by blaming new world fellows for problems old world fellows created.

2. Disney chairman Rich Ross resigns after 'John Carter' fiasco
Disney resigned after loosing a lot of money making a movie based on the Mars adventurer, John Carter,

written by Edgar Rice Burrough

"Edgar Rice Burrough's books" best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter,

From a lingual and historical look:  J Edgar Hoover used the comic book industry to financially support the FBI.   If you say the name Jedgar quickly and out loud, with the letters  together, you should hear, "JOKER"

Edgar Rice Burroughs/ Edgar Hoover
The name  "Edgar Rice Burrough's 
"Edgar -Rice --Burrough's -books" = Joker - a chineese con to lease- -rise- NEW YORK donkey's -Books (leaves) >

Aside from Condelease rice association:  their is a anti-christian theme.. the chinees did not like being told they had to listen to bible stories to recieve rice.. were eventually called Rice christians.

Mars  adventurer John Carter= Mayors junkcar tur.. this is involved..

Mayors= the name of occupation where the Santa ,Satan  of Turkey lived ( A turkey was the original bird choice for  the United States)
           =  Female Horses  , me fili, mafia
           =  head of government in towns
              More information on Turkey , Satans, and Jesus sacrifices: its easy to read with lots of pictures.

John car= Junker= a chineese boat, collects trash for recycling

Tur= is the German word for Door

John = join,
         = chapter in the christian Bible, referred to as a book. 
         = The name of the man  a sexual prostitute refers to as their clienent.  the Screw.

3. Has anyone noticed the joke-ass smile Rich Ross wears on his face and how wrinkley his skin is..? A masked man , a J. Edgar both way player ( a cross dresser), wearing one of those body suit masks the Feds make movies of. . THE CROSS: Animated sci fi--Batman and Joker, VADAR( father) storm troopers.. the Federation..Juicey Star wars, feed-er-a nation- fish for the king Fisher. Spi Der herron.( man).. religous zealousts.

4. RICH ROSS= Riseh Air-rows - or Rise of Air Fish-- was only given credit for TV success..considered
by some in the industry as the "lower class". .Typical old world , anti American Social crap.

5. Plotical, over paid.. A company as large as Disney, with international presence , has to get involed in war's all a part of National security.. world domination. NEW SWAN MOINTAIN in the NEW world ( USA) ..the disney castle. neu- swan steins. How much money is that risk worth.

6. if i am correct, war lords do not leave( resign)  in the land of computers and animation without a show there a USA Press-n-Dent on the horizen.

Art comparisons. Have Auslanders Used McDonalds and Dayton Dragons baseball Imagry to represent the new face of the Joker. Three gods in one.. A Dragon smile: a white pastie face of Ronald MC Donald, with his arm color being similar to the top of the Spy Tower in Berlin: Gem having the eyes of Austria.

When I visited East Berlin,in the late 1980's I wondered what had prompted the East Germans to place playing cards as " souveneers" for tourists with wood puzzeled spy towers. The cards were designed for adults and the towers designed as toys for children. Was this the joker's way of saying the Adult europeans were spying on the United States Children.. Joker cards with a puzzler?

Was asked "Why does the Penguin have the word " Russia" on him,,Everyone knows Churchill was the penguin and he is  from England.( great britten)   my answer: Yes and No.

a. From the child's rhyme taught to some of the children of Army family's..1960's through the1970's. "Have you h...eard the latest, the Russians are the greatest ( creedists) , have you heard the rest, the Americans are the Best ( beast)

b. the Brits ran their computer actions through Russian air space.. cyberspace.Siberia. Their job was to discipline the Americans ( the beast). As Russia was said to be without religion , it was a perfect place to run a Religious attack from.

C. in later years linex came into being. The mascot for linex was a black and white penguin. The program was about sharing ideas..a communist philosophy. Lenix is short way of saying lenis, Lenin's .Lenin was a communist leader known for killing the last Tsar of Russia, Alexander.See MoreApril 24 at 6:39am · LikeUnlike.Edit...Delete...

The colors " Black and white" represented Alexander 11 who fought to halt black and white people problems in Russia.Alexander wrote an emancipation proclamation and was good friend with Abraham Lincoln. Some historian believe they were the ...same person. Abe being Russian.

Alexander ll and Abe Lincoln were both assassinated.

The Penguin was the Russian Death by god,,Winston Church Hill, Wins-t-on= wines crossing or whining woman  crossing.  This is V.. Pie or death. .  origen: The Bridge of Sighs, Venice Italy.  Connected the prison to the executioner building.  The woman of prisoners would cry( whine) as they watched their men, convicted criminals,  walk across the bridge from prison to the executioner.  It was the last time they saw them  alive. Bridge of Pies
Hill is usually the name associated with cemetery.. church hill , church cemetery. England hated Catholics..when the Romanov family was put to death ( a catholic family) it was Lenin whom ordered the executions. Woman crossing church cemetery. = Winston church hill.

Not sure if i am completly accurate. The ideas should make for good conversation.

Articles on Rich Ross:
Original collage did not have Mcdonalds and Dayton Dragon baseball imagry:

JEDGAR HOOVER==Joker Hoofer, the cross dressing spy who played behind the fire place as well as in front of it.  A joker and a Batman.. A hoofer, Satan.. in-sin-u-ates, the JEdgar intentionally created the problems for his team of Batmen to solve.  ( Ying & Yang) May suggest J edgar Hoover  was the brains behind the Berlin wall and the education of the people on each side.  HE who controls the Information controls the World.

Movie to see, which to a keen analyst explains much of  what i have shown:  After watching the move i went to a comic book convention and asked with confidence.. "Are you people a bunch of federal agents? " One man said he was a spook.