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The American Tepee Affair, Home on the Tarmac

The Coffin of the Queen,  Paraded on Stewart Street, Dayton, Ohio
I attended a funeral Nov, 3 2010, where the ceremony was conducted on Stewart Street,  Dayton Ohio.
Stew- art = stew art.  Bible  code talk  or the art of word stew..

Stewart is the street in Dayton Ohio where the United Dairy farmer is located, which  had a customer appreciation week after the Haitian earth quake; and  sits under the ominous eye of  a replica gate of Nazi Germany's Dachau concentration camp located on  the University of  Dayton campus. The funeral procession marched toward the gates, and turned onto Brown street.

                                           View from the University of Dayton entrance gate
                                                View of gate from Gasoline Station

For more information on this subject read the cartellingwindows blog. "How Krispy Kreme Doughnuts revealed The Gates of Dachau on it's Campus.


  The Funeral was for a Kevin Quin
52 years old  
Died in his sleep while on duty with the Dayton fire Department

                                          Kevin Quin =Coffin Queen

Officer Quin  was 52 years old.

5= pie or death.
2= II or twin towers, 

Image found on Google with the search command Kevin Quin Funeral 
                                     Second row.  The first image is the architectural image used to represent the SAC ( strategic air command) heart Hospital, and the last image is a car with an English flag.  If the reader  followed the other blogs they will recognize the twin tower imagery here.    More info at:        St Elisabeth's "Ho's Pit of Hell" and the Red Hot "Doctored Love Heads" War

                         Picture from Brooklyn NY found on second Image page of Kevin Quinn Funeral Google search
A Twin Tower Death Image

Dayton twin tower references: 
St Mary's Twin Tower Church


Bagpipers for the Kevin Quinn funeral where brought in from the Queen City.  Cincinnati Ohio

The Sky was a pretty Royal Blue

The accompanying fire vehicle had the license plate number: 

Oh you infinite twin tower trio

Tag hung from Mirror.
May be a reference to Mir or the Rreedom Russian American Space Station:
Mirror= Meijer, Mir
Freedom = Free doom

 B= S C K

ES= EC European Community
     = ES easy
     = EB  Ebay  (An auction) 
     = Ek  Ikia
     = A Kay

car sign reads: 44444 COSMEN COACH
there are five 4's
5=pie, pie= die
20= twin tower

cos= goose ( Canadian) 
cos=gush ..gush been utilized to refer to the  Dow Jones stock market.. Gush Gush..Money Money, cushion cushion
Cosmen = may refer to the Canadian Dow men

dowmen= men of investment, as in Dow Jones or 
              == damen..German for lady.. the Canadian lady investment ( queen ?)
              == dammed
             == the German banking industry

Options of meaning: The investment queen of the dammed
                              The queen of the German damned investment

 A twin tower alliance between Canada and Germany
                                                England and Germany

As you can read there are more than one interpretation, and a similar theme within  the interpretation..

Columbus= collum bus, also refers to district of columbia..the White house
Colum= a tower reference,
 as in twin towers or columns and the English Tower Bridge: 
more information may be found on this : http://www.cartellingwindows/:

..( in German the large B is sometimes pronounced with an S sound.  
Bus ( last syllable of Columbus)= Sus 
     Suss or ZeusView Full Size Image
     The Main God ..

Notice that both the bus and the van are sitting under two electrical lines.. lighted collums. View Full Size Image

Cincinnati= cin cin=LL or double hockey sticks hell.

ATTIE = Atlie or ITALY
"Attie" may have a "little" translation showing the words "Little Italy"

Cincinnati= Hell from Little Italy,

The  actual  funeral church service was held at Holy Angels Catholic church on Brown Street

The streets were blocked off:
                         Brown Street blockade .. site of Holy Angles
Holy= totally

 Sounding the letters using  American English letter sounds

Angles= englis or English

Holly Angels = Totally English

As the King and Queen of England   are the leaders  of the kings church , specifically the words in  the King James bible and Church of England,  the firemen  crew could represent the third pillar of the church.."fire"  used as a fire branding.. or a  purification.. Aryan..

At the Kevin Quinn funeral procession on Stewart Street, the church fire  pillars seemed  fire trucks and emergency vehicles lining two sides of the  street, forming a Twin Tower II. The crossed ladders may be viewed as  images of fallen towers; or the swords the English Royal family  walks  under at official  ceremonies.

The Businesses on Stewart Street which had their front entrances blocked by the funeral procession:

1. Three gasoline Stations:
       a. Shell
       b. Speedway/Super America
       c. United Dairy Farmers

2. Crown Industries

3.  Miami Valley Primary Care ( medical facility)

4.  Flanagan's Irish Pub

5.  Speedway Car wash

6.  Residential building two unites .. side by side dwellings ( a double)

Speedway has an advertisement in their window claiming to be, "the best  BRAND in the Land."
reading this sign with the funeral procession, one would not be out of line to see a fire Brand implication.

Below is information found when doing a yahoo search using the key words " Speedway brand"

Could this be a part of the churches fire brand display?

The cross of the swords( or fire ladders was placed before Flanagan's Irish Pub)

and in front of a school on Brown Street which sits at the cross roads of Holy Angels.. on Brown street and  L street.

                                       Holy Angles Church sits between the blocks of K St. and L st.
                                                                              KL= Kill or Keller

The funeral church service was on Brown street and L street.
    the ladder cross sat at the T junction of  Brown street and  L street.   The building with the flaming arch or cross in front of it's doors,  is known in the Dayton community as the building housing a high school started by Bill Gates.View Full Size ImageThe school has a good reputation.

Bill Gates=
Bill = Short name for Bible. 
Gates= Gates or James.. as in the king James Bill ( BiBle)
Gates becomes James  
By saying G softly, or  Ju. and the T in russian is prounced as an M
G(j)aT(m)es. James

A soft G for gates=  My crow soft.    or MICROSOFT 
If these codes can be considered accurate.. Bill Gates last name may be JAMES.  And where there is Bill Gates there is IRON MAN: 
                                                        Collage is a Marie Chihil  original

 The funeral had a public transit bus pass through  the iron crossed gates  on Stewart street.  The word "Special"  was on the marquee.

                                       The Numbers 911 are written on the ladder truck on the left.
                                  911 is  the number used to refer to the Falling of the World Trade Center.

There were not many people watching the funeral.  Most of the participants where in the procession rather than standing on the side walks.  Looking around I  noticed that some of the people watching the procession resembled dead hero's and heroins. There seemed to be a Martin Luther King, and a Jackie O. 

Jacki O. stood on the Non Stewart street  side of Flanagan's Irish Pub with her two children.   Her children were older..possibly early teens.  The family  had white skin and dark silky hair.I asked her if she was related to Kevin Quinn. She shook her head.  She did not speak.

This man  reminded me of  Martin Luther King.  I took a picture of him as he was using his cell phone to  take a picture or video of the Fire truck carrying Kevin Quinn's  Coffin. 

Suspicion  of the intent of this  funeral procession on Stewart Street, beyond the death of a fireman, welled up.. 
Zooming in on the the image of the man with the cell phone ,  the importance of the lightening bolts became evident.
This man may be a Martin Luther King  look alike, but what was the significance of the lightening bolts beyond a fire branding.  A Google search using the words" Martin Luther King Lightening Bolts" revealed these  images on Google's   first image page.  The  circled  images are the images whose interpretations have been either discussed in previous blogs or are simple to describe.  

1.  The lightening bolt..a Zeus ( Iron Man Symbol)

2.  The Lincoln Memorial ( a Romanov, Russian Gods of the world Gas image and children sold into slavery image)  Lincoln = Alien Calling.  Also Known for being friends with Alexander the II Russian Czar. Some historians suspect Lincoln and Alexander II were the same person. 
Both men dealt with race conflicts  of white and black in their respective countries, and both wrote an Emancipation Proclamation .

3.  Fire Image of the burning Jesus at Solid Rock Church near Traders world Flea market and across the street from the hustler Store.  The Traders World and Hustler reveal  bartering, marketing and the selling of valued goods.
View Full Size Image Located in Monroe, Ohio,  just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The statue was called the King of Kings.. a King Kong Jesus The statue was struck by lightening. 
4.  Shakespeare=  Shake and Spear.. Spear with Lightening bolt. 

5. Surf Board= Surfing the net with  Lightening bolts using  cell phones. Information regarding cell phones as weapons my be found on the Microsoft Site. 

6. A picture of the Solid rock Church before the fire.

Images of the Solid Rock Fire:

                                  An Iron Man frame of Jesus is all that is left of the original Statue

The images came from an internet article entitled

'Touchdown Jesus' statue fire not a sign from God, Solid Rock Church leader says

Replacement will be fireproof; Internet publicity worth 'a billion dollars'

By Janice Morse and Jennifer Baker • | • June 15, 2010 
   The Video from this fire is very revealing:

 The name Leroy is a derogatory term used to refer to a black men or stupid person.

The Solid Rock church images saved in the German Language,  though the article was in English.  Bild is German  word for Picture

Bild = Picture

 If you recall, there was a  German connection  noticed at the Kevin Quinn  funeral within  the word Dowmen:

My other files uploaded in English:

The name Martin Luther:  A German religious leader who was founder of the present day Lutheran Church. A reformation from the Catholic church.. A change from the Catholic.  University Of Dayton is a Catholic University ..

Based on the information gathered from the Kevin Quinn funeral:

The United States  is governed on reformation philosophies not catholic. The campaign slogan  "Obama for Change" may have been a statement promoting a religious stance... reformation.  This is not mixing signals.. I will show the Muslim connection from actual photos from the funeral of Kevin Quinn

 Image of Martin Luther King found on the Internet with a white cross in front of him,    The Jesus Statue at Solid Rock Church held a white cross.

When the bus with the Words Special written on the marquee stopped , many of the few by standers entered. The Martin Luther King man was one of the first to skedaddle to the Bus. 

Those that remained,  where I was standing near Flanagan's,  The Jackie O family, a man from Flanagan's Irish pub and myself.  I am not Irish , but I was wearing a green dress with a blue sweater lined in white pearls.  Blue and pearls are usually royal colors for the goils or girls. 

I looked back at the lady I thought was Jacki O and her two children.  Jackie O was John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Wife.  She looked of Jewish decent..  Small framed her hair pulled back, straight and dark.  She and her children were a class act.

My first thought was that the funeral was trying to kill the Irish Royalty , by gassing them  in a death camp manner. My concern was that the Kennedy name , linguistically represents all Americans. The new world Americans.  Irish Catholics.. Not church of England from England.

The Kennedy name and family also represented the new World Royalty, having linguistic genealogy linked to  the  catholic Russian Romanov's, black Russian.     

The Kennedy's represented the New world Killers  as opposed to the old world killers 

New World= new war lord
 New Keller= Nuclear
 Other names and phrases affiliated with the name Kennedy:
Kennedy=  Keller, Kettering, Killer Ring, Kennedy, Guineas

The names Keller and Kettering are names of success  in the Dayton Ohio Area.

The word Guineas is a derogatory work for Italians.. basically it refers to Niger Italians. 

I did discover that a man by the name Of  Oliver Cromwell, some stodgy English ruler from way back when,. did indeed try to kill the Irish royals, and is accredited with being the creator of  death camps. 

Oliver Cromwell=  Oil offer, See Rome well

The bus scene from the funeral welled memories of  a Twilight Zone Show , involving a bus, entitled Night Route.  The original Twilight Zone  telivision series  aired  1959-1964. 

An excerpt from the Twilight Zones Night Route summery reads:

As the bus leaves, Melina sees herself and Vigo lying in front of the car that ran them over. The neighbors have gathered, including Adam and a blond girl who is now his fiancée. Vigo suddenly comes back to life, but Melina doesn't. No one remembers anything about Melina except that she worked at a coffeeshop and never spoke to anyone outside of work. As Adam and his new fiancee walk away, they pass by Melina, who is now fading away from existence as punishment for not grabbing her opportunity at a new life.

Read the entire summery following the link below: 

"Twilight" today  is a Movie series which highlights  vampires who supposedly do not want to drink the blood of humans.  Cartellingwindiows has found there is another interpretation to blood and vampires :  the blood of humans being  the oil product, and  the Vampires are those  want to farm human's for oil.   Further information on this subject may be read in
the cartellingwindows blog.

I Ain't Eating Chocolate Anymore: Ore-Gore.. The "Eye of the Nazi's" Gas for Gold Program..Dayton, Ohio

I can not disclose all of the information yet : but I am currently investigating a set of murders (that span thirty + years in the Dayton, Ohio Area) .  The actions involve  young, good looking Americans of Italian catholic  heritage who may have been targeted for death, and slavery.  Innocents possibly killed as an  Anti-Kennedy ( new world , nuclear) catholic campaign .  

The deaths seem to have an additional  connection to the American Indian Wars, the return of United States land to The Indians , Indian alliances with the English, and the Grenville treaty, signed just north of Dayton Ohio. These young adults names translated or were exact copies of  the American Indians chased out of  what is now Ohio, Illinois and Indiana .  Some of the dead's  names told  who the next victim would be.

Images in front of Flanagan's  Pub possibly representing death to Irish, Guinness , new world Catholics, Possible American Indian  land acquisition implications.
Starting with this picture
we magnify to;
  It is important to understand that these images , if an action against the United States , may be  viewed from a  satellites perspective.  Some Satellites determine color from a top view , an old satellite possibly or a plane filming from above.  Satellites with antiquated technology and planes can be fooled.  Giving one message to the air and one to the people on the ground. 

There was a  plane  flying over the funeral procession:
1.  Most of the figures in front of Flanagan's Irish Pub  are wearing Black and White. 
2.  The man wearing the white coat has black shoulders.  White is the color of death or purification.
From the air the man's outfit may be seen as all black  due to his black shoulder pads and hair. From the ground he is white jacketed
3. Another man wearing a black jacket with white elbow pads. Another air image fooler.  From the air his outfit may be perceived as all black,  From the ground he sends the image of half breed.  
4. the woman near the green awnings, has hair near the same color as her jacket.  From the air she may be seen as a shrouded woman, A Muslim. 
Muslim = Mussel Them or quiet them
6. The golf cart.  Golf is a word we often think of as requiring a club to hit a ball, and oil , specifically the United Arab Enumerates  OPEC.   
7. Flanagan has a Shamrock which  sits behind a image of a leprechaun as part of its logo.

8. The bagpipers that passed and stopped in front of Flanagan's pounded with their drum clubs on drums painted with  shamrocks.  They stopped in front of Flanagan in the second picture and stopped pounding their drums.

The color of Flanagan's  Pub logo is  Green. Possibly a Grenville Treaty connection.

How Black and White and Green relate to the Grenville Treaty,   Indian lands of the Ohio area and the Great American Buy ( Bail) Out.

1. The Royals are  Purists, Eugenicists. Arranging their families  marriages to keep the money and wealth controllable and in the family.   They were racists motivated by monetary gain. .The English  formed alliances with the Native American Indian's; and created  laws bound to eugenics reproduction standards, which  would  benefit a genetic master race of the few , who would, one day,   reclaim Native American  Indian lands. By  Keeping Native American Indians poor, and not  fierce, the English promoted both their master race plan to become wealthy land owners through science and the bible, and their lack of loyalty to the American Indians and the America's ..

Biblical King James phrases, promoted in the churches, revealed  both the friend and the enemy:  The forked tongue of Luther. ( a German God)

Blessed are the meek for they will "inherit the earth":  
The Friend:   Non fighting Indians lived to acquire the land. 
The Enemy:   The earth is the dirt of the burial plot. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. 

Blessed are the Poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".
 The English Friend:  Acquiring the  Kingdom of Heaven suggests riches beyond imagination. 
The Enemy:  The kingdom of heaven requires the person to die. 

In the United States it is easy to claim nearly any ethnic heritage except the heritage of  being an American Indian.  American Indian heritage is decided by tribal headquarters located in the western part of the United States of America..   The western Indian rulers  control   Indian affairs and heritage of the eastern part of the United States.  

The guidelines for   claiming Native American Indian status in the United States is difficult. The claimant has  to prove a direct genetic  path to their tribe. Ohio was inundated with American Indians during and before the 1700 hundreds.  Many a white , dark, yellow person  bred with the Native American Indian.  The records of birth were not very good. Traditional  Native American  Indian culture is nearly invisible  in Ohio. 

Ohioans have  been told they  cannot name their sporting teams after Indians because Indians do not fight.. Indians are not fierce. ..Indians are meek. ( the Meek shall inherit the earth.).Ohioans have been called racist when they  wanted to see traditional Indian culture outside of a museum or designated area.. (outside of the reservation) .

Phrases of racial slander and shame were often hurled  at Ohioans  in the name of purity and moral codes.. " "Do you think all Indians have long hair in braids and ride horses?  "Do you think all Indians are drunk savages?" 

The answer's Ohioans gave did not seem to matter to the business of ethnicity.
" No, but if an Indian wanted to have long hair in braids and ride horses like their ancestors, they should be permitted. "  And  " If alcoholism has plagued their families, Ohioans and other lost Indian ancestries, should have the medical  information which  may be  imperative to quality  health.  

I would venture a guess,  that most Ohioans are not aware of their Indian status, by the enemies design.  Nor are most Ohioans aware of their half breed status.  A genetic heritage, that by Indian and English decree ,could keep Ohioans  from inheriting the land they are entitled too.  

Do you see the half breeds in the picture of Flanagan's and the possibility of foreign invaders wanting the half breed darkies to be turned into butter.. A black  Sambo "batter the butter" oil supply philosophy.  

In this picture the  of "the best brand in the land "do you recognize branded  images of the  half breeds being  placed into gasoline stations.

By limiting Indian status  in the United States, the reclaimed Indian land of the Grenville treaty , becomes a two hundred year old strategic business war plan  where  "the Bulk of the land and wealth  would  go to the few". 

Perhaps the Kevin Quinn funeral was a burying of the hatchet for those lost in foreign wars. There  may also have had a second meaning.. the English and Irish of the British Isle want the land of the the American British and  Irish.  An attempt to disarm the American New Killers ( Nuclear).  utilizing  families with the names of Kennedy, Kettering, Keller, Seller, to name a few, being used as symbols of torture and accomplishment by the marauding enemy.

Historical background of English and Indian Alliance:
Historically the English supported the Native American Indians up until the big battle . The English would then pull  their support, leaving the Indians helpless and at the loosing end of the war. 

Dianna = a name which  translates into Indian via the bible codes..

Died:  31 August, 1997 

 The Greenville Treaty Line Originated 1797


  Princes Dianna's death was two hundred years after the lines of the Grenville Treaty lines were  set.  200 is a Twin Tower.

Princes  Dianna's Death,  may have been the visual automatic ignition switch  for England to pull their allegiance from the Native American  Indians. Historically an English method used to control and own the land.

Perhaps the funeral of Kevin Quinn   was a burying of the hatchet for those lost in foreign wars. Meaning those people killed for their oil , via messaging in Dayton Ohio.

The Funeral  may  have had a second meaning.. the English and Irish of the British Isle want the land of  the American British and  Irish.  An attempt to disarm the American New Killers ( Nuclear).  With families carrying  the names of Kennedy, Kettering, Keller, Seller, to name a few, being used as symbols of torture and accomplishment, revealing the  enemies conquests,  and the power of Luther's  Reformation and the Church of England  . 

The last words I heard the speaker say at the Kevin Quinn funeral was.. "Kevin Quinn will be reassigned." 


                                                          Tarmacked Road

             ""Blessed are the meek for they will "inherit the earth": 
"Blessed are the Poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

The following are responses received in to this blog artistically.  

This was brought to the cartellingwindows van via  a third party.  From the price sticker I would guess the magazine was purchased in Europe. 
pages 369-373  i Will do a brief synopsis..there is a lot or the super coders to read..
  Woman with anchor around neck.. a weigh down
Middle pencil  NARS  reversed= Sran  sa Aryan

Name of woman Dianna Argon=  
Di- Anna = Two years, in-dianna  or indian
Argon= argon  as in Gas..argon gas
 M=T  ( cyrillic Alphabet)
PlumStain=  Bloot stain, or blood stain

plooms + ain=  bloom of Ayn ( rand )  Aryan
               Flower earrings and ring  black and gold..
                                     Black= slave ( nigger) slacker
                                     gold= Usa Currency
                                     Lace= to kill
                         Lace the  Flowers of American black Aryan oil
5= pie or death..
Death things you don't know about Indian gas

1. She' s obsessed with dark things.. skin color.. may be an Oil  or dirty reference

2. Her Bat Mitzvah Photo makes her cringe== She's jewish

3.She's a foster parent to a Puppy = Puppy is a name used to refer to  A breast.. or tit = Italy..foster suggests she is a foster child of the  new world ,  American Daughter. Mi filgia,, American Mafia

Es Hiny Nu De= 
Es = its
Hiny=China , Himy
Nu= new
De= cross or T

Its the new Jewess Cross
Girl laying on road with gold road strip .. this is a double page layout.
Field day..

the upper right hand corner: The words..JASON WU

J= g sound

Gasing the Double You ( sheep)
Garcon the double you

garcon = french for boy

  1. Garçon is the French word for boy. In English, and various other languages, it was adopted in the specific meaning of a waiter, especially of low rank in a larger establishment, who serves customers food and/or drinks....çon - Cached

Second responce:  This appeared after my blog was posted in a place I often frequent.  Perhaps the vehicle was there all along, and I just noticed.  The images are worth the posting as the artist has talent: