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How Smart R U

How smart R U. Found this tray liner at mc Donald’s restaurants in Tipp City. What I read in the collage seemed to give insight and some reasoning for the nasty things that have occurred to my family and others in the town I reside in.. Tipp City Ohio. I am posting what I have seen and read. I think every investigator should have familiarity with reading collage information.. We need your help. If you understand or see more items which can help prevent harm to these people, could use your assistance. I.e.: Tipp city has families with names that sound like cock, or have cock as a syllable of their name. All of the cock sounding names, I am familiar with , are catholic families or have catholic affiliations.  **This is not intended to belittle mc Donalds resuraunts.. i have found similiar information in a multitude of places.  This is not a blame nor accusation.  The tray liner is a segment of a large scale collage of information i have been collecting for many years .

I realize this is small.  perhaps your local Mc Donalds has  a tray liner. I got this one at the Tipp City, Ohio  Mc Donalds, off of I75, the 571 exit.


pigs, nigs,  police, busybodies, Americans



To those who dare to look, and see, and report on what is not accepted normality. To those who climb mountains, jump revenues with motor cycles, to those who dare to defy, or just want to try, see for themselves if the truth they are told is what is found. These are the types of people I need. Those who applaud the sailor who was told the world was flat and sailed to find it was not. I seek Information reviewers, who are responsibly fearless and respectfully fearful.

And.. People who know how to solve such problems without harming people or the economy.  Is this possible?

It takes a lot to show what you have when you may be wrong or spell the word wrong.  There are dead people who should not have died. Solving a problem requires  looking at all of the information.. Incorrect information is often used as reality. The world is flat was once considered accurate.

Information which may or may not be helpful:

1. Henry the 8th of England did not like the Catholic Church because the pope would not allow Henry to acquire a divorce. His wives were homosexuals and were cheating on him; suggesting henry was a woman disguised as a man and her spouses were men disguised as women. Henry the 8th became the first known leader to ban homosexuality the story goes, beheaded her/his spouses. After reading this collage, I question which head was taken. This was the era of the Lutheran reformation and the beginning of the organized anti- catholic movement.

2. Henry Higgins from the movie:" My Fair Lady “said the poor should be thinned to rid the world of excess population.

3. Both Henry's were British.

4. England has the Church of England and is the only industrialized country that outwardly admits to having problems with Catholic’s. Even to the point of War.

In Miami County Ohio, the home of Tipp City, the largest religious population are Catholics. 31%. Is it possible some of the actions are from Henry philosophies...thinning out excess population refers to thinning out excess members of a religion. .. using the head,  be it penises or intellect as a pirates treasure? Spirit= es- pirit( pirate)

this image came from:

One of the area’s I have noticed harm to Catholics and Abrahamic’s,,is a housing development in Tipp City where the streets are named typical British names. Many of the street names refer to death and funerals .

Historically: the original followers of Jesus were called Christ’s.. And became known as christ-ians . And supposedly the first christ-ians where know organizationally as Catholics.. The Protestant philosophies were in protest to the Catholic’s or the original Christ’s,. Making the protestant religion philosophies the anti - Christ’s. What is disturbing about this.. Is that the religious sector acquires converts from Catholicism ..and then protests ..Possibly against the converts or their catholic familes.

What is a catholic via Henry protesting Philosophies; the traits of a catholic , are often bad.

1, they are called the dark religion as many of the original Christ’s were dark skinned

2. Dark religion  may or may not refer to satanic.. The Vatican men wear red, Satan’s colors.

3. Child abuser

4. Murders, men who murdered if people did not follow (crusades)

5. Homosexuals

6. Abrahamic religion: all of the Abrahamic religion followers have been persecuted throughout the centuries.

A. all wear dresses or long robes>>usually dark. Islam, Judaism, Catholicism. Go on the internet. Look at the countries where the people wear dark robes.. Now look to see if that country is in political strife. You will be surprised at how many are.

B. requires educated men and women to teach their doctrine or philosophies.

***These advertised negative traits, and gifted traits, possibly prompting jealousy from outsiders, open  followers,  and dark skinned people to possible harm. Linguistic sound alike.  You may need to say out loud to understand.  HOLY C= ech ol ee see  or Jealousy.


1. Allow children to preach and decipher the literature. Formalized Education not a necessity for greatness.

B. do not wear robes

C. All clergy do not wear mandatory black

D. do not have an educational requirement standard for “all protesting" religions. There are those that have very strict educational requirements for their clergy, unfortunately the protesting religions have been grouped as together yet apart. All in philosophy anti – catholic or Christ’s.. .

F. promotes  sexual reproductive  limits among its followers. The languages of the bible translations in MASS production form.. the printing press,  were Russian, German English, Italian/Spanish ( Latino’s) the Catholics promoted sex.. go forth and multiply.. The protestors said refrain.. 666.  "Say chaste sex.". (Languages)  Latinos, Russian, German; and you’re reading in English.


***met a man who told me his wife was a convert from Catholicism to a protestant faith.. She died soon afterwards. They lived in Miami County. Could her conversion to a protesting philosophy been used to kill her in some anti - Christ war against fat( wealthy )  ignorant American’s?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Es Deutsche: oBama Biden Mitt Romney Ryan and other 2012 USA Presidential campeighn info.

IF: Words are clues to inside information:
IF: words can be trusted:
IF: oBama is another name for Osama:
IF: Barack oBama killed oSama..

Then is the man claiming to have killed oSama a Barack Obama impersonator..?
A killer outwardly bragging of his conquest?

And where is the original United States of America President...Barack oBama?
Other Presidential hopeful Information:
from the Vandaila , Ohio, Mitt Romney Victory Event:

Who Helps these people? Took this picture at the Vandalia, Ohio Mitt Romney event. That lady looks disgusted with that man.. and if that lady was, or is disgusted.. if she had reason to be disgusted, if she needed saving  from an ogre.. would you help? What if she were the Ogre? Would anyone help? or would the helpful be afraid of the money, the power.. their presidential investment. Nah, that's Mitt Romney and his wife.. they are perfect.. Rationalization: The writer must be an Obama
                                U.S.A.     Political     Party Information
                             Vote Democrat or Die on going philosophy
Has the USA  forgotten

My fathers family immigrated to the United States of America from Italy. They arrived with three children born in Italy and had two children born in the United States.. My grandparents opened up a small grocery store in Brooklyn New York. Like most immigrant families of the time, they were determined to have a child go to college in the United States and become a doctor or a lawyer. To Immigrants, having a doctor or lawyer in the family was the ultimate in the attainment of power and class .
My father was the only child of five  to attend and graduate from an American University; where he received a scholarship and graduated cum-Laud in History.  After graduation , Daddy joined the United States Army, and retired with a relatively high rank. I was told my grandmother was very disappointed that daddy did not do better for himself..joining the army, in her opinion, was not accomplished.
Most parents do not want the struggles of being an immigrant into the United States to remain for generation to generation. Most parents, immigrant or not, want their children's lives to improve.. as my grandparents wanted for their children.
Today when you ask my cousins their nationality, their heritage, they respond "American.. We are from the United States. " they do not want to be thought of as the struggling immigrant, because they are not.
When i heard Michelle Obama talk last night i was amazed with how desperate she described Barack Obama in his youth. " She could see the outside road from the floor of the car Barack picked her up in. " She made this sound awful and abnormal. Immigrant, minority, desperation persuasion lingo.
When i attended The Ohio State University in the 1970's, the outside yard could be seen from the base boards of our university off campus housing.. Do you think that is something i could use for gaining a vote for public office?
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro told of his immigrant mother's desire for her children..i had heard that story many times..My grandparents, and their children and grandchildren had lived a similar story of desire for improved lifestyle. This was when i realized how necessary immigration is for the longevity of the Democratic Party.
The redundant story of "first- in- family struggles" was the main reason the television was turned off before Michelle Obama had finished speaking. Do immigrants to the USA realize how many families in the United States have similar stories? Do the recent immigrants believe their children and grandchildren are going to support a party whose philosophy depends on " desperate lives moving toward success?" To support a party of desperation would be an insult to the families of immigrants, the poor, and their efforts for success and attainment for their children and children's children. Supporting a party whose main philosophy is desperation, allows those who do not consider themselves immigrants or depressed, to repress those who are. The Democratic party is a Class separation party. Is this what the Oxford University interviewers were referring too , Mr. Clinton, when they asked if you believed in separatism?

The Democratic Party Convention 2012 was interrupted by Hurricane Issac  or "eye-sac...the eye of Strategic Air Command"  Two different images came forward of the storm cell.  One from the weather channel and one from a blog calling itself " Republican Hate Fear Lies and Distortions:" the weather channel showed a storm system resembling a human sperm moving toward the north, and the anti-Republican blogger calls his storm cell a uterus..   Was the difference of matching puzzle pieces suggesting the storm was a political FKing.. controlled weather:
Am convinced that the software programs are controlling our art.  After placing this question on Facebook i began to collage using MS power point. its as if the software program was answering my question using my talents and name.  

My perception of the collage : USA Democratic Party philosophies poaching baby elephants( USA Republicans) and turning them into jackasses ( democratic party : in neediness" ). Miserable people who  will bow to the philosophies and programs of the USA Democratic party, using GOD as a travel path.

2012 Political Issues
A funny on pregnancy and homosexuality: an intermission political topic
where I live in the United States of America,  drugs are by prescription.  Even marijuana can be had by a doctors script.  Why Buy street drugs when drugs are legitimate and come with the accountability of an ingredients label and a doctors and company accountability?

Associations between presidential hopefuls Barack and Romney and other celebrities
Coincidence or intended?
Medical Care/ oSama care.. is a political topic of the USA presidential campaign. Obama has been associated with Russia and china and communism.. Mitt Romney is associated with the country if India. have Romney and Obama made a business deal so it is not important which candidate wins?
this medical center just opened on/near the site of an old Red American Indian burial ground in Beavercreek, Ohio.

SOUND A LIKES:  Daga Wood and Tiger Woods
                                     Sand Wedges and Sandwiches 
                                   Bums-tead and O-bama's dead


Voting:  Yea, Nay and Abstention..all are considered participation in the process of deciding which candidate or issue to place in office and activate.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Marvel What they Have Done

Collage and brief study inspiered by the recent news that the CEO , Rich Ross , Of USA Disney Studio's , had resigned.

1. Like the scripts Disney writes.. Ross's Resignation was Planned and performed to keep the New Bees

( Americans-USA), out of credibility, by blaming new world fellows for problems old world fellows created.

2. Disney chairman Rich Ross resigns after 'John Carter' fiasco
Disney resigned after loosing a lot of money making a movie based on the Mars adventurer, John Carter,

written by Edgar Rice Burrough

"Edgar Rice Burrough's books" best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter,

From a lingual and historical look:  J Edgar Hoover used the comic book industry to financially support the FBI.   If you say the name Jedgar quickly and out loud, with the letters  together, you should hear, "JOKER"

Edgar Rice Burroughs/ Edgar Hoover
The name  "Edgar Rice Burrough's 
"Edgar -Rice --Burrough's -books" = Joker - a chineese con to lease- -rise- NEW YORK donkey's -Books (leaves) >

Aside from Condelease rice association:  their is a anti-christian theme.. the chinees did not like being told they had to listen to bible stories to recieve rice.. were eventually called Rice christians.

Mars  adventurer John Carter= Mayors junkcar tur.. this is involved..

Mayors= the name of occupation where the Santa ,Satan  of Turkey lived ( A turkey was the original bird choice for  the United States)
           =  Female Horses  , me fili, mafia
           =  head of government in towns
              More information on Turkey , Satans, and Jesus sacrifices: its easy to read with lots of pictures.

John car= Junker= a chineese boat, collects trash for recycling

Tur= is the German word for Door

John = join,
         = chapter in the christian Bible, referred to as a book. 
         = The name of the man  a sexual prostitute refers to as their clienent.  the Screw.

3. Has anyone noticed the joke-ass smile Rich Ross wears on his face and how wrinkley his skin is..? A masked man , a J. Edgar both way player ( a cross dresser), wearing one of those body suit masks the Feds make movies of. . THE CROSS: Animated sci fi--Batman and Joker, VADAR( father) storm troopers.. the Federation..Juicey Star wars, feed-er-a nation- fish for the king Fisher. Spi Der herron.( man).. religous zealousts.

4. RICH ROSS= Riseh Air-rows - or Rise of Air Fish-- was only given credit for TV success..considered
by some in the industry as the "lower class". .Typical old world , anti American Social crap.

5. Plotical, over paid.. A company as large as Disney, with international presence , has to get involed in war's all a part of National security.. world domination. NEW SWAN MOINTAIN in the NEW world ( USA) ..the disney castle. neu- swan steins. How much money is that risk worth.

6. if i am correct, war lords do not leave( resign)  in the land of computers and animation without a show there a USA Press-n-Dent on the horizen.

Art comparisons. Have Auslanders Used McDonalds and Dayton Dragons baseball Imagry to represent the new face of the Joker. Three gods in one.. A Dragon smile: a white pastie face of Ronald MC Donald, with his arm color being similar to the top of the Spy Tower in Berlin: Gem having the eyes of Austria.

When I visited East Berlin,in the late 1980's I wondered what had prompted the East Germans to place playing cards as " souveneers" for tourists with wood puzzeled spy towers. The cards were designed for adults and the towers designed as toys for children. Was this the joker's way of saying the Adult europeans were spying on the United States Children.. Joker cards with a puzzler?

Was asked "Why does the Penguin have the word " Russia" on him,,Everyone knows Churchill was the penguin and he is  from England.( great britten)   my answer: Yes and No.

a. From the child's rhyme taught to some of the children of Army family's..1960's through the1970's. "Have you h...eard the latest, the Russians are the greatest ( creedists) , have you heard the rest, the Americans are the Best ( beast)

b. the Brits ran their computer actions through Russian air space.. cyberspace.Siberia. Their job was to discipline the Americans ( the beast). As Russia was said to be without religion , it was a perfect place to run a Religious attack from.

C. in later years linex came into being. The mascot for linex was a black and white penguin. The program was about sharing ideas..a communist philosophy. Lenix is short way of saying lenis, Lenin's .Lenin was a communist leader known for killing the last Tsar of Russia, Alexander.See MoreApril 24 at 6:39am · LikeUnlike.Edit...Delete...

The colors " Black and white" represented Alexander 11 who fought to halt black and white people problems in Russia.Alexander wrote an emancipation proclamation and was good friend with Abraham Lincoln. Some historian believe they were the ...same person. Abe being Russian.

Alexander ll and Abe Lincoln were both assassinated.

The Penguin was the Russian Death by god,,Winston Church Hill, Wins-t-on= wines crossing or whining woman  crossing.  This is V.. Pie or death. .  origen: The Bridge of Sighs, Venice Italy.  Connected the prison to the executioner building.  The woman of prisoners would cry( whine) as they watched their men, convicted criminals,  walk across the bridge from prison to the executioner.  It was the last time they saw them  alive. Bridge of Pies
Hill is usually the name associated with cemetery.. church hill , church cemetery. England hated Catholics..when the Romanov family was put to death ( a catholic family) it was Lenin whom ordered the executions. Woman crossing church cemetery. = Winston church hill.

Not sure if i am completly accurate. The ideas should make for good conversation.

Articles on Rich Ross:
Original collage did not have Mcdonalds and Dayton Dragon baseball imagry:

JEDGAR HOOVER==Joker Hoofer, the cross dressing spy who played behind the fire place as well as in front of it.  A joker and a Batman.. A hoofer, Satan.. in-sin-u-ates, the JEdgar intentionally created the problems for his team of Batmen to solve.  ( Ying & Yang) May suggest J edgar Hoover  was the brains behind the Berlin wall and the education of the people on each side.  HE who controls the Information controls the World.

Movie to see, which to a keen analyst explains much of  what i have shown:  After watching the move i went to a comic book convention and asked with confidence.. "Are you people a bunch of federal agents? " One man said he was a spook.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


                             John Bryan              Join S aRyan

Is Yellow Springs, Ohio, British 007 Spy territory? Is that why some want Antioch colleges closed and nearby Xenia has had several tornadoes. Weather war?  Tor nado= door NATO?

ROD STERLING= Staff of the British Monetary Unit.
Twilight Zone= killing vampires ( catholics) .  Vampires who kill Vampires??  England is the only major power I know of that claims to control the protestent " Chruch of England" religion, and then outwardly wars against Catholics.  And what do they do with catholic blood?

Catholics refers to all darkies, homosexuals, people that dress in catholic looking clothing( muslem women and men clothing  resemble the costums of catholic priests and nuns), jews, slaves, any person with any attribute affiliated with the calthoic church is a target.   Are you the assholes who shot me?  One of the shooters had a silver gun and one had a copper gun.. British police...

The Name: YELLOW SPRINGS= Asian Jumpers.. yellow is the color usually affiliated with Asians.   Possibly Hong Kong, until recently, a British colony.

During WW11 , the Americans claimed the Asians would jump off of cliffs to kill themselves when the enemy approached.  They were called Jumpers. The Americans eventually pulled their troops back to save civilian lives, earning themselves the label  of being too sympathtic. Countires learned  they could persuade the USA into actions by threanenting to kill their own people. 

The military action  was refered to as " Play into American Sympathies"

Another way of looking at the word "Jumpers" is to look at animals that are indiginous to China that Jump..
ASIAN JUMPERS? Chinese tigers with English springs ?

Tigger ( a tiger with springs character from the "Winnie the Pooh" series written by A. A. Milne - born in Kilburn, London)

Kil burn ==kill burn ( kill brown) . the burned people

London= LON DON =alien done
Anti catholic philosphies was a way to create wars against white and blacks; without the enemy realizing all of the deffinitions "black"  referred too..  The word "London" suggests the plan was applied to aliens , those outside of England
in the purpose of extinction.

ANTIOCH COLLEGE: Und die Ocht..collage ( located in Yellow Springs Ohio)

and the eight collage(read in German translated into English)

and the eating collage

Under (8) infinite collage
and the infinite eating collage

There sure are a lot of china buffets in Ohio. Should customers be looking for messaging in the food buffet collage? They serve a lot of broccoli (Barack- oil e)

From the Antioch college web site: a China reference:

Antiochiana :

Preserving and recording our history is an essential element in building the future of Antioch College. Antiochiana began as a collection of historical artifacts gathered by College librarian Bessie Totten, class of 1900, who served the College for 41 years. Among its impressive collection, Antiochiana includes the papers of Horace Mann and Arthur Morgan, used for academic research by scholars from around the world.
After more than a century, Antioch College will remain committed to careful stewardship of this critical College resource. If you have questions regarding the archive or wish to support its preservation with the pledge of a capital or planned gift, please contact us at 937-767-2341.

In the coming weeks, a more comprehensive story of Antioch College will be developed online. Please visit often.



E-mail written  to my family on a visit to Yellow Springs, Ohio..
Yellow Springs Ohio..the Rod of Sterling

If you have children that may need a restroom facility quickly, get Montezuma's revenge, have prostrate problem, colostomy , walking issues, a stroller, this is not the town to visit,, and may actually be dangerous to you and your families health/ life.

It was Sunday, January 15, 2012. I decided to drive to Yellow Springs Ohio,  known for its art, books novelty shops, and nonviolence.   I hadn't had more than a couple hours of sleep in two days; and  thought it  would be nice to go to  the town, park, get a couple hours of sleep and tour the stores.

Yellow Springs is nestled between two major parks John Bryant national park and Glenn Helen. The drive to the town was visually enjoyable.

The parking in town was not the greatest., everything seemed very exposed as the streets were lined with stores and the sidewalks were narrow and close to the street. It was aesthetically appealing and enticing if  you were a good  walker or were carrying little baggage ( no children)

I was hungry, needed gasoline and i had to go to the bathroom. The fermented honey from the Waffle house breakfast was demanding I visit a toilet facility. I drove to the gasoline station, purchased a coke and asked for a bathroom.. I had to go..

"No we don't have public restrooms" the attendant said.. There is a public facility at the end of town in the old train station.."

Train Drain.,. weird .. i had seen how words had been used in this area of Ohio to harm people,, I could hear the train and drain connection but was not sure if it was good or bad,, i knew i was not comfortable with the draining train rhyme. Training  visitors to go down the drain.. loose their money, leave the town?

I drove to the other gasoline station in town ,BP ( British Patrolling ) A large sign on the front window read. NO Public Restrooms.

I was trying to accomplish more than one task at a time.. toilet., food gasoline.. and in this town all i was doing was wasting gasoline driving around looking for convenience.. not a ecologically friendly town.. The gasoline price listed as $ 3:59 a gallon. 

I went back onto the main street to go to the grocery store. I was hungry. Last time I was in yellow springs I bought brie cheese for a price that was lower than any store in the area,,. Certainly I could get my cheese, buy some crackers and use the toilet.

An elderly gentleman greeted me at the front of the store from behind his cash register.

Exchanging hellos I turned and went to the meat and cheese department. Two elderly woman were working at the department..

"Do you have restrooms here" I asked?

"No we have no public restrooms here. The closest and only one is at the train station at the end of the street "

This town was not only environmentally unfriendly for encouraging excessive driving , it also was outright dangerous to a persons health. Diarrhea was not common for me.. Haven giving birth to three large babies my uterus blocked and usually held in liquid fecal material until i was ready to go.. I really needed a toilet.

As i walked out of the grocery store I noticed that there were no young children in the town,, no mothers pushing buggies,No people with canes or wheel chairs. The middle aged and old people were either working in stores that sold  grocery food  , exercising or eating in cafe's and resturaunts where other people made the food. Good god! this reminded me of England,, where the old had to prove themselves worthy to live.. a survival of the fittest. If you can't get to the bathroom then you should not live.

I drove-- using more gasoline.. to the abandoned train station now used as a visitors center and public restroom facility. .. There was a public parking lot made of dirt and gravel next to the train station that resembled a freshly dug grave.  The lot was also used for walkers to park their vehicles while they walked the trails of the local parks.  A store giving yoga lessons, advertised  sleeping Odd couple , rested on the opposite side of the dirt parking lot, across from the visitors center.

As two middle aged walkers came from the woods.. I thought " in this town " A bear must  shit in the woods!!!! Or pee in the river.  Perhaps that is where the town  YELLOW SPRINGS, derived its name, from the water that flowed over the limestone coated in urine .

The bathrooms at the Train 2 Drain station were clean and very empty.  It had been nearly an hour, and this was the first time during my visit to Yellow Springs, I was not concerned for my health and well being.

There was something very wrong with a town that did not allow toilet facilities to its locals or visitors unless they went to a store that prepared  food for them to eat.,were employed by the store,  or  went to a public facility on the outskirts of the down town area.  If this town ever asked for government paid health insurance they should  HAVE TO PROVE their local planning commission built ,  planned and designed their town for the day to day health of  its residents and visitors. This town seemed to cater to healthy people with no baggage., and punished those who were not as fit as others.

Yellow Springs, A town living in it's own Twilight Zone. a Zone where the locals seemed to deny themselves the understanding of their " Logans Run"  matrix Darwinian existence.'s_Run

Charles Robert Darwin, ( 12 February 1809 - April 1882) Was an English naturalist, known for his survival of the fittest theories.
 Restroom facilities difficult to get too unless fit or wealthy , in a town surrounded by nature, seems more of an attack on  a nonviolent , unsuspecting community.

In Yellow Springs, Ohio,  it is said, Rod Sterling invented the show " The Twilight Zone"

Twilight zone,   *Twilight--Vampires --An Infinate ( ANTiOCH) existence, guarenteed by sucking the blood of the locals, for energy purposes.. 

Rod of  the British monetary Unit.. its energy.. British Petroleum,. Farming human fuel in  Yellow Springs? Oil well,  thats how I viewed their town.

Other English ( British) Comparrisons to Yellow Springs:
* Not child friendly-- The british  encourage children , be sent  to boarding schools as early as eight years old. ( ***many British families are trying to get this tradition changed.. the custom seems more an advertised traditon by the governement, than a popular tradition amoung the locals.)  In England and Germany, the Americans are referred to as the children of the planet, .  Americans  are said to not understand a lot of what is going on in the world.  Is YELLOW SPRINGS LEADERSHIP AND PLANNING SAYING get rid of americans and visitors by not making their town child unfriendly? I suspect they are.

* Bear shitting in the woods= the English run some of their computer ( cyber space ) activites through Siberia Russia,. (CYBER SPACE)The Russians are the little bears ( Boo Boo's-poo poo's).. SIGH BEAR ia.

(The term "sigh" was originally coined by the Italians and referred to the
"Bridge of Sighs"; a small bridge in Venice Italy( more like a covered breezeway) that connected the local prison to the death chamber. Called the "Bridge of Sigh's" because the women would sigh and cry from the canal below the bridge, as the prisoners crossed from the penitentiary to the death chamber. A small window revealed the last time the women and families would see their men alive. Through the years, intentional sighs, became known as a symbol  for death.. .

IF you want to view how day to day life under controlled and paid for medical care by the government, outside of the hospital, will be in the United States.. visit Yellow Springs Ohio..

PS:( PiSSS) Don't shit in the woods!!! unless you want a possible visit from BooBoo the bear.. sigh!!!

I have no plans to return.
After writing this to my family, my legs became weak.  Sleeping was difficult, and i woke nearly every day with stiff legs. And i was tinkling on my leg, unintentionally, as i had not done before.  Possibly  Someone with Raygun tech, from  Yellow Piss Springs, is mad at me.

And what of the innocent people trapped in the town?  Prisoners of town (POT) Is there help for them other than death? And the innocent Americans of British  decent.. is anyone caring for them?

My credentials are:

I have lived in England and Germany: I speak some German, Russian, British English and American English
I have the MRS..wife and mother degree. A Bachelor Science degree in Home Economics.. from the Ohio State University. Some of the SOCIAL Democrats from Dayton, Ohio claim wife and motherhood is a wasted profession for ignorant women.

I come highly NOT recommended. DUH...M

Ragan without a Ray Gun. Is Raygun holding up the Rod of Sterling ?  Prevention or support?

                                   Star wars.. killing stars( Juice- Darkies-Catholics)  from above? Or No shots at all.

Years ago I did ask.. "Exactly what are you saying Mr. and Mrs. Politician?" Is there a body language in Politics?
Mit Romeny,  holding up his finger..his arm in a V formation.. in the bend of his arm is the face of darkness.

This is a picture "read":  Not necessarily , and most probably not, the view of Romney.. As in Yellow Springs, Ohio, there is  inncoence amoung many of the accused American Children..   

The picture has Romney pointing to the Roman Numeral five in the word "Beleive". Some call it Pie. IF you read the word "Believe" with German pronunciation.. Se lia fe." c'est la vie",

C'est la vie" is a French phrase used by Americans , translated as "Such is Life"

IS this picture referring to RayGuns and StarWars ? Was the photo planted by alien invaders of the Third Reich?

Notice the trikles of red and blue coming off of the word "BELIEVE" .   Religious art referring to a plague from GOD, blooding the water.   In England, God, is the King of England.

Under Mit Romneys elbow is what resembles a RayGun, pointing at Mit Romney ( With Romen Egg).  The name is a catholic reference.   Romney's Hair,  hair halfbreed colors.. silver and black. Not an Aryan.

An Egg from British Perspective:

       Russian Air (Arrow-Flat )

 Looks to me, someones trying to destroy the USA
  Catholics, the Brown Eggs, Juice
...And if you ever visit Europe, you may hear...
  "All Americans are Juice"
Double Try- pie-sea-pin-fear( for)- infinity
35 is also the number  affiliated with Great Britten and her territories