Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Learning the language

As you read, the language, known by many names, was used by the aristocratic class to communicate with their children without fear. As the catholic church was the keeper, collector and originator of much of the worlds languages hundreds of years ago, it was the clergy who would often create, read, and interpret the messages.

The language is more than alphabets. It is a language that uses acronyms, and similes. Grammar rules are found the varied languages, the bible, and centers of tourism. Basic, russian, german, italian, english are essential.. Spanish is a possibility, but I am unfamiliar with most spanish.. so this aspect of the language I have not learned..

The most amazing aspect about the language is that the language both teaches and leads...Much of what you are reading I learned from reading the language.

Like those reading, there is much to learn. I will attempt to teach what I have learned. Perhaps the language will lead others as well. Hopefully with additional understandings they will be willing to share.

The language is pronounced using basic phonics, from several alphabets : The Germanic, Cyrillic, Spanish, Italian, English, alphabet.

How do you know what to read and when ?

1. First read the word in English, reading it phonetically. It is important not to be lead by what we have been taught in the past.

Example. the word THIRD may be sounded out T-Hi-Rd..or ta, hi road, da Harrod, Thai road, Thai red...
Then read the word backwards in English.. Dr. I itched
then read the words in Cyrillic..forwards and backwards..

mnepg..Maynard.. touch n a red

Dr en yam..dr.en um

Some words are read in English but translated in several languages. The language will direct . Example:

Example: Kindergarten... Literally translated into German is "Child's Garden"

Budweiser = Read in German...

Large B's pronounced ess

W's pronounced as the English letter Va.

Sud wiesers =
Sud ( german)= south
Weisers (german = whites
Southern whiters,
Or combining English and the language is spoken in English and German
Sud= southern
wiesors= vicars. The w=v and the s being pronounced as an K..

a possible English translation.

Southern white vicars..

Written numbers are sometimes read as letters and sometimes words.

Examples: 5 and 2 are both pronounced as an S

7 is pronounced as an an L

Letters are sometimes pronounced as cymbals.

Example : The letterT may be read in any of the following ways.

Tah, crossing, cross, hangman, da..

Letters that have two sounds are to considered as both sounds.

Example: J & G , my both be prouncounced with the Ja, or G sounds. Sometimes the letter J is prouncounced yo.

Oh this is getting much to difficult.. go to the web page and learn as we go.. the way I did.

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