Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama a Mob and Mc Cain a Michigan Chicken?

Car Telling Windows reads the Presidential Candidates Names
It was simple Phonics, sounding letters as they sound, which led to reading Obama as a mob and Mc Cain a Michigan Chicken..

Reading forward and backwards, using American English sounds first, and then changing the B to a German S is how Car Telling Windows arrived at the window art. A picture collage was created, the way children in school are told to draw a picture about a story, to see if the simple art approach led to the same exciting insights phonics had.

A Google Image search showed Barack Obama uses Red, White, blue, and Black in his graphics. Sunbursts are often behind his head. The logo in the middle of the collage, is a picture of Obama's logo used for his campaign.

The black and white picture of Obama is a picture I found on line whose caption read.."read Obama's name backwards in Chinese." I had the words translated by a friend who told me the Kanji were Japanese not Chinese, They read.."Moving Forward."

Recognizing the sun bursts from old communist propaganda posters, a search was done on Russian political art as the translation seemed to infer Barrack was a Russian .. The search showed no sunbursts. A new search was done on communist political art. The picture pasted to the left side of the collage is one of the photo's that came up on the search.

There was no predetermined expectation in the reading or drawings created by Car Telling Windows. What does all of this imply.. as with all art and reading..the understanding is for the reader to determine.

On this window the sounds of the letters were written so the reader could follow. Mc Cain pronounces both letters with a K sound. A child or adult never having seen or heard the word does not assume the sounds are K.

1. Read both C's with an English S sound....
Missen, Missy sane, MSN..
Was John Mc Cain Missing in action?

2. Separating the C sounds..with the first C being read as the English letter K and the second C being read as the English letter S..
Meksn Mixen Mexain

3. C=SK....
Missy Cain

Miss usually refers to a daughter or unmarried woman, which is why the word daughter was written above Missy Cain. A question asking if Missy might be John Mc Cains Daughter. Or perhaps daughter meant something else.
Said quickly, the words "Missy Cain" sound like "Michigan."
4. A picture/collage was drawn....
a. Chickens were used to represent the Wonderful Michigan Chickens,
b. The Colors Blue and Gold were used because theses are the colors Mc Cains political campaign.
c. The star and the wings are also a part of Mc Cains posters and adds.
d. It was noticed that the C is above a * ..similar to the moon and star used for Islam. A image Internet search on Islam displayed the American flags shown on either side of the picture collage.
e. Car Telling Windows is located in Ohio,. Just in case the American public are voting for a Michigan Chicken telling Windows placed a pair of Buck Eyes above the message to keep an eye on Michigan.
Where does the word "MOB" written above Michigan come from? We need to look at the next window to understand.

When I was fifteen years old,my father took me to Italy to meet my relatives. When introducing me, daddy would say what sounded like ..Ma -feelya. I did not understand Italian very well.
Having lived in Dayton, Ohio for years, I was accustomed to hearing a Hillbilly accent. I thought Daddy was saying Ma (mother) Feel ya.. or Ma Filia (Ma's Horse). Sometimes It sounded like daddy was saying Me....Me feel ya , Or Me fillia.
Daddy explained the words meant "My Daughter."...Spelled Mia Figlia. The G was not pronounced. It was years before I made the connection that Mi Fillia sounded like Mafia.

I had been told by my father, the American Mafia was an organization which was part of the United States military. The military had troops which fought with ships, troups that fought with planes and troups that fought with guns and tanks, and some troops which fought without guns and tanks. The branch of military used to defend the United States depended on the situation and the type of war being fought .

The American Mafia's Job was to protect and prevent America from going to full fledged war by working behind the scenes to solve conflicts with minimal loss of life. Without the Mafia, and other organizations like them, The United States would have entered into wars where the American casualites could have been high.

Daddy also said there were different Mafia's from different countries and the Mafia's didn't always get along. Sometimes they would fight for territory and power.

When I thirty years old I was asked to consider becoming a Member of "The Daughters of the American Revolution." I honestly thought the organization was the female American Mafia defending The United States behind the scenes.
Where did the word MOB come from above the Michigan?
MISSY CAIN.................... MICHIGAN
Daughter ....................Known for it's strong Mafia


Brad said...

Are you absolutely insane? Nothing you say even has the slightest bit of logic to it. Your slam on "BARKSHIRE-Hathaway" was beautiful...too bad it's BERKSHIRE.

How the hell do you even connect a downed tree in a hicktown street to one of the largest investment groups in the world? Guess what...TREES WERE DOWN ON EVERY STREET IN THIS CITY. You are completely insane and need to be locked away. You think the government sent "vortex missiles" to strike down our trees?

Nothing you say even makes sense. McCain a Michigan Do they know you are out of the hospital or are you off your medicine? This is exactly why I'm glad we have concealed carry in this state. Crazy people like you are free to walk around.

Car Telling Windows said...
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Car Telling Windows said...

Hi Brad.. Are you FBI.. Mad was a pleasure talking to you at your new office yesterday. Thank you for telling me I could publish the rest of my work on the storm and the intentional take down of those in the x-generation.

If this is not the FBI, disregard the rest of this message. Your written response was angry and feeble. That’s why I am guessing who you were. FBI Barker Barking.

The FBI has often asked if I was on my medicine. And they usually did it in a loud voice, rolling their eyes and looking at the ceiling. Being watched are you?

As the FBI is aware I am neither a patient nor am I on any medication, I must presume that you are referring to my Name Marie Chihil. Pronounced with a European Accent, Madichi ill.


Madici ne..( the c prounonced ch)
madechi nay or pie

Pie.Medicine Pie
Madichi il

Marie she's ill

Are you placing a hit on me from the wireless medical community?

Congress has a "whole" site “dedicated” to controlling people’s health wirelessly. There was also an article in "Popular Science" regarding wireless medical care.

The Congressional committee investigating wireless medical care, hopes to pass a bill permitting wireless medical care as the solution to lowing medical costs. If Medical care can be controlled wirelessly, then people can be cured and killed with little to no accountability to doctors and medical staff.

Medici (Pronounced Madichi) was also the ruling family in Florence Italy, during the renaissances.. The rebirth.

I was told the name is still used to refer to one Family segment of the mafia. Have the Medici gone into medicine and Pharmaceuticals?

How do I know my name is pronounced medichi-il? When I lived In Germany, the Germans pronounced my name madeeshe il

This was before I lived on Barkham road, in Berkshire England. When I returned to the United States, I moved to Hathaway Trails in Ohio.

Perhaps the FBI should find out who's using my history and person, in their war games. And why free speech, or is it my name, gets a medicine cry from an organization designed to protect innocent lives. I am not your Toy Soldier.

While your at it..Perhaps the feebled kuh should investigate why their new building is located at 7747 Clyeo rd..just up from the T junction of Millerton.

Double Hockey sticks 4 Hell
Two for One Clyeo = Klyeo+ Killer-eo Two Killers for the price of one?
Kille eo("I" Italain Language)
(FBI)Feebled Cow and Cia (KLa=Killer)in one location?
7747 Clyoe road is easy to remember, if I ever need to hire a killer. Does our tax dollars pay for this?

I was amused to hear the agent laugh, and say "could be", when I mentioned the two for one killer to them yesterday.

Also, why is the new building sitting in front of a building that sells wheels. Every good agent knows that the Russian wheel of Roulette spins the dial and kills when it lands.I will have an entire blog dedicated to this subject.

You should read the blog when it comes out. Perhaps the Kuh (Koo) (German for cow) will allow you to use the information to satisfy a continuing education requirement. Millerton= (Miller)
butterfly T(cross) on(ing) BUTTERFLY CROSSING

Honestly, I am not your babysitter. If I have to tell FBI and the CIA folk how to behave then you will give me a salary.
October 1, 2008 2:56 PM 

Anonymous said...

So how does it feel to have your spelling corrected.

your Majesty

Anonymous said...

you are crazy, i read everything, on this blog... i hope u die alone