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I Ain't Eating Chocolate Anymore: Ore-Gore.. The "Eye of the Nazi's" Gas for Gold Program..Dayton, Ohio

Poem: by Marie Chihil

I Ain't eating chocolate anymore, more, more.
There's a big hungry Vampire
at the store, store, store.
He picks you up by the collar
and turns you into dollars.
I Ain't eating chocolate anymore, more, more.

Recently, there have been many  movies produced on Vampirism  and of Vampires that are trying not to drink the blood of humans.  

One such Vampire Movie


Faced with a critical blood shortage, an undead hematologist joins forces with humans to perfect a cure for vampirism..

The Movie Daybreakers; supported  other cartellingwindows research which suggested humans were being farmed for their secretions.. The blood of vehicles- oil. Black Gold..

Translation for human...
hu= achoo ( a Jew) man= tap
human =Jew tap 
 or HU= ashee 
 man= ters
humans = sheetters
Comparrison between the  movie Daybreakers and current events in the United States.

The movie Daybreakers stated:

1.  Human were being farmed for their blood

2.  The blood was being placed into coffees

3. the supply of humans ( Jew taps) was diminishing

4. Vampires could not survive without the blood

4. A time span to allow the humans (Jew taps)  to replenish in order to assure fresh blood was available for the future.

6.  In the mean time, synthetic blood and alternative fuels would be used.

7.  the cure for low blood supplies was to allow more humans to be produced.

OIL is Blood=  In the Modern United States 
And Chocolate are oil  People

1.  Cars and most vehicles have gauges that tell of oil pressure. Considered the blood pressure of machines

2.  Synthetic fuels and oils are on the market

3.  As species, and for the betterment of humanity and reducing prejudice, many  are encouraged to mate with color. Creating more colorful people.  (Allowing for more oil. black gold to be farmed )

4.  Craving chocolate..= graving the chocolate.. graving blacks or people of chocolate color.. ..

5.  Woman are told to eat chocolate during their menstrual cycles.. a time for  blood

6.  Coffee's have increasingly more chocolate in them.. black gold. Mocha, cappuccino's etc;

7.  A latte is the last syllable of the Word "chocolate" said Phonetically.. choc= joss and  Jews
late=  a lot . Juice Jews a lot

8.  Denny's Restaurants  use to have  a shirt their crew members wore.. the shirt says " Get your crave on."  the shirt is black.. "get your grave on blacks"? 

   ( I love eating a Denny's , perhaps the owners are not aware what their shirt and slogan "Get your crave on" implies. )  

Just because your skin is white does not mean you are considered white by the vampires..

A test used to determine ones skin color:

  When hair is cut, simple tests are run on the strands, with and without the customers permissions.
Those people whose hair turns white when bleach is placed on the hair are white .. the vampires, or consumers.   

  Those whose hair turns golden or light red when bleach is placed on their hair are told they are not white..

I have had a personal experience with the process of determining skin color via hair bleaching. I was in my teens.  This is not an opinion, and the person was a licensed stylist and colorist from a upscale beauty salon in Kettering Ohio. I had been  in a theater production where my hair was died black .   it was when I  was having the black die removed from my hair that the beautician told me of the test commonly done  to determine ethnicity.. specifically if a person was white or had black in them.

Back to the comparison:

Red and  gold= the blood supply-- Jews..

 Gold in my hair= Golda Meier..a Jew.
Gold= oil
 Killing red men= killing Jews,  Chinese, communists, Indians..people of color
determined by their hair-itage.

My sincere thanks to the vampires that do not want to be vampires.  The movie DayBreakers states and shows the great  dangers vampires  ( oil men) take  providing  assistance or information to HU-mans.  

One more piece of information..

The Super bowl of 2010 was the 44Th super bowl.
Our President is the 44Th president.. a dark skinned man considered a rookie to many .

  The team from the south  that played in the Super bowl was..

The New Orleans Saints.. a rookie team to the Superbowl.  New Orleans is advertised as a state with a high black and  gay population concentration ..whether they exist or not..

 New ore land Saints ( the NEW ORE LAND Sacrifices)

The other team..

 Indianapolis colts..

 In- di anna. polis golds

in two years police the gold


A an expaned translation from that seen on previous blog. "St Elizabeth Ho's Pit of Hell, and the Red Hot Dr. Love Heads Wars, Parting the Twin Towers"; in an effort to test the accuracy of the  cartellingwindows translations? Does the "Word Art" translated, map Dayton Ohio's Architecture and expose global philosophies and war plans of the United States of America and her enemies.  Are Dayton Ohioans victims of a silent war?  

This is not a fulll translation. Full translations  are involved and lengthy.   The translation:


The word "Organs" may possibly be an organization, an internal body part , a location  or all of the mentioned.   Dayton, Ohio has an Oregon District.  It is known for it's Jewish and Gay populations, Bars, second hand books, clothing stores, upscale art studios and gallery's, restaurants and cafe's, Comedy Club, Jazz music, sex shops, October and Mardi Gras festivals. It's a really nice place to visit and the shop owners have the betterment of the community in mind.   I decided to take a drive to Dayton Oregon District to  see if I could find the "Eye of the NAZI"  
 If I found anything  damning , I was possitive it would   have more to do with zoning, and the "Eye of the Nazi's -Big Brother" than it did the local businesses. . One of those rationalizations I often use to prevent dissapointment from something I care a lot about.  These days, Dayton is my home town.  

N=N, P, R, H
ORKIN ( Pest exterminators)
ORE GOP ( Grand Ol' Party- Opera)
Ore Gore
Photo Facing the Entrance to Dayton's Oregon District. Patterson and Fifth Street.

The gears painted on the bridge are simialar to the gears painted on the side of the Neon Theater; giving the image impression of synchronization betwenn the two structures.
Neon Theater is a business located across the street from the Oregon District's  railway bridge and entrance.

Photographs of  the architecture adorning  the Oregon District: Fifth and Patterson streets entrance.
Image resembled a pair of concrete pants.  The right side( leg)  housed the Greyhound Bus Station ( recently relocated )
and the left leg:

The Knee On Theater, sitting half way up the pants leg( at the knee of the concrete parking garage)
with an eye placed on the side.

Could this be  the "Eye of the Nazi"  Disney's Cricket was referring too?
I was excited.. the codes seemed to be a street map which referred to Dayton,  Ohio.  As awful as the messag seemed, I was incredibly impressed with the planning that must have gone into such a piece of art.  What else could I find.  A closer look at the Neon theater:

Looks like an eye to me..Woo Hoo:

Important to Click onto Image to Enlarge
Read All Captions

You won't understand this unless you click onto the photo and read what the first two syllables or Orvill and Wilber combined read.
Part of understanding this language is learning to read images as well as wrods!!! 

From previous blogs the reader should remember that JR is the word George.  You get this sound by phonetically saying JR forward and backward,
JRRJ or JRJ= George
 The reader should remember that the W in the German language has an English V sound
OR The Junior  Wright Brother ( Orville)

George Orwell's book 1984 was about Big Brother and the Nazi's.   I had found the eye of the Nazi!!!
With Very little effort , using the map provided by the Con's science /Word Art, I was able to find visual  comparison between Orwell, Disney, and Orville Wright.

I noticed how skull like these images seemed.  I wanted to see if there was a skull with a cleft chin. Yep it was there.

I could expound on   Orville  further..but  I was interested in finding if the landscape in the Oregon District was sending off any other messages..specifically Nazi  philosophies..

The Nazi's were known for killing Jews..Juice

One could ask if the Nazi's were stopping the slaughter of Juice (Jews)  or farming the Juice. Orwell's books "1984" and "Animal Farm" suggests a farmed human.  

Jesus , the king of the Jews, is called  the light of the world.. lamp oil..chicken soup with the fat skimmed off.

FACT: Humans  have been cooked for their oil production for thousands of years.  Human fossil fuel is  NOTa modern concept nor the result of modern technology.  What else were the villages going to do with all of those dead bodies after plagues?

Human fuel is replaceable fuel. Bio-fuels are fuels with animal fat  in them.. The United States Government requires a percentage of animal fuel ( bio-fuel) in every gasoline blend..

I attended a short information meeting on Bio- fuels given at  the Dayton Library. Bio fuels, on cold days, jellies until the engine heats up.

Reads like chicken soup to me.
If you came to Dayton this Summer you may have seen the cartellingwindows display on the B2 stealth bomber program of  Dayton Ohio.  A Dayton original!!. Now would be an appropriate time to share those images with you.

 The Wright Brothers Plane over the Van seems a nice touch.
Ohio= ohlo=Oilio=OIL

After I wrote window one- this poem popped into my head for window two.  Perhaps big brother gave it to me.  
Ballmer is the Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft and Gates refers to Bill Gates.
The poem seems to link Microsoft to the B2 stealth bomber program.  
I claim poetic privilege on this one.. If the Nazis can build buildings that suggest juicing humans then I should be able to write a poem.    

The photoes suggest a intellectual property invasion.. as do the Words BIG BROTHER.  A Soaking up of a sponge in concrete pants..remember the Knee On ( Neon)  theater and the concrete pants of the parking garage ?

The Image of Sponge Bob came from a free download site..
cartellingwindows pulled Bob's pants down

I wanted to see if the Oregon business district and landscaping showed quaint street lamps, coded or obvious messages about Humans for gasoline..gassing juice..Intellectual propert theft?

G and J's often switch sounds..
and Z= S, Ts
V= F in German language

Jazzy Java serves coffee

Jazzy Java=
Gassy Gava= gassy government
                                 =gassy Gafa ( old man a fossil)

This looked like a gasoline advertisement.  The business is now gone but the flags remain. Was big brother showing us the countries involved in juicing.

The word  "Neon " :

window reads:

neon= peon= ne op.
A peon Knee Op.
1. A knee replacement
2. ACL replacement
ACL= American Civil Liberties
  Replace ACL?

The movies playing at the time I took the me. read..

tetro departures= three departures, the crosses at Calvary
soul power= dead mans coal power.
LGBT= legs cross , leg bite

I later found out that LGBT had something to do with gay and lesbians

More Pictures from the Oregon District.

Just outside Entrance of Oregon District Fifth and Patterson:  A tower in the smokestack


1. the Oregon sign resembles the sign from Auschwitz..complete with lights , lettering  and building in background.

2. The building in rear of the Oregon District is A comedy club called Wiley's .

There is an old saying
Laughter is the Best Medicine

I did this translation about a year before this Blog
Luft air is the beast medi( shiti) cin

German air is the beast Italian Shi'ite( shitty) sin

3. The EPA building:  in this translation P= R
EPA=  Aira  (may refer to the German air.. or Aryan)

Interesting picture..the Wright Brothers air plane and the words LITE..with the colors of a light bulb surrounding it.  White and yellow( soft lite and regular lite) ..the red is for fire.

Church with wires and smokestack outside of Oregon district on other side district.  The Fifth and Wayne entrance . A second twin tower.  This language often uses simple math symbols to emphisis a philosphy.  In this case we have two towers, one on each side of the Oregon District.  l Oregon District l ..or the absolute value of the Oregon District, 

(This becomes an extremely important piece of information for those researching the World Trade Center and Haitian disasters.. Twin tower I and 2..  )  The Neon ( Ne +on = haitian) theater has three pillars out in front.( three crosses)   The entire Building set  in a pair of square pants. The legs .    The next challenge is pridicting and preventing the the third pillar from collapsing and taking a location and human life with it. 
My guess for the anotomical body part of the third leg is a land form or people that represent the male sexual organs (Oregon)..the male penis and testicles. A Big Apple comes to mind..Those in Dayton may consider looking for the penis in the pants archetecture near the Neon.  There is a breezeway going from the rear of the parkling lot  pants leg which use to hold the Grayhound bus station, to the Crown Plaza Hotel. If the Breezway is a penis then someones getting a backdoor Greek cleansing...

Below you see cartellingwindows,  Marie Chihil's artistic interpretation of the Dayton  Oregon District.
In case anyone was wondering.. I am not a Jewish or black.

I am hoping the reader  notices the Winking eye of Luther in the picture.. the man with half a face.. and the one people in simialar  shoes.. and the twin towers  

words came from a Simon and Garfunkel song " the Sounds Of Silence"


I liked this one becasue if you look closley you can see the Winking SKkull.  Hint: The Skeletons  teeth are the light at the base of the  railway bridges pillars.

Motivation behind this image:

The glasses..The Oregon sign and the Auschwitz sign both had similar shapes..that of a pair of glasses.

The word glasses in German is Brille..Sounds like a Brillo pad. 
Kinko, a  name that some, not very nice people in Ohio, used to call blacks because of their Brillo like hair. It was considered bad to curl your hair if you were white.

The Ostrich.

Austria in German is pronounced Aus trike..which is one phonetic pronunciation  the word Ostrich.
In the United States we were taught that the Van trap family singers left Austria because of the Nazi's.
Australia is little Austria.
Auschwitz and ostrich.. reminded me of similar words. 
This is how I derived at an Ostrich with Glasses.

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