Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palestinians = The American People

What are Mr. and Ms. American Politician actually saying?

Could not find an American palce on line..this one is from Europe somewwhere

I was in Berlin Germany when a man approached me and asked:

"Are you a Palestinian?"

"No" I answered

"You are an American, are you not?" he questioned


With a big smile and a quick exit the man said.

"Did you not know that Palestinians are People that live in Palaces?
All Americans live in Palaces, therefore all Americans are Palestinians."

How odd. The Palestinian news articles in American Papers discussed real-estate, and the taking of Palestinian land by Israel. Was this man saying American land was being taken. The year was 1990.

I returned to the United states In 1991. Through the next couple of years I noticed that Palestine was in the news frequently and so was American real-estate.

Greenspan had lowered the prime interest rate to depression lows. Clinton became President and the refinancing market boomed. American interest rates have continued to fall since 1993.

The news articles about Palestine in the newspaper seemed to have a huge correlation, with how the American real-estate market was progressing. I believed I had found a way to read information regarding an underground economic process/strategy , a buy out of American properties.

But Who was running the show? The man on the street in Berlin?

The Israelis? What was American real-estate? Property? Our land, our bodies?

Where the Palestinians being used as a visual of what was actually happening to Americans?

Information was also being published during this era about the buying and selling of human body parts. More and more Americans were coerced into placing information on their drivers licences saying they would be willing to become organ donors. Professing to be a willing organ donor , had joined the ranks and files of "having a therapist"; a tool used to purposely raise ones social status.
Some medical professionals refused to check the donor spot on the driver licenses. "They'll kill one person so another lives" was the hushed but audible message they spoke.
Palestinians were supposedly being tortured. A kidney could be sold for thirty thousand dollars. Partial birth Abortions became legal in the United States.

Where the Palestinians and the information about Palestine actually propaganda used to pass messaging to an underground market? or...
Were the Palestinians being outright abused, so the underground would know how to attack the Americans and generate revenues for the underground markets?

I had and have many questions:

If Americans were Palestinians..did the term Middle East refer to the Middle Eastern part of the United States or the Middle eastern part of the America's?
I was from Ohio, the Middle East of the United States. Could this be why I had been approached by the man in Berlin, Germany?

Articles on Palestine mentioned that Palestinians were raised to hate Americans. Did the statement imply that Americans are raised to hate themselves? Americans are raised to hate each other.

Was The United Nations Involved:

Map Of Palestine with United Nations plans
1947( kind of old)

A couple of years ago, I ran across a man by the name of Fisk. He was an elderly gentlemen I had breakfast with nearly everyday for several months at the local Meijer store. During one of those breakfasts, Mr. Fisk talked of being a photo journalist where he had witnessed terrible inhumanities.

Meijer"s stopped serving breakfast and I moved to Dayton. During my exodus to the land of cartellingwindows, Mr. Fisk, occasionally showed up to see how I was doing.

For the purpose of attempting to understand what the term "American real-estate" referred too, I ran an Internet search combining some of my thoughts and suspicions: "Palestine, human body part sales , real-estate, 1993-2001"..the Clinton administration years. I came upon these articles on Palestine, torture, and ..well look for yourself.

Robert Fisk is the writer of some of the articles. Was this the same Mr. Fisk? Was Fiskie trying to warn Americans? Did he know? Or ...?

Go to the link below and Scroll down through the article to read about Palestine.

Why are American Presidential Candidates and Vice Presidential candidates referring to "Palestine" as a way to persuade and dissuade voters?

What implications does the word "Palestine" have to American politicians and American voters?

I am American. I am a registered voter. I was born in the United States and my family has lived in this country longer than I have been able to trace. The above information, are the questions the word "Palestine" evokes to an Ohio Woman, who has traveled abroad.

To the man in Berlin Germany:



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Secrets? Wrong.. You want secrets read:

Dave Barry's history of the millennium (so far) *
By Dave Berry
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, c2007.

A play by play account if your
literate enough to understand.

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