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Is Michelle Obama a Man? What Message is Michelle Sending to American Woman?

Michelle Obama
Facial hair on chin and over lip

Today a child, a babe in Toyland askes:
IS Michelle Obama a Man?

A world watches to see how the Americans will respond to the wisdom of the child; the toy, the biological machine; or, in this case, Americans themselves. The one is the representation of the entire American body.

To abuse the child, to ignore the child, to deny the child, to nurture the child, to recognize the child, to encourage the child, to value the child..... American response decides how The United States of America and it's peoples live and die. I thought everyone knew.

Party Time
Cover eyes with hand to see resemblance to other photo's. Is that spot on Michelle's neck concave or convex. Is her name Adam Apple.


Backed By Colin P.O.W. ell

Where did the children come from?

For many years I have lived well below the American economic standards of average. In the community of people I associate with, there has been great concern regarding government paid health care Insurance; pros and cons. Many woman I have talked to believe the removal of facial hair should be included in privately subsidized and government paid health care benefits. It seems women do not want to be seen in public with facial hair. Image is important.

As a woman, and as a registered voter, I do not understand how the wife of a presidential candidate, would appear in a public forum, with facial hair; unless, she is disliked by woman, her colleagues, her family, or she is a man, looking for a new bed to sleep in.

Michelle Obama wears cheap plastic beads. Goodwill Industries sells better quality beads than Michelle Obama wears.

What message is Michelle Obama attempting to send?

American women should be happy with low quality merchandise, facial hair, and the possibility our husbands will have a female look alike on the side?

Perhaps Michelle's message is that American woman should not expect their husbands, even if they are President of the United States of America, to earn enough money to support quality merchandise for their families personal use?

Gay men dress badly because the wives get all of the money?
Could this be a civil rights entrapment which has attempted to buffoon the American Public into passing and enforcing civil rights laws..

. Sex cannot be grounds for hiring or firing.

. Americans should not be permitted to discriminate against marital status or gender of couples, when hiring or firing an employee


Crime Report: Twice my son was taken from my home and returned with a new circumcision.

1. We were living in Berlin Germany before the Berlin Wall came down. The year was approx 1987. A camera crew came onto the American military base and filmed my son at a parent child Play group. Not long after my son appeared on the German television, he went missing from my home. He was gone approximately4-5 hours.

The German police were notified immediately. The police took me to a neighbors home where my friend could translate the German into English. After several hours, the police returned and said they found my son sleeping on the living room couch. They had left him there. There was no way my son could have slept for that long.

The Berlin Police told me I could not find my son because my home was too dirty. The house was Not dirty, the floors were clear and there was no clutter on the couch. Today I wonder if the police were referring to another meaning for the words "dirty house".

When I bathed my son that night, he had cuts on his penis as if he had a new circumcision on his penis. The Dr in German told me to pull back the foreskin for a couple of weeks and keep the area moist. There was no mention of the peculiarity of the circumcision.
My sons language had changed. He no longer could say sounds in the back of his throat, and his beautiful curls did not grow back when I cut his if the child's hair had been permed.
An additional fact: While in Berlin, the French and the English and the American military were having a cultural festival. I took my children to the festival. An Asian man approached my children and patted them on the head. Then he asked to take the childrens photograph. I think this was after the new curcumsision, but I am not sure.
2. 1991. Our family had returned to the United States, to live in the small town of Tipp City. My father said he wanted to drive from Virginia and take my children on a vacation to Canada.
When father arrived, I thought there was something wrong with him. He had just raised two girls in the Virginia, Washington DC area. His home was located a couple of blocks from a McDonald's.

When Daddy, a retired Army officer, took my family to the neighborhood McDonald's in Tipp City, he did not know how to use a drive through, where to order, or to remain in the vehicle when picking up the order. Had daddy not used a McDonalds drive-thru, I remembered being with him when he used the bank drive-thru in Virginia. There is not much difference.
Daddy was also unfamiliar with a turning lane. Instead of moving into the turning lane, he stopped in the middle of the street to turn left. This was a man that had supposedly driven in many countries, due to his military career.

When I questioned daddy, he said he did not have these things where he came from. Where He Came From?!!!!! He looked like my dad. The man spoke like my dad..
When dad and the children returned from the trip to Canada, he explained how he had stopped in Massachusetts for the children to swim in the ocean.. "it was good for their body's to heal" he said.

When I questioned him about the need for healing, he did not answer.
Daddy did inform me the Canadian authorities had separated him from the children for a couple of hours.

hat Night, My son came to me complaining about his willie, (penis). I looked, he had a new circumcision...or what looked like a curcumsision that was healing.

When I questioned my father he claimed to know nothing.
I took my son to the pediatrician the next day. The Doctor informed me the child was recovering from a new circumcision.

I told the Dr., the child had been taken out of the country and explained that this circumcision made his third. How can a child have three circumcisions. Is this my Son", I asked ?
The Dr would only say.. it is a new circumcision. Keep the area moist and the skin pulled back. My son was embarrassed and wanted to do it himself. that was the last time I saw my son naked. He was four or five years old. I do not remember.

The only connection to Canada I had, was my Canadian neighbors , living in the rental home next to ours. The woman was recovering from a brain tumor. She would return to Canada for her appointments.


IF I could not find help with something so obvious, how will parents locate stolen children, that have had sex changes? My son is in college, today.
When I did complain, I was not ushered to the police or the authorities. I was accused of being psycologically impaired, taking drugs, and was asked to see a medical professional. Some suggested I cut my child. It was medical professionals that told me my child had new curcumsision.
WARNING: DNA TESTING CAN BE FUDGED. Numbers are changeable.
Second Sexual Crime Notification:
I had been having some run-ins with the local school authorities. I received a phone call from my Father telling me not to talk about the school educational programs. Parents told me not to take my child out of the public school. If I insisted on removing her, I was told that the only private school I could send my daughter too was A school called Chaminade Julian in Dayton Ohio.
"There has been too much money spent" a parent told me. " Money?"
This is a penis story.. really..
My husband began showing me more interest. Sex became a twice a week venue rather than the usual once a month standard. During this time, I noticed his penis was different...not a size issue, rather a formation issue. He looked like my husband, but he was different.
When I asked him.. why he was anatomically different...he ignored me
Several days later, at a neighborhood party, a neighbor asked:
1. "Marie would you have sex with a man other than your husband for a million dollars?"
I forget how I answered. I think I had no answer.
Additional information:
1. I received an email that stated women were getting a new kind of breast cancer that was detected by sore nipples.
a. After the email, the man that was suppose to be my husband, became very interested in my nipples..unusual for him to be so interested in one area.
b. The pain was excruciating, but I refused to give in.
c. I remembered another woman in our neighborhood that was told not to remove her child from the schools, and her experience with a supposed nipple cancer the year before.
d. I asked her if the sore nipples were cancer? "No", she said,.. They will never let you leave Marie. I stayed because my life and family are too valuable" she told me.
E. My daughter went to Alter High School. I did not have cancer, and the pain eventually went away. I live in my van, my husband refuses t give me a divorce, my children think i am a nut..and I was not informed of my children activities.
F. My friend's daughter remained at Tipp city high school and did well.
I am a woman that believes the men in her life have been sexually and physically altered. There are No DNA requirements for marriages.. and as I stated before.. the DNA numbers require people to report them. Numbers, samples etc.. can be changed.
To this day I suspect the man that has raised my family for the past several years was not the man I married. Perhaps the man I married and the impostor took turns with my family. I do not know. I do think it is interesting that my husband calls my mother to talk about the children and not me.
One more point of interest.. It was more than a look that told me my husband was different.. I had to place him in my mouth before I noticed. Imagine picking from a line up for this crime.. Pull your pants down and let me....yuk...I makes me gag to think of the thought of identifying. And laugh.. I have grown tough over the last 16 years.
The criminals exploit the morally zealous, and overly emotional laden American culture as a cover for such horrendous crimes. What dignified woman talks of penis's? Americans are trained to be embarrassed of such words.
My Husband, My father, My son..
Chihl Family Residence Location when supposed crimes occured.
Berlin Germany,
Tipp City Ohio, after returning for WOKINGHAM ENGLAND, (BERKSHIRE COUNTY) where my husbands firm, Copland Corp. sent my husband on business, allowing our family to follow.
I believe Copeland has a new division called climate control.
Cartellingwindows reads: Copy Land
Topics of research the reader might be interested in.

Changeling, –noun
a child surreptitiously or unintentionally substituted for another.
(in folklore) an ugly, stupid, or strange child left by fairies in place of a pretty, charming child.
Philately. a postage stamp that, by accident or intention, has been chemically changed in color.
a renegade or turncoat.
an imbecile.
Origin: 1545–55;
change + -ling 1
Addtional topics:
A sex change for Ling, A US sex change. Ling the panda sex life, sex change for the earthing.. here cross I pig sex change. Hurt Hi pig, hurt High Nig,
Eugenics, Whitewater REAL-ESTATE, Little Austria-Austrailia, Austria's Rue,
Austrialia kanga's Rue. Hitler medical experiements human population control.
Population control human energy, Color energy-solar energy. Cambell austrailia planetware


Anonymous said...

What's the other meaning of the words "dirty house" said...

The other meaning of Dirty House, is....."Virtuous House" , Gods House

There have been a groups of people throughout history that hated the Virtues of the Bible because of the names and labels such as dirty and unclean, which were given for common biological functions as sex without marriage and menstruation. These names ruined lives.

These groups of people, thinking themselves victims, formed anti-god sex cults, that eventually infiltrated into government and science. Their purpose was to participate in sexual activities that were in direct violation of biblical and religious virtues. Example: If the Bible said do not sodomize they sodomized. When the Bible stated " Only God can make a human," the Virtue Vultures cloned.

Some books to read on this subject are books by or about "The Marque De Sada"..

The sex groups, many started by women, were located around the world, and had different names and images. One of the most familiar cult is the German Nazi party. A group that used female dance troops to portray Nazi beliefs. The Hiller and Tiller dance troops. Can you see the name Hitler in the two names.

read article:

1. Woman were machines who were to give their bodies freely, and for the common good.
Even if this meant giving up body parts for the benefit of the whole, or a better looking woman. This Philosophy was cemented into socialized medicine.

2. It was the dance troops, perfectly synchronized movements, which earned them the label of machines. The Ziegfeld girls were one of the troops using Tiller choreography.

Ziegfeld. Can you see the Nazi Call "Sieg Heil" in the word "Zieg... "Seig" is the word for "Victory" in the German language; and The meaning for "feld" is "Field"

Zeigfeld= Victory Field .

How does the word "Dirty House" arrive at Virtuous.

These godless sex cults decided to name call the virtuous the same or similar anti-Biblical names they themselves had been called for their infractions. Hoping to make the virtuous feel the ugliness of sin.

We often think of dirty people as groups of people with dirty skin. In this interpretation, "dirty" was a virtuous label; though it should be noted that many darker skinned people had strong beliefs in god and Virtue. AND..the sacrifice of the virtuous is an ancient rite that is still practiced today in certain religions.

The people mentioned as victims of the Holocaust were often those practicing virtuous behavior. The Jews, the Catholics, and so forth. The Nazis, along with other similar sex cultists fed on the Virtuous as a vampire feeds on blood. Foiling the virtuous, to promote Atheism. The Virtuous were the sex toys of the sex cults.

American Blacks were supposedly exempt from Nazi death camps, according to Nazi propaganda photo's, but this was not necessarily a true.

Well recognized for their belief in God, American blacks had been genetically bred and inter bred for perfection and experimentation, from the time they arrived into the United States. Genetic sex toys.

Since the 1960's, when busing in education was mandated in the United States, the dirty(Virtuous) blacks have had their illicit behavior plastered throughout American statistics. The information was published in American sociology books, psychiatry books, cultural anthropology texts and the United States census. Students were forced to learn the statistics in educational instituions. Churches opened charities to help the poor unfortunate.. selling "Virtue" in their churches and missions. Calling the parishioners.. "Family"..a part of the "House of Virtue/God" "House of Dirt"

Financially rewarding the American blacks and other minorities with money for their illicit or lessthan noral behavior via social programing seemed well worth the advertising, which promoted the success rate of the un-virtuous, atheists. And, made the takers of such monies a part of the common welfare..or goods.

The Virtue Vultures, as I have come to call these cults, do not limit their attacks to dark skinned groups. Virtue is attacked regardless of skin color, or economics. A drive through a white christian neighborhood, will reveal more victims of the buzzards of virtue.

This is not to say that all mess is a sign of an attack, but if one is virtuous one should beware.

In Dayton, Ohio, the Dayton history archives tell of a man that died on the streets; Dayton's most famous homeless person. The homeless gentleman, called Rags, wanted to be a priest and supposedly, no one knew. Was this information placed in the history book as an honor or an advertisement to Jesus Christ (Kill) the Virtuous.

Today on the streets of Dayton, in the rank and file of the homeless and unfortunate, I have met several people that have had exceptional religious experiences, before they were thrown to the streets. And, they were NOT all dark skinned. Prey for the lions. Food for the Virtue Vultures.

A cartellingwindow take on "Dirty House"

Dirty =smutziga.
Pronounced smoot zi ga (smoot seaker)

Dirty= dark= swartz (german language)

House= Haus (german)
pronounced aus
the spelling aus =out (german)

Dirty House
Swartzaus==black out

The United States had a black out recently. Was this related to ..

House=casa, (house in spanish)


Dirty House
Black Spanish Nazi's..
Black hearts (swartz)(Tickas)

The United States has recently had a large group of Spanish speaking immigrants crash her boarders demending citizenship..

Dirty= messy=
to mess =MSN

Off Topic..
Who gave the keynote speech at the CES/09 this year?