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The Final U.S. 2008 Presidential Debate

An Opinion by: Marie R. Chihil

The following is a letter written to the McCain Palin when I was sent a request to host a Super Saturday. I received the request the day after the final Presidential debate of 2008.


On October 15, 2008, the American people were expected to listen to the United States Presidential Candidates views on how they planned to lead this country for the next four years. The following comments, right or wrong, are from an eligible American voter, who cares about the success of The United States of America and it's people.

I was very disappointed in McCain's Performance on the last debate. Neither candidate presented themselves as viable candidates for the United States Presidency.

1. Mc Cain chastised Obama for hanging out with terrorists, then supported NAFTA, referring to the agreement as if it were a group of people we should all get to know rather than a contract of trade. Perhaps Mc Cain Is trading people.

If NAFTA is a group of folks south of the boarder..aren't the Spanish speaking folk from the South America's , the ones that wanted to have illegal immigrants march on the United States White House In Washington D.C. to demand citizenship.. Those people are the ones that sound like terrorists, asking for a war. Is McCain A terrorist?

2. Why is Mc Cains head so big and his body so small? He looks like a woman in a mask. The mask is ugly and poorly done,.You could see where it attached to the side of his head. The mask was so cumbersome, the person wearing the mask could hardly open his eyes. I guess Mc Cain is Missing (Msn)

3. Is McCain a real-estate dude/dudette, trying to make money on a created housing and banking slump which originated during the Clinton administration?

During the Clinton administration, AL Greenspan dropped the interest rates to levels the United States had not seen since the depression. Housing prices and new construction soared. In Ohio, We had more housing refinances at one time than history could remember.

Lenders were calling home owners on the phone begging homeowners to refinance.The poor people, often needing money for expenses and luxury's that in the United States have become necessities, were charged higher interest rates than the wealthy to get their equity out of their homes. Predatory lending had begun.

When housing prices began to fall, and loans could not be met, interest rates rose. The economic conclusion was that housing prices had soared too high, too quick. Ohioans were told, the problem was an obvious result of greedy Realtors and builders. The California and Texas Housing crisis was often sited as an example for why Ohioans were suffering. Some of us wondered if Ohioans were paying for California and Texas's real-estate mismanagement.

Today the housing prices have lowered, and the banks supposedly need a bailout. Giving the money to the government, to give to the banks is having the government own the loans. Government taking the wealth and spreading it around. Something Mc Cain kept saying he did not want.

Mc Cain stated that government buying housing loans worked during the Great Depression. Housing prices rose after the buyout he claimed. As I recall, we were fighting the Russians and communism during the depression., And yes, I am suggesting the buy out plan is an attempt to steer the United States toward a communistic government while making a lot of money for a select group of people at the constituents expense.

I am also suggesting the housing/ banking crisis was a calculated action which started during the Clinton administration, as a tool to make Bush and the Republicans look bad, for the purpose of getting the Democrats and the Clinton's could get back into the White House . Once in the White house the criminals would be able to cover any information that incriminated them. I'm told Senators and Presidents are legally placed above the law. The buyout seems like someone trying to save someones nads., or tits.

After watching last nights debate, I BELIEVE MCCAIN AND OBAMA ARE PRIVY AND PART OF THE REAL-ESTATE DECEPTION. I can guarantee there are many other Americans thinking similar thoughts.

4. Medical Care--

If controlling oil prices requires reducing the demand on foreign oil for American consumption..then don't you think medical care should follow similar avenue's for curtailing costs and improving quality? Neither candidate seems to have the awareness that many Americans, medical and non-medical folk, across the United States, have regarding the origin of a lot of medical supplies and materials in the US.

Many of the American insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, advertising agencies, hospitals,and more, are owned by out of the country firms and people. I can not count how many times I've read of hospitals and those working in the medical communities, complain about being forced to buy their supplies from foreign owned companies at over inflated prices.

Inflated prices are then passed down to the American people causing everything from insurance premiums to the cost of medical care to rise. This expense has also been a major contributing factor to the amount of compensation expected for malpractice cases.

I believe it was the late 1940's -1950's X-ray machines were used in shoe stores to assure shoes were a proper fit. When the machines were banned as dangerous and were placed in hospitals, the x-ray machines price sky rocketed.

FYI. Am not an advocate for government paid medical care. I lived in Great Britten. The country was killing their people by denying them access to medical care and saying the government would not pay for it. I also watched the medical community target children for death, by giving them inadequate antibiotics, and then introduced syphilis into the food supply, via Mad Cow disease. Syphilis, when caught early, is stopped with antibiotics.

Interesting, that a national health care program, has been nursed by governments, (national health care is a government institution) outside of the United States.

Is the Republican Party aware that diseased American blood is sold to German Companies for the companies to experiment with. A great way for a foreign country to create a biological weapons to attack Americans. When I asked the woman from the Dayton Blood center, if the United States bought blood from other countries for similar purposes, I was told the law forbid the US from purchasing blood from outside the US.

Members of the medical community, and the politicians that are attempting to regulate the medical costs in the United States, seem to approve of , "Killing and bankrupting Americans by raising medical costs so Americans will have no other choice than to vote for a National Health Insurance."

In the United States, the people are being asked to: Exchanging a visible form of murder, via extortion tactics , for a murder not so visible."

Do you know why many people in other countries will not tell you they are unhappy with their medical care?..They are afraid they will be killed!!!!! Many people on National Health Care Programs have no other choice for medical care than the care their government offers.

5. Energy.

Nuclear plants are incredibly dangerous. Given a choice, most folks will not live next to a nuclear power plant. McCain's example of Navy nuclear submarines being safe, was a horrible example. There have been accusations that the Navy has been cracking the earths crust, releasing magma, which is warming the ocean waters and cooling the earths core, to place nuclear toxic waste into the earths cavity.

6. Why did McCain's voice sound like George Bush? He was too small to be George? A voice changer? Kaybe toys use to sell voice changers for 14.95.

7. Why did the CNN sound people give McCain a whistley was annoying and obviously intentional.. A way to cheat on a debate, that I think should be challenged by the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Fair debate my ass!!! The rest of the world was watching! Was the rest of the world watching how to cheat on a debate? Sure looked like a cheating affair to me.

8. With the real-estate scam being pulled off, I was glad to hear Mc Cain did not think their was a need to raise taxes. (As much as I am letting Mc Cain have it..he received higher scores than Obama.)

The government is going to make a ton of money on the real-estate buyout. By owning the bulk of the loans ,the government will be able to control housing prices, sales, banks, etc..therefore having leverage to control inflation and the economy. I'm wondering if you think I am applauding...

When the debate was finished....thoughts were:

1. Mc Cain was Hillary in a mask, with a voice changer, while her double sat in the audience hidden by a group of large men. The masked person did have similar features as BOB BARKER.

Barkshire-Hathaway was one of the sponsors of the final debate.

2. Can the people of the United States receive a financial compensation from the government, the political parties, and the foreign governments, for stealing our money and putting on a fake election.

3. Could the election be an attempt to overthrow The United States Government by foreign governments and entities, and is the United Nations the regulating agency responsible.

4. I am not voting on the 2008 Presidential election, because I believe the United States 2008 Presidential election is fraudulent.

A fraudulent election is no election, therefore, I will not be disregarding my Constitutional obligation to vote. I am adhering to my obligation by reporting this information.

Marie R. Chihil
An Ohioan

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