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Why the United Nations is Disarming the United States

Disarmament--Permission to take American Resources: How a good cause went bad.

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On a visit to the Dayton Ohio Peace Museum, Cartellingwindows, Marie Chihil Found the following book.

Page 4: "In essence, Disarmament is about the organization of Power in the international community. Since disarmament proposes to deprive nations of anything to fight with, taken literally, it appears frequently as the most effective method to guarantee peace."

Page 6: "This time disarmament was perceived as a major vehicle for the Third World, in it's attempt to get rid of the "law of great powers" through disarmament of the superpowers and through reallocation of resources and power from them to the third world. The Third World challenged the right of the great powers(recognized by the United Nations Charter) to maintain their privileged position as custodians of international security"

Political Dictionary: superpower :
In its generic use, the term refers to those few states with power (defined by combining a series of variables together—e.g. economic wealth, population size, and above all, military strength, especially in the possession of sophisticated nuclear armaments) far transcending that of the rest of the states in the international arena. More specifically, the term refers to the two states, the United States and the Soviet Union, in the time of the Cold War. After the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the two leading powers, first in Europe, then, in the rest of the world, as the two powers competed against each other for influence in the global politics of the Cold War. It is widely conceded that in the aftermath of the Cold War there remains only one superpower, the United States; commentators have also coined the terms ‘unipolar power’ and ‘hyper power’ to describe the United States' post-Cold War power position.
— Yuen Foong Khong

Cartellingwindows reads: Yuen Foong Khong

(author of the super-power definition)

N=S,R,P ,and ,2

ng=nig, pig=Americans

Yuen Foong Khong

Yu-en Foong Kho-ng

U N FOONG Goohing

UN Fcking butt ..

UN Fcking Nig pig.

PIG=American, police, nig, sig, rig

UN Fcking American butt

Un=8, U=y, 2, n,a, not

"Fong Gool" (which I do not know how to spell) Are words I heard the Italian boys say when my cousins took me to Conney island beach in Brooklyn Ny. My cousins said "Fong Gool meant "fck you".

The word Goolie in Italian is a butt. Foong Khoing could be Un Fcking a pigs butt.

Cartellingwindows has bold faced the categories used to define a Super power in the political dictionary. The attacks on the United states our friends, parents and grandparents of the 1960's warned of, seem to have validity. Further more the attacks seem to rotate around the taking down of a UN superpower. Perhaps the United Nation and Third World nations are attempting to govern and control the United States. Bring The Us to her Knees.

1. Economic wealth...according to the news the United States is losing wealth, by giving our jobs , resources and our people to other countries.

2. Population size.... American population growth from live births (does not include immigration)has been declining for years. Advertisements were placed on televisions and children were taught in schools that women having children without a husband, would condem themselves and their children, to a life of poverty and difficult times. Abortion rates rose.

Americans were educated to believe it was better to kill an unborn child, than risk the shame of poverty and sin. A philosophy which had been reinforced by religious organizations, government social agencies, and the belief that it takes a mans wealth, or two incomes to support a family. A price tag had been placed on the heads of children, and American families, dead and alive.

Special interest groups, not realizing the backdoor insult to a woman's ability to understand how her reproductive powers were instrumental in assuring the economic stability and national security of their country and the world, insisted that women continue to abort their children and advertised, not of the rising wages for women, rather the low wages and salaries women were receiving. This became permission to deny women wages.

In the following statement: Native American refers to all Americans born to American parents.
To assure the continuation of a native American generation, two parents require two live births, which live to reproduce, for the parents to replace themselves. One child for each parent. Assuming all people will partner and have two children, assumes a zero population growth. Unfortunately , Many people have no children.

Growing American businesses need a growing population to keep their business productive and profitable. When the population does not provide the adequate amount of employees, due to low American birth rates, education, or handicaps, company's have several choices.

1. Robotize

2. Lower prices to increase sales or raise prices and sell less. Short term fixes. Eventually, due to low population growth, there were not enough Americans to buy the products, as too many Americans will be busy working, leaving little time or need to shop. This does not include those who are too impoverished to purchase.

a. Internet shopping has attempted to keep working Americans shopping by giving them access to stores from their home computers.

b. Small shops sales decreased as fewer Americans were able to reach stores during open hours.. America, in an attempt to keep the economy afloat, had replaced one way to shop for another. The need for goods had not risen.

3. Raise immigration limits to get workers for American companies..

a. Good solution until some immigrants were used as weapons of war , utilizing the low American population rates as a way to take over the United States.
4. Outsource jobs.

a. A way to keep immigration low

b. Cost of goods lowerd

c. Risks from terrorism and hazardous products as they return to the United States.

d. Sent American Investment dollars out of the country.
e. Lowered American saleries, requiring more two income families, and additional government aid to supplement the struggling.
Much of the economic perils of low population could have been potenially avoided, had American Woman, the medical community,the churches, the politicians, the special interest groups, encouraged woman in the United States to reproduce more responsibly. Responsible did not mean less birhts.

The low birthrate crisis became so bad, that in 2006 USA Today focused on the fertility rate hitting 2.1 in 2006, as a milestone "the first time since shortly after the baby boom ended that the nation has reached the rate of births needed for a generation to replace itself, an average 2.1 per woman."

Some critics argue that a 2.1 birth rate is still to low to be considered replacement.

3. The last element defining a super power: Military Strength..

a. The American Military presence and personel has continued to declined for many years. Military is not to be confused with All governemt jobs.

b. The lowerd need for American troups in the world, espeically after the Berlin Wall fell, is a factor that should be considered regarding a reasoning for the reduction of military personel.

Cartellingwindows had a difficult time locating the offical SUPER POWERS of the United Nations. On A United NAtions Search of Super-powers, articles about, The Security Council, Cuba, Holy See, the United States and China, was mentioned...all in different articles. Holy See is the name Vatican City uses to define it's self ..Holy See is a voting member of the United Nations and, as of 1999, disarming.

The United Nations Securtiy Council Permanent memebers:
The French Republic
The Peoples Republic of China
The Russian Rederation

United Kingdom of Great Britten and Northern Iraland
The United States Of America

Cartellingwindows Reads:


When N appears in front..double the n. N=M=SS=22=RR=PP

This is in addition to original N sounds

2u cle ar -to you killer

sucle ar-suckler


su-clear-soix killer



I did not do any of the double sounds.. reader may attempt translation. Double shapes may have multiple sounds, Ex: S=n, 2, g, k,

Perhaps we Americans have not been educated to think on levels to include the United States as something other than a god in the international community. Perhaps Americans have been educated to read and accept only the "Status quo". Perhaps we Americans , are more controled and less powerful than we would like to beleive.. perhaps not.

It does appear, that many Americans, voted for politicians, who backed Disarmament, without understanding the deffinition of Disarmement beyond the word "Nuclear". If this is correct, the status of the economy, the loss of American jobs to foriegn countries, and much more, was something Americans approved of.

Obviously the information in this blog has been consolidated, and is far from complete on the subject of Disarmament or poplutation. Those interested, are encouraged to read other resources. Either those mentioned in this blog or those of your own choosing.

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