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Eat Pie And Die

The following pages are excerpts from a small book I wrote my dad, for Fathers Day. The book is entitled “My Daddy Dumplings Memory Book”

How we as people understand truth(s) may be a direct result of the beliefs and philosophies our families and friends teach us. “Eat Pie and Die” is an example of how a universal truth has more than one interpretation. Being aware of the interpretations is a matter of life and death.

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The Image of the Pie, a Piece of Pie, Pizza Pie, Peace pie, the roman numeral V (looks like pie), have been used as a visual representation to mark a target to kill or destroy for many years .

Now look at examples you might recognize of the pie and the pie's results

Richard Nixon, nearly impeached.

John Lennon

The sixties generation

a yahoo search:

The above sign-read in the language of killers and governments- is asking that children be killed instead of having to go to war. The belief is that a country or people not willing to defend themselves will die. No defence reaps death.
Sports Fans Remember: Na, na, na, hey, hey, good-bye
(Transaltion Key)H=N, N=P, P=R, A=E, Y=CH, CH=SN
Pie, Pie, Pie,Pie- Pie, Pie, Pie, Pie, -Russian , Russian, -Good Bye
A photo search of the song reveled what appears to be either a sick joke or something the police should be notified of. This blog is a notification. Considering the pictures next to the Main screen, I suspect, the young woman with the long hair is the target or an image representation of the person/people requesting the hit.

The French have a saying, "You can't fight a war if no one in your country shows up to fight." This saying is advocating defence.

The saying makes no promise that those that do not fight will not die



FR- ENC-H (saying the name of letter H)
FER Ens ech (spelling the letter H name , say sounds)


A French Kiss..The Kiss of Deaths Pie

Emblems such as the peace sign, are often designed and marketed by the countries or organizations that want to take over a territory by reducing population. Reducing population in a country where their are lots of jobs, forces the country or organization being attacked, to allow more immigration to take jobs their own citizens can't. Eventually, these immigrants become leaders in their industries with loyalties to their homeland.

I will write a thorough explanation in future postings; but there seems to be an obligation of each country to provide a certain amount of flesh to be used for oil. Boiling in oil the old fossils to create fuel..yada, yada, yada. This includes humans, and the over production of barnyard animals. I had help understanding the oil quota from the movies made about the oil industry, newspaper articles where Arab oil leaders insist that the balance of oil is equal through all countries, and the guest speakers at the Mercy for Animals organization.

I would like to pretend this is not happening, but that won't stop death. Creating defences, with an understanding of the different sides of truth is the best way to prevent life loss.

Peace Sign
The peace sign was also very popular in vietnam. Everywhere you looked, soldiers in vietnam were ... the wounded soldiers we picked up were wearing peace signs.

The above blogger believes that the Peace Sign was initiated to represent Nuclear Disarmament

Upcoming blog will explain disarmament and peace.

The History of the Peace sign?

Remember the book Soylent green? Where people were killed and food was made from their carcasses to be fed to other humans. Cannibalism, a lot like what were doing to the cows and the sheep. Gross! Real life better than fiction if you enjoy gore. Perhaps this will cure ya.

The Bridge of Sighs in Venice Italy

There are many ideas about the definitions of peace and the peace sign. Wikipedia has several explanations. I thought it was interesting how John Lennon and his wife Yoko are mentioned among the definitions for peace.

I learned of the peace existence from one of the grammar rules of the language I have been uncovering. I believe this language a tool of the Queens global chess game, where people are but mere chess pieces in a huge game of life, designed to keep industry, alive.
Alice in Wonderland holds more truths than fantasies.

The grammar rules and commands are visible from all over the planet..usually in the landforms, architecture and street , city, country, townships, burrows and municipality names. The easiest rules for me to find were in the tourist attractions.. The were generally omnipresent and accessible

The Bridge of Sighs is a bridge that led from the prison to the executioners death chamber in the next building. The family of the prisoner being executed would sit and cry as they watched their family member move across the bridge.

The word "Sighs" rhymes with "Pies", which we have already translated.

* Warning: Someone excessively sighing next to you is dangerous. it means they are crying for your upcoming death.

The word Prison translates into Paris on.

A call to cut up. (Par US)

Cut the Pie,

cut up the US.

Eat Pie And Die.

The word Prisoners, sounded out phonetically with the English alphabet, sounds like Parisians;

church members (parishioners) or (people living in Paris).

If Prison is the executioner, than Paris is a killer, the keeper of the art of killing.

* In the 2007 movie " There Will be Blood," You will learn that churches fighting for oil land were also killers.

With so much evidence pointing to Paris, a translation of a famous church in Paris could be useful.

Notra Dame..

Sow three games

Sow Crosser a gate

Sowing the cross of heavens gates

In the above translation; grammar rule comes from Ayres Rock, in Australia. Anyway you look the rock measurement is 2 miles. A two on it's side is an N. An N on its side is an S. The N may pronounced as an S, or a G (script Cyrillic), or the actual name of the letter two in several languages.

I used the S in the above translation

Other translations seem to give similar meaning. Try for yourself.

Also the shape T, may be called

Hangman, a cross, or pronounced "Tu", M(Cyrillic)

D= G sound, (Cyrillic)

As I consider myself a novice at this language. I give to the reader the path I followed to read. Perhaps together we can uncover the other truths.


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