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The Men With Half a Face: Part Three Of Phantom Series

Part three in a series entitled Phantom of the Inauguration:

In parts one and two of " Phantom of the Inauguration", reoccurring images of half faced men and animals led to the search for the half faced man. Did he exist? If so, Who was he and what was his purpose?

This investigation found that the half men became one lustfing animal of an illusionary island; Attached to a brain, mirrored by another land. An illusion that was not an illusion. A fairytale that was not a fairytale. Uncovering the theft of intellectual property beyond the imagination of adults but not children. An Intellectual petafile. A politcal queer.

Cartellingwindows was left asking if fun loving, child like, Rohld Dahl's charaeter, Willi Wonka, from "Charlie and the Chocalate Factory", was a villain responsible for taking candy from innocent babes and children . The candy of a childs thoughts.

The Video "Air and Simple Gifts:" is a piece of Art, presented by The United States Government for the pleasure of a large audience .

With the video and the language as a guide, Marie Chihi,l of cartellingwindows, attempted to show photo's in the order the imagery and words directed.
As with any piece of art, interpretations are subjective.

In this section some of the photo's where lightened, darkened, and contrasted using the tools above. An attempt is made to identify the imagery throughout the work.

.34 seconds into Air and simple gifts

This entire blog is based on one stilled image of the video "Air and Simple Gifts" 34 seconds into the show. In an effort to see the stilled images with more clarity, I decided to adjust the light and contrast. in the next photo.

This image was achieved by depressing the contrast button until the image had no more changes.

It became immediately apparent that the folie of half faced men, demon animals, and mystical warlords was a military war of dangerous technical proportions.. The fairytale of the Inaguration ended in this image. It was time for the behind the scene folk to take their place.

The photo below is labeled with images that popped out immediately. Squinting my eyes, I noticed that the entire photo seemed a map of location and possibly a landing field.

The man with half a face was Joe Biden, the newly elected Vice President of the United States of America.

Biden, in the German language translates into both ways.
Part two of "Phantom of the Inauguration" suggested that the King of England , not the Queen was actually the power behind the thrown. There is a resemblance between the images of Prince Charles and Joe Biden.

For this reason , the photos of Joe Biden, Prince Charles and the King of England were placed under the photo of Joe Biden for comparison purposes. The suspician was that Joe Biden, Mr. both ways, was the image for a half faced Prince Charles, anda half faced King of England. The photos are contrasted and darkened to remove the fantasy from the tale.

Photo's my be enlarged by clicking onto the image;
I had seen this image before. I was a teenager attending Archbishop Carrol High School in Dayton, Ohio. My parents had insisted I take the Russian language instead of Spanish. When I viewed the photo of Joe Biden as the half faced man, I realized that language is as much about image as it is words.
I had seen the half faced man in my Russian language class literature book. His name was Lenin. Lenin, almost always had his photo taken with half of his face in the dark or not shown at all. I contrasted the image as I had done all of the others. Lenin's mask became evident. The mask was on the left side or lenin's face.

The image of Lenin held another excitement for me.

was initially stated to help explain to a larger audience the crimes I beleived occured to me and my family. I needed help, but I felt I had to educate my audience to explain the crime..or war.

As a teenager, I was taken out of the United States by my father to the Italian Village, Formia. The village had been the birthplace and home of my grandmother, Concetta Acseto, until she immigrated to the United States in her late twenties. Asceto..pronounced.. a sheeto..

Me and my three cousins, two girls and two boys, were left with relatives most of us had never met. My father left the village and returned in a month.

Upon his return, father explained that me and my cousins had been observed for marriage. The men interested in me, were older and had wanted me to stay in Italy. My cousin Linda, had younger men that had expressed their interest. Father explained the marriage process was a formality in our family.

My father and all of his siblings had been betrothed at birth. All of my Aunts and Uncle's married their betrothals except my father and his younger sister. They had chosen to marry outside of the families wishes. The cousins, that were sent to Italy, were the offspring of the two children that refused to marry their betrothed. Father told us to return to the United States and marry whom we loved.

As far As I knew, none of the cousins had met the men or women they were potentially betrothed too. I tried to remember any peculiar interests in me by the relatives through the month. There was an unusual interest shown in the Russian language education I was receiving at my American High school. I was also the only cousin made to dress in a pair of red pants they had especially made for me.

The Wifi (wife) technologies that many Americans are recently recognizing in their day to day lives has been around for many years. It is with this technology that I believe my husband was chosen for me. The Wifi can and does control destinies and lives.

When I retruned to the United States , there were several men that came into my life.. The one I chose was a man with the last name CHIHIL. His grandparents had immigrated from Russia and Checkaslovakia when they were approximately 13 years of age. I loved my husband very much.

CHIHIL backwards is LIHIHC..
read with the sounds of the Russian Alphabet


Many of the American Chihil's had an unusual amount of sad events in their lives. My family was no exception. I was curious if the name Lenin had placed the family Chihil in harms way of political and governmental war agenda's, of national and international proportions.

Where was the second half of the mask?

First thoughts led to Prince Charles and his Father. Both images, when contrasted did not show a half faced man nor a mask...

A search on the United States White House site for government leaders with shadowed faces, lead to what appears below. See Image.

The dark shadows on the men's faces are on opposite sides, revealing a full face if placed together. The opposite yet whole concept may be viewed as Ying and Yang or a figure eight; cartellingwindows reads Figure Eight as For grating or Fcker 8.

Most of us would like to see behind the masked mans face. Me too. I removed the dark mask from Dick Chaney's face, leaving only the light. The image resembled a man standing sideways, holding a cane. An object hungin front of his face, a fire island or a lantern perhaps. I also thought the image of the half faced Chaney resembled Abraham Lincoln. I could not find any Character images of Abraham Lincoln on line.

Since Mr. Chaney's head seemed large and his body narrow, the bottom half of a standard photo of Abraham Lincoln was cut in half. The top section, Mr. Lincolns head, remained the same size. The bottom, or body section of Mr. Lincoln's image, was squeezed together to make the body look small like the Abe Lincoln of Chaney's face.

When Completed, both images were holding a stick that resembled Father Time, or the Grim Reaper..below is a collage that visually portrays what is explained.

Having researched the light outside of Chaney's face as a lantern or light, and found the two images of father time that somewhat supported my suspicions. I decided to see if the light image was used for something else. A fire, a spark of ignition, recognition.. ..

YES!!!! Dicks red hot head mask with his Fire Island eye fit the half face of Biden, illuminating the Skull: Not sure what the white image is. A lions Head?

The combining of the two faces resembled a male circumcised penis, giving a new perspective to the term, "men think with two heads." If I was reading this correctly, the goverenment is perverted.

Cartellingwindows reads: skull

Dick Chaney's hot head ( Scold).. and the school translation of skull brought forth the School rhyme:
Hot Cross Buns
Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns. If you have no daughters, give them to your sons. One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns

cartellingwindows reads: Buns

cartellingwindows Reads: Skull and Hot cross Buns
Skull and (cross)Bones

logic DEDUCTIONS: The schools Unions are the secret organization, The Skull and Bones. The Skull and (cross)Bones are a part of the Illuminati..the two organization come together to form one hot headed prick.
Fire Island Search

1. Image of bear hidden in map. Nose is a flag.

2. Depths of Grater Island . Grate was the translation read in the figure 8 of the Ying and Yang images of the half faced men.

Image contrast: A pit bull in hell. Image seems three dementional for a demented deamon.

The letters over the flag: Hrin Elril
Cartellingwindoews reads:
Hrin Elril
heron Yeller isle=mr yellow island
Aryan Burrel = and aryan cold day in hell
Aryan beller ile= Aryan Devil ISLAND
King Fisher yellor eel.

Flag Image Comparrison
The colors on the map are the colors of the Philippine flag upside down.
Cartellingwindows reads:

Seuid diliyb
seud de liebe
suit life
sweaty life
swallow de bee
bird of the sea
bird of Debie
see you I pity Allah pied
see you italy alliby
Philip a penis
Philip Pines
Philips legs
phili pipes
epi lip epi innes
FBI LIP A PENIS -Fbi suck dick
philip a penis

The Map of Illusion that was not an illusion.

I suppose I should have learned more geography as a child. Looking at the image above, I thought the entire photo to be a map of islands.. As if the concert highlighted was the illusion and the behind the scenes was reality. Aleutian Islands. Where the Aleutian Islands in South America, near the Philippines? Wrong

Fishing map of the Illusion Islands, attached to Alaska!!!!



Another half faced man with the half smile of the Turtle Queen. The map above is a governemt documant and has not been modified by cartellingwindows. The link to the original documant is placed for the reader to view.
cartellingwindows thoughts:

In this photo the other eye of the Turtle Queen Is Barrock Obama
I realized that Dick Chaney with his mask and extra eye was a memeber of the Bush Adminestraton that no longer existed. Barrock represented a new President with a new Adminestration. Was the new president Barrock Obama, the new eye of the Queen of England. I wanted to determine if Dick Chaney had been the eye of the Queen of England during the Bush adminestration.

What a face. There seems to be a perfect cut out for dicks mouth to fit over the turtle Queens..Dick?

Dick chained to the Queens head
JANUSJanus is the Roman god of gates and doors (ianua), beginnings and endings, and hence represented with a double-faced head, each looking in opposite directions.

reads Janus
Chain US
Chain US gates
Genus Gates
Jesus Gates

It became apparent that the penis I had been seeing was real, a phalic image image of Alaska and the half faced Lenin. The Aleutian Islands was the penis, and mainland Alaska was the sroctum . A giant Lenin prick. Like Barrock, Dick Chaney seemed to be the right eye of the Queen of England. A left hooker. Dick Chained to a Queens prick.
cartellingwindows reads: Aleutian
A loot ton
a looting a ton
A pirate Queen
a spirit =as pirate

Men are said to think with both of their heads, the cranium and the penis head. Could the puzzel image of Dick with his mounth on the Queens phalic Aleutian represent the Governemt sucking the brains out of the heads of United States children in school environments, and giving the ideas to England to profit on a joint venture. Was this happeneg in other countries as well? Was the United Staes getting the ideas of the English children?

Other Queen Images
The closest land between Alaska and Russia has images that resemble "Alice In Wonderlands" King and Queen of hearts..
I wanted to do one additional art study of the Aleutian Islands. I decied to slice the Aleutian image down the middle, flip the image and place the two together. Wanted to see if two heads made up one.

How does the name Queen of Hearts apply to the Phalic symbol of Lenin and Alaska
To draw a penis and scrotm an upside down heart is used.
SAC the acronym the United States Air Forces applies to the Statigic Air Command Unit
Airing Flying Wifi. ?

A software designed for arranged marriages..
A bride of Frankenstien technology
(Just today I talked to a man from Africa that informed me the underground sale of Humans for intellectual property rights/ investment was real. He claimed the term used to identify the process was the Wizard of OZ, and the soldiers of the palace)

It is important to note that peoples lives are often used in governemt, crime and business, to show progress of political and product agendas, while relaying commands to supporters of the cause.

*One of the first men I romantically befriended, after the Formia, Italy arranged marriage experience, was the son of an Air Force pilot , with the highest amount of flying hours in SAC. The son, told me years later, my mother had asked him to marry me. In case anyone's wondering, I am an American girl. My mothers family has been in the United States longer than I have been able to trace. My skin is white and I grew up relativity poor.

There has been a visual artistic effort to take down the virility of men and their Sac for many years. The image used is the Valentine heart with an arrow Piercing through the Sac.
The effort has attained succesful results, as witnessed through the large amount of men on impotency medication, and the recent interest in genetics, cloning, invetro fertilazation and men having babies...

The valentine example, shows how countries attack and counter attack in modern day wars. An attack against the Alaskan balls and the Aleutian Turtle Queen, was countered with an attack on male virility, which created an industry of jobs and products. A modern day, technologial /scientific war crime, performed by those most Americans are educated to trust. The medical community.

Possible interpretations of "Queen" and "Turtles"
If the reader remembers from part two of cartellingwindows,"Phantom of the Inaguration".. the King of England is the real Power behind the Queen. Dick Chaney/ Barrock Obama have been visually portrayed as being the eye of the queens penis or sucking the turtle Queens Penis. Men sucking men.. A politically Queer affair between men and countries. '

Queen of hearts = Queen of Balls. Balls sounds like bull

It is taught that Homosexual men participate in anal sex.
Poking out a turtle is poop coming out of the anis just before a bowl movement.
Poop is a military term used to define information.
Ball= bull
Ball information

The Queen of Bullshit (sex)
sounds like
The Queen of the Bolsheviks..

The political party of the Jackass in the United States is the democratric party..demons. The map also looks like an elephant and a Santa Clause. The Elephant is the image the Republican party uses. Santa is called satin in the underworld. A true jabberwocky.

"Jabberwocky" is a poem of nonsense verse written by Lewis Carroll, originally featured as a part of his novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871).

Cartellingwindows reads jabber wocky:
poking the ruski
Jabbing the talker
jabbin foes key
Jabbin faux's key

The Americns have a joint contract with the Russians on their space ship Mier..

mier= mirror..suggesting an American mirrored allience with the Russians as well as the English.
A photo of Alaska Turned on its side

Here we see Alaska obviously resembleing the communist hammer and sickle image.

The hammer and sickle is a part of communist symbolism and its usage indicates an association with Communism, a Communist Party, or a Communist state. It features a hammer superimposed on a sickle, or vice versa. The two tools are symbols of the industrial proletariat and the peasantry; placing them together symbolises the unity between industrial and agricultural workers. This emblem was made during the Bolshevik Revolution.

The Sickle is an image that the grim reaper carries, and slightly resembles the photes of Lincoln in Dick Chaneys face.

Other Intersting Images
The Fisherman's map of Alaska shows a globular mass inside of Lenin's head. From the photo above this mass resembles Barock Obama's brain. A Frankenstein brain extraction of ideas. Are some of these ideas being taken from the Chihil's.

Frankenstein, in the above photo, has an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Chihil. The woman in front of Mr. Chihil resembles his wife Marie. Possibly the bride of Frankenstein. Seems more than coincenednce that a family with the Lenin name is used for a video that has an Alaskan Lenin Connection.

This photo shows a lions/bears head and a duck with a bloodied face. The photo seems to imply the lion is eating the sitting duck..
Other possibilities, the mallet from the sickle is pounding the head of the sitting duck. A possible visual confirmation to the video's brain drain implications.

The map below shows the location of the ducks head and the lion. The ducks head seems to be the Queen of Hearts..Nome Alaska.

cartellingwindows reads Nome Alaska
no name a lasses kaw
a ladies kkk
a lackies K

The phraes..Odessy of the Mind and Destination Imagination, are names of activites designed for the gifted child. The children are given specific situations which they were expected to solve, and present in the form of a skit. Any costumes for the skit had to be made and designed by the children for under a hundred dollars.

word play for Odessy Oh deci and DESC have magnanamonous implications when considering the message of intellectual property theft by schools the inaguration Vidio appears to be relaying.

The Defense Energy Support Center-DESC

Provide the Department of Defense and other government agencies with energy support in the most effective and economical manner possible.

Desi (or Deshi; pronounced [ˈd̪eːsi] or [ˈd̪eːʃi], Hindi: देसी, Urdu: دیسی, Punjabi: ਦੇਸੀ, دیسی) refers to the people and culture of the Indian and South Asian diaspora. It includes British Indians, British Pakistanis, Indian-Americans, Pakistani-Americans, and any other persons of South Asian heritage — with ancestry from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh — living outside of South Asia. Emigrants from South Asia, and their descendents, are thus known as Desis. The word is originally from Sanskrit, literally meaning "from the country" or "of the country".

Marie Prinzessin vn Hessen und bei Rhein
by Franz Xavier Winterhalter 1
became Mariya Aleksandrovna Romanov
End of Part Three
Part Four

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