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Phantom of the Inaguraution: Part Two


A Mouse King for the Woman
The story of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King?
E. T. A. Hoffmann's Story
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Ballet

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King is a story written in 1816 by E. T. A. Hoffmann in which young Marie Stahlbaum's favorite Christmas toy, the Nutcracker, comes alive and whisks her away to a magical kingdom populated by dolls after defeating the seven-headed Mouse King. In 1892, the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and choreographers Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov turned the story into the ballet The Nutcracker, which became one of Tchaikovsky's most famous compositions, and one of the most popular ballets in the world.

Cartellingwindows reads

Maria's last name "Stahl Baum"

A German translation:

Stahl = Stole
Stahl= es toll= its madly=it's modeling
Ba =ba=sheep
Bash-um sheep
um= Ulm

Ulm (IPA: [ˈʊlm]) is a city in the German Bundesland of Baden-Württemberg, situated on the River Danube. The city, whose population is estimated at 120,000 (2006), forms an urban district of its own (German: Stadtkreis) and is the administrative seat of the Alb-Donau district. Ulm, founded around 850, is rich in history and traditions as a former Free Imperial City (German: freie Reichsstadt). Today, it is an economic centre due to its varied industries, and it is the seat of a university (University of Ulm, founded in 1967). Internationally, Ulm is primarily known for the tallest church in the world, the Gothic minster (Ulm Minster, German: Ulmer Münster) and as the birthplace of Albert Einstein.
cartellingwindows reads the blue:

German Bundesland--the mens colorful land,
baden-Wurttemberg= of bad sheep (basheeba) word crosser s of the Themes mountain.
River Danube- Ribber of the new bee
German (StadtKreis) the men's city of Christ (K rice)
Alb-Donau District= I'll bet on you, de stress cross. or Dice three city, daisy city, alla be done, a UD's (u-tease) three city.Alla bedder dna U(sheep)

Free Imperial City = Fairy Imp Ariel's city
(German: freie Reichsstadt)= the mens fairy rises (rices) city , rising da data
University of Ulm= one of our cities of elders
Ulm Minster, German: Ulmer Münster), elder minsters, the man colon oil Marie monster
Albert Einstein.= Au par, Al parrot, one
stein=n.:hell copy

1. stone
2. calculus
3. flint
4. pit
5. jewel
6. piece
7. man
8. rock
9. brick
10. block
The information on The Nutcracker suite will require an entire blog. The purpose of the nutcracker Suite is linked to Martin Luther's Lutherans, the Book of Esther, and the translation of Martin Luther's supposed last written words..

It's true..We're beggars

cartellingwindows reads:

Esther's Sade Sadden
Esther Sade sane Satins
Esther.. Es tur
Estur (German)= is the door
to Luther's Sadists

If the reader thinks he/she has a good grasp of this language, read the book OF Esther for further insights.

If you find the words Basheba, Chatterley , woo, gas, Torah, you will know your on the correct path.

An interesting image that has continued to emerge in the video, is the red scarf of the woman/ Fu man chu , who sat behind Vice President Biden in part one of "Phantom Of the Inauguration".

The image seems to warn, transform and consume it's victims. In this section of the video the red scarf seems to be after Anthony McGill and the young Asian man. The Fu Man chu had a beggar woman between her and Vice president Biden..

cartellingwindows reads:
Beggar= satin, sadder gator, gaggen(opposite)

A Russian/ communist color?
Note the lower section of the video. There is a group of people taking pictures of the audience..or perhaps the viewer.
To whom it may concern or interest:
I found several images of people I have met in Dayton , Ohio in this video.. The people are, all but one, vagrants. Some of their stories are told pictorially in the video .
In the Frankenstein segment, the Frankenstein has an uncanny resemblance to the husband of a vagrant woman in Dayton Ohio, who has been unable to obtain a divorce from her husband. The vagrant woman looks like the woman standing in front of Frankenstein.
Intellectual and image identity theft?

If the stories of the vagrants pan out the way the video suggests, the vagrants of Dayton Ohio, and their families are in danger.

How many other's have been visually and intellectually raped?

The purpose of the foreshadowed image of Marie Antoinette, as seen on the strings of Yo Yo Ma's cello in part one of "The Phantom of the Inauguration", becomes apparent when viewing this last scene of the video.

Marie Antoinette is historically remembered as a vicious Queen, blamed for the cruelties against her country and people. Some historians believe Marie Antoinette was unjustly accused, and was scape goated to protect the real villains.

In part one, the cellist, Yo Yo Ma was pictured with a piece of pie on his forehead. It was unclear if the image was meant to reveal the cellist as the killing Pie man or the the victim of pie. In later scenes he is seen as a victim, with his face half mutilated and as the mutilator and killer of others.
In this clip, a lead player, the original Phantom with half a face, steps forward and moves the wand across the cello's strings. A powerful move, revealing Yo Yo ma's as nothing more than a surrogate Pinocchio, a pawn of death, in the Queens of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland's, chess game of life.
Off with their heads!

Twas not the Queen that pulled the strings of death for which she hailed. Rather, a phantom leader, a red headed man, shielded from the vulnerabilities of fame, and the perils of blame, by the human body of a willing assassin, and the illusion of his omni-powerful Queen. A soldiers play.

A cross dresser of power.
Romancing Peters Rock from both sides (P0w)
A perverse religious thurst
Embarrased by the game
A queer Queens political aliances with many mates
in many states.

To Odd-king = Come out , come out where ever you are...

In chess you cannot win, if you cannot find the king.

Peek a Boo..We See You.

Perhaps John Williams had written the music correctly. The Americans are governd by the English Royals. The United States are mates of the commen wealth.


Black Birds (Black sheep) in the Kings Pie


Alice in Wonderland

A lackey in Bond, her land

A lackie in bondage land
A lackie in bond charlies nad
A lackie in Bond Chillen

A lackie in Bond, to England
Alqada in Bondage, to England

USA Americans, the endentured the King of England?

If Yo Yo Ma and the Queen of England, are shields for a King, hiding behind his men and under the skirts of his Queen, then perhaps Marie Antoinette was more scape goat than villain.

The hand of the Phantom pulling the strings, resembles a mask which transformed from a healthy rabbit to a dead dog, as seen in part one of "Phantom of the Inaguration" The dogs eyes and mouth bloodied from the battle. Prey to the killer rabbit.

Killer rabbits seen in Movie " Monty Python"
cartellingwindows reads:
Py-thon= killing fest

Vampire leaders

End of Part Two
Part three coming soon:
The Man with Half a Face

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