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Lee Harvey Oswald= Larvea Grunewald -Berlin, Germany.

In the  previous Blog " M" you saw the German Spy tower.  This is a  view of  the spy tower in Berlin,  Germany;  interpreted through  historical data, art, language and literature.  There are references  to Augsburg, Germany.  In previous blogs you may have read of the abuse of the children of the American military  stationed in Augsburg, Germany from 1960-1964 .What is unveiled in this blog may give more answers as to the why and how  this occurred?

You may read some of information regarding the Augsburg children of American military families and the political assurances during that time on: cartellingwindows
 St Elisabeth's "Ho's Pit of Hell" and the Red Hot "Doctored Love Heads" War
The information starts approx.three quarters of the  way down with the picture of Augsburg 's Rathouse and ends with the Picture of the Pope.

The Spy Tower
Berlin Germany
Official Name:The Fernsehturm (Television Tower)

The Spy Tower, as labeled by the locals in 1986 when i lived in Berlin. 
A one eyed Luther?
 Nazi = N- Az-i

Ein OZ Eye..One Oz Eye
Online shows Hitler with rabbit ears and a Sheppard dog sitting next to him. There has always been speculation that Adolph Hitler did not die.. if the picture is accurate Hitler may have become the invisible rabbit.. the Sheepherder lasso of  the Rabbi's cross
      rope=   lasso, hangman's noose
The hangman of the Rabbi T..Jew cross
Baa Baa black sheep have you any wool ?

Lee Harvey Oswald=

Place the letters together and then say the word:
Leeharvey OSwald

Larvae OZ Wald=
worm- God of the Emerald green city- forest  ( German language)

A GREEN city+ Wald =GRUNEWALD, a small city within a city in Berlin Germany..and home to an American military base.  In 1964, President John Fitzgerald  Kennedy visited this base months before his assassination .

Worm = May  refer to spying

 HITLERS mustache was short. If you were to draw whiskers coming from his mustache.. HITLERS MUSTACHE BECOMES a RABBITS NOSE. NAZI ( EN OZ EYE) . Possibly the One eyed winking Luther, the Lutherans are always bragging about. 
HARVEY A PLAY ABOUT An invisible rabbit:

Harvey is a 1944 play by American playwright Mary Chase. The name Chase reads C- hase or see the rabbit. Hase = German word for rabbit.
 Harvey was the story about a drunk who could see an  invisible Rabbit.  The rabbit was a trouble maker.A possible Hitler reference of a living God.  Invisible but there

AS SEEN in " MONTY PYTHON, in Search of the Holy Grail" ) THE RABBIT IS ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS CREATURES.. attacking the knights from the Rabbit pit
                                                                   A British film— at Wikipedia
     ( Rab Pit) (Rabbi T)

Py-thon= snake fest
Pie= death
Pie-athon =a death fest
Lots of killing in that show..Specifically Dark knights

Why Is Luther Winking?

Martin Luther is not generally thought of as a "fun guy," but here he is, obviously up to something. What could it be? (I know, the suspense is palpable!)

The "Winking Luther" logo is from the acclaimed (seriously!) book, The Lutheran Handbook, published by Augsburg Fortress.
read more on Luther's handbook:,
  This is the Augsburg reference.,  Many of the children harmed in Augsburg Germany would play catholic church.  Was Luther protesting the Catholics?

Grunewald , Berlin Germany. Mansions on Hundekehlsee

The German language often places many words together.

Hund de kehl Sea= dog the  gutteral ocean= Dog got tur al= dog god door  hell . God= Satan?

The word TUR is German for the english word "door".,
Es tur= it's the door,
Esther= book in Christian Bible 
Its true

 Luther's last written words.." its true were beggars  "

John F. Kennedy Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. the White House site labeled image:


35= number of English territories in 1964

JK= Jack , joke, the joker a playing card

Header.jpg=the head heir ya pig (Jpg).
President  Kennedy was shot in the head ( hair)..
Pig is a derogatory word for an American from the United States.
The joker?  Jedgar Hoover=
Joker hoofer

The joke of the Devil.

Map of Oz and its Neighbors

Map of Oz and its neighbors

Notice how the city is surrounded by a sandy waste.. this is very similar to the " Neutral Zone " that laid between the double walls which surrounded Berlin, Germany between the years 1961 and 1989

As we are relating this to Germany.. the star in Germany was the mark  of the Jew. 
What you are viewing is called the neutral Zone. This is a good picture. but it does not show the guarded towers, the jeeps with armed guards nor the German Shepard's which normally patrolled this area. There only purpose was to shoot those escaping.

I have personal experience of this matter. My father was a young American Officer stationed in Augsburg Germany when the wall went up. 1961.

I returned too Germany with my husband in 1987. We lived in Berlin. We were in Berlin when the wall came down.

It was horrible the atrocities that happened to the Americans children of catholic and dark skinned families stationed in Augsburg Germany between 1960-1964 when the wall was being built. They were tortured. electrocuted, had their houses caught on fire, had boiling water thrown on them..Lambs silenced,, made to think all they experienced was imaginary.. much like this picture.. which does not show the weapons of war lurking to kill and destroy human life.

When I returned to Germany in 1987 my son disappeared from my Berlin apartment for five hours. He was returned..but he had what appeared to be a new circumcision. I was told by the German Berlin police my son was sleeping on the couch all the time. The police told me i could not find my son because my house was dirty. My house was not dirty; and 18 month old children do not sleep for five hours in the middle of the afternoon.

Perhaps i am crazy.. and perhaps i am not. It is easier to say i am crazy, to clear the villain of the wall, to protect the lovely son i raised.. but is it the truth?

The Flag of OZ. Notice how the flag is separated into four sections with a star in the middle. Berlin Germany was separated into four sectors

occupied Berlin : four Allies: The Americans, English, French and Russians; During WW ll.

The Americans held the Japaneses in concentration camps, The Russians had Jewish concentration camps, the French were threatened with destruction of their city if they did not succumb to Hitler and the Nazi's demands.. Is the rest of the story hidden  behind a wardrobe of the Apparent Guiltless English?


1940 Hitler claims Paris as he marches his troops down the the Champs Elysee through The Arc de Triumph. The Arch of triumph.. or trump.. a playing card 

The Queen played chess with human lives as playing cards in this novel. The rabbit was always moving . carrying his father time clock.. the reapers clock of years passing by" "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date" said the rabbit.

Queen Elizabeth II of England , born 21 April 1926, is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

She began to undertake public duties during the Second World War, in which she served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. When her father died in 1952, she became Head of the Commonwealth. In 1952 Queen Elizabeth II was 26 years old.

1939 -- 1945. the dates of World War two. The Queen Elizabeth ll of England would have been. 13-19 years old

It seems someone may have taken advantage of a child ( child abuse) at the cost of thousands of lives.

The queen is quoted as saying: 2012

The church had a "significant position" in British life. Its role is not to defend Anglicanism to the exclusion of other religions.

"Instead, the Church has a duty to protect the free practice of all faiths in this country."— at Wikapedia

The possible English Leader during World War II:
Canterbury Cathedral's role as the 'Mother Church' of the Church of England
 - the Archbishop of Canterbury as the head of the Church of England?  
Would this leader have been responsible for the abuse of a child Queen? ..and possibley set the precedent for the abuse of the Augsburg children years later.

The Fernsehturm (Television Tower) was built in the 1965-1969′s in East Berlin by the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) Government. (Fascist Germany)  This would have been after the torture of the Augsburg, American military families.. Should we assume A tower did not send radio spy waves to control family actions, before this Spy tower was completed?  Or --Were the transmission so effective from a smaller tower that a larger tower was

erected to go a farther distance?

                                   Fernsehturm Berlin with St. Mary's Church in the foreground

                            Is Dayton Ohio, on "The Eye of Berlins" travel agenda
                                             ( Bridging Towers)  of  ( Tower Bridge)
           This location is an Air traffic control center for Wright Patterson Air force Bace
                                            Are these some of the Tower Bridges?

After working on this blog through the wee hours of the morning.. i exited to a view of a sunset i thought was quite appropriate to this blog..considering i mentioned the cartellingwindows blog:

St Elisabeth's "Ho's Pit of Hell" and the Red Hot "Doctored Love Heads" War

                                                   Picture taken: March 23, 2012
                                                       Fairborn ( Fair Porn ) Ohio
                                                        Neighbor to Dayton Ohio