Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Its Christmas and I am dressed up in my usual holiday coat with Santa sitting on my shoulder..

 This year i am passing out candy. I was surprised to find  there were people who called me and the  "cartellingwindows van " a whistle blower" ..

Having the ability to read information that is available to everyone and write a synopsis of what is read, or discuss childhood experiences from a political perspective is not whistle blowing.

None the less...
The candy I am passing out this year IS...

Whistle Blowing Suckers

The Lollies were Halloween suckers with spiders on the wrapping.. I covered the spiders with basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, baseballs,softballs, tennis balls, golf balls and industrial heavy construction vehicle stickers.

Incredibly, the choice of stickers had no political implication intended. I found them among my art supplies.. The matrix controls!!!!


This year:  for those of you that did not know, on May 22, 2011,  I was shot in an apparent Robbery attempt.. The shooters did not  take anything.  They added a hole through my left  breast.. the words spoke to me were   "Give us you everything"  The man had a long face and skinny arms.. His face  resembled the Grim Reaper masks bought   at most costume shops and Halloween displays. 
I was in the process of writing a blog entitled M. ( which I will post after Christmas in  its unedited form.)

 I was shot on Forth Street, Dayton Ohio; parked between a plumbing supply shop and a community garden.( Garden Station) I had just left a garden party and was parked near the front gate. After being shot I fell to the floor and screamed four times. I remember the screams as I had not screamed since I was a baby. I told myself.. Marie your Mother is not coming.. get up and drive for help.  I drove to the nearest open business,, The Crown Plaza Hotel.

In September,.,. the month before Halloween, the Kroger Grocery , in Kettering Ohio, sold  Halloween decorations.  One of the items was a set of three Grim Reaper lights that screamed when you pushed the button.  The grim reaper lights screamed four times and  the scream sounded like my screams.  The name of the product "Scre4m" .  Fourth street shooting  incident , four screams.
 I was told matching  the screams to my voice would be difficult to prove.. it is not my job to prove .. I was the victim..

In the 1970's , in  the United States of America, in the state of Ohio,  the students  were told it was dangerous to carry cash with them.  This was the only reason I applied for and received my first credit card.  I was a student at The Ohio State University. 
It has been over forty years since the American dollars and change decided to go digital . 
Students now carry spending cards where  digitally transfers place  spending power onto plastic cards.  Gift cards with specific dollar amounts are common Christmas presents.. There are debit cards..And, I am told, even welfare and government subsidized  food allotments are  placed on cards carrying USA legal tender. 
Vending machines have been redesigned to accept digital money..I can even pay for my printing at local libraries with my debit card..
Forty years is a long time .. Many Americans  have no need to carry cash.
Why haven' t the local police and their investigative teams intellectually and administratively caught up with the way the United States is doing business?  I was assigned a robbery investigator.
Robbery in a country and state where money is digital; where nothing was taken; and the words
"Give us your everything" were spoken-- is NOT an robbery attempt. !!!

Were the shooters ( there were two)   foreigners  or ignorant of  digital Ohio?  

The gun was placed at my breast and the bullet came out between my breasts under my neck.   I now wear  the visible scar of  ignorance.. a brand highlighting the people of Dayton, Ohio.. and I am not pleased

The retail  stores in the Dayton, Ohio area are filled with mobile devices.. mobile phones, televisions, computers, tools, solar powered portable lighting, cooking and much more.. The united States IS Mobile. This implies the United States people have a need to be mobile.  

Somehow some of  the folks  in  Dayton Ohio, have not acclimated to the way America does business, works and  plays.. By no means does mobility have anything to do with wealth or health or intelligence.  Yet in Dayton Ohio,  the charities and help groups seem to think those who are mobile and poor, are ignorant, in need of job training.. crazed , addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The Job Placement businesses are  still limiting their job search help to antiquated resumes designed for non-mobile business. They should be integrating  "How Too"  classes on front page web design.  The new and different  resumes, for job seekers.  Help the needy  Set up their digital banking .   If Daytonians were back woods people with no experience in innovation, there actions and thoughts may be understandable ;  but Dayton boasts  of a rich  populace in  invention. 
The Third largest Military instillation in the United States is headquartered in Dayton Ohio: Wright Patterson Air Force Base.   Dayton, Ohio claims to be the original Silicone valley.(101) . They claim to have invented the Boolean search engine, the cash register, the air plane , stealth technology ,  and many other modern  technical devises the world  uses and depends on.

I left Dayton.. yup i did.. I feel I was chased away  by foreigners who wanted to  play and take over my town .. 

Years ago we had a military action against the USA entitled "The Bay of Pigs.." 
or" the wail ( cry)  of Americans " and a USA  President died.. President J F Kennedy. 

Today our businesses are leaving the country, many of our cities downtown area's have vacant buildings.. Last I heard from the City of Dayton, Thirty percent of its downtown buildings lay empty or abandoned.  Businessmen and women have worked on " Main Street Renovation" programs around the state in hopes of  bringing jobs and community back into the cities. 

And the buzz among the community was..

 if pigs could fly 

swine flue...

 Yes, I am American; and from a derogatory perspective
 I am a swine a pig..
I.. a person who once loved her city, her town has --FLOWN AWAY..   shooed by  ignorant assholes who didn't know that the United States Of America's legal tender went digital forty years ago.

There are other reasons I flew.
 words on the van today  Dec. 6, 2011

Many years ago I heard a politician speak of the difficulties and dangers of bringing a complicated problem to a poorly educated town.  I was a child when I heard him talk.  I do not remember who he was. It  has taken years to understand that the education the politician was referring too  was more than reading and writing and arithmetic. I think the education the politician was referring too was how a community solved problems after they left their formalized education.  Did the community  solve problems with a tunnel vision philosophy using only a poor mans remedy, twelve step programs, churches, social workers as remedies.  Or did the community have the education to understand the world from other visions.. could they incorporate poverty, wealth,  local , global, and in this case.. the changing roles of employment, laws and accountability  due to a ever modernizing  digital world?

I came asking for help of a community.. Dayton , Ohio,  for a neighboring  community,  whose citizens  were being harmed.  Their businesses and families taken..

Tipp-a-can-oe City in Miami County Ohio.. called TIpp City .  Their people were  tipped,  flipped , cracked , ..canned..

The information in the middle of the van are a few of the newspaper articles affiliated with the honey bee casualties.. I will post in clarity more on another blog..  There were many incidences, I did not feel comfortable  mentioning  the  names  of possible casualties ,  as there were no newspaper articles,  and they were not family.

For instance .. i was the third Mother ( I know of) who had her breast harmed or placed in danger, after she considered removing her child from the Tipp City athletic program and sending them elsewhere.

I have been asked on several occasions " Who did this?.. Why did they do this?  Who is they?"
 And I answered
" Don't you think that is asking a lot and very unfair?  Most casualties of suspected crimes or war actions are not asked to solve their own problems.  If I had been an American soldier, in a foreign land and a reporter asked me "what is this  war was about and who were the bad guys?" ..: an acceptable answer would be..

"I am not the war department.  There are people who are experienced and trained to  answer those questions and it is not me. I suggest you ask them.   I do know" they" are not American friendly; and some of  the people in my  community  have been harmed; their lives changed in ways not beneficial to them nor their community."

But... I am not in a foreign country and I am not a soldier. I do not work for the government.  I was born and live  in the United States of America. My parents are not immigrants.     I am a white woman, a wife and a  mother.  I have a four year Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited American University in Home Economics with an emphasis in Textiles.  I was an average to low performing student. Home Economics is one of the first and oldest  University degrees woman in the United States were permitted to receive .  I am a University educated  wife and mother, a professional wife  (home manager.. specifically family home management).  I am still under a stae employment contract as wife.

Though writing and owning the cartellingwindows blog is quite an education; I have no formalized training  in war, espionage, world politics, computers, architecture,  or any type of secret stuff.  The only three way I ever participated in  was my  between me,  my spouse, and the State of Ohio, in the form of a marriage contract; and a 3-way spaghetti, chili and cheese  from the local restaurants.

 As a child/teen, when the other children went home to watch cartoons and prime time funnies, I left playtime to listen to Henry Kissinger talk, Nixon's speeches..  and later George  Stephonoplous  give  his take on current political events and leaders. I performed terribly in a political science class at the University.   The assigned reading, a  book on Jimmy Carter,  was damming to President Carters talents, his Presidency and his family. I refused to give the teacher any of my talents and never took another political science class.     And then there is  Charlie Rose..Umm,  love his style.

 To help with the honey bee problems, which at the time had no name..  I  wrote Laura Bush, George Bush,  Dick Chaney, Bill Gates,  Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, my family, friends, some of my daughters athletic coaches,, .   I wrote  the FBI, DOD, Scotland Yard ,  The English Embassy in Chicago,  the local Police, the security guards, university police, The firemen , and  the Microsoft managers.   I talked to some of the local church leaders,County  Commissioners, soldiers. I commented on Internet news articles from a cartellingwindows word perspective.. I was wanting to gain credibility for the pattern and language recognition that would disclose truths of a different color.  A credible Marie meant the honey bee  people, myself included, may be released from harms way or protected .    I wrote NASA.. Told them i was going to be their wing man.. I put myself out there.  

Had dinner with a man and woman at the Taco Bell near the Dayton Mall; a Pentecostal minister looking  remarkably like Mit Romney.  He is a polished speaker and a giant presence of a man)  His wife's a little person.  I was surprised she's still living after she gave birth to their son.   He wanted to  know about the honey bees and asked to join me at my table so i could fill him in.  It has gotten a little easier since I talked with the minister and his wife.  

The  librarians  were and still are, very helpful.

For all of the anti Dayton comments I have written, it should be known,  a significant amount of my childhood was spent in Dayton, Ohio.   Dayton is a part of my personality, my educational background  and life experiences. There are many quality  people in Dayton .  It is necessary to recognize in this Christmas correspondance, all of the students, teachers , visitors and residents to Dayton, Ohio, . who stopped to read the van; .offered suggestions and gave advice. Many of the visitors were not American. 
As my family is  convinced I am a lunatic; and I am not comfortable  being a Home Economist in information only.. I have befriended a mid-aged man.. A  student looking for a new career after the closure of General Motors .  He has  never told me  his real name. He filled the mother role I was missing with my grown children. He, the man with no real name .. is my friend, a confidant, my adult child, the man who showed me how to start a blog, buy a domain name, and was instrumental in my choosing the name cartellingwindows.com as the official blog name.

From USA Standards, I am relatively poor.  My only income is what my husband and family provide.   I am not running for any office; nor do I work for any candidate, political or otherwise.  I am not a reporter.  My research is strictly personal. I am medically verifiable, not  insane. 

Maybe someone of power and intellect, with permission to take action, would have listened sooner  had I the academic credentials for the patterns I was recognizing; or  my skin been a color affiliated with abuse.  Maybe some of those children would not have died?  Maybe some of the unemployed would have kept their jobs. Maybe I would have been able to see my youngest daughter play Basketball ;  go to my oldest daughters wedding, see my sons new place.    MAY ( BEE)

Some of the Tipp City residents , like most casualties and people in trouble, initially did not understand or recognize the actions against them.    Nor did they initially know how to help themselves when they learned of the honey bee casualties ( yet to be determined crimes , acts of war...?) .   It was,  and is, a large problem (s).    If I have made mistakes, written the wrong words,  said too much or too little, it is probably because casualties are not suppose, nor expected, to solve the problems or find the bad guys.  
Merry Christmas America!!!

Marie Chihil
owner and founder of

Cartellingwindow art work that was present the night Marie Chihil was shot.  May 22, 2011